The Unwanted Warrior [UPDATED 12/27]



Ok i get it now i just watched the trailer


I wanted to be wrong about that vibe!


Just curious. Like communicate animals, will there be other powers that the mc can use?


Now you’ve got me wondering if the MC will meet other special people.

I remember a book series that had Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty as basically medieval Charlie’s Angels.

If memory serves Cinderella could talk to animals, Snow White was a witch who could summon the seven dwarves (more elementals in this series) and Sleeping Beauty had the blessing of grace from the faeries, so she was a dance battler, like in that one scene from the Serenity movie.


No, he/she has only one power.

Of course, he/she will. MC is not the only person with special powers.


Will the MC be able to engineer an animal attack on the other family members?


Err… you can romance your sister in-law???
I also noticed that the rival king of MC’s father and your sister in-law are from different kingdom even though it was said that they are now in an alliance thanks to the marriage between two kingdom…


MCs father had Alexander marry Eleanor to not start a war. Also yes she is but Alexander and Eleanor hate each other. Also Alexander is gay its all right.


After playing the demo I finally understand what is actually going on. I am going to ask my raven friend to potty on top of the head of that witch of a mother.
I am leaving the kingdom with my wolf, sister and sister in law. I am sure the witch is going to try to hunt me down for “stealing” her daughter. She doesn’t care about her daughter in law.


I could see the now dowager queen putting a bounty on the MCs head for taking Leonora with them.


THIS IS GREAT, I absolutely love Blair and I need more :v


She might be too busy with the war that taking the sister in law probably started.

That marriage was part of a peace treaty, after all.


Eleanor left of her own free will. Perhaps we could get a letter to her father @NutellaQueen?


No…her parents won’t be happy with us. They will try to hunt us down as well. So let them think that ‘mommy’ killed their daughter.


Hmm… That does sound like a good idea.


Will James ask the MC forgiveness later in the story?


I love the setting and story of this game.I don’t know why i like medieval stories so much.


Man fuck that family yo

I’m leaving and taking ur wife and daughter with me ;-;


Hahaha… good for you.


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