The Unwanted Warrior [UPDATED 11/11] (On Hiatus)



I didn’t see anything new even after clearing my cache, but maybe I was skimming too quickly.

Happens to me a lot.

Gotta try again after work.


Really? That’s weird.

Has anyone else got this bug too?


Well, I did a quick playthrough, and didn’t really notice anything out of the ordinary either. I haven’t explored all the options though, so maybe that’s it.


New scenes should’ve came right after Abigail part. Probably, it’s a bug. I will fix it in an hour or so.


Yeah, only one year.


A very busy year then!


one year… to get the throne, win a war, marry a cutie and spend all the royal money in partys :smirk:


So, I think all of you guys got the bug. It’s okay though, I will fix it soon. And I will add a new scene as an apology :blush:


can that scene be with Leonora? :grin:


I was planning to write a scene with Eleanor :smile:


Even better. By the way is it possible to romance Eleanor if we don’t leave with her ?


It is. Even if she leaves without MC, they will meet again.


How will the queen try to kill the MC?


helping the servant cooking in the kitchen, pretty sure her cooking skills could kill the mc :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Spoilersss :expressionless:


After all of the broken hearts from @Sophia’s game, I cannot help but be wary of falsities! (jk, love you Sophia!)


@Sophia and I need a good bug spray…


I can guarantee you that she certainly going to agree with that :rofl:
Also I noticed one typo:

  • He used to be the strongest person you have ever known. But now, he can even move a muscle.



I don’t know why but I suddenly start shipping @Sophia and @NutellaQueen :joy::joy::joy::laughing::wink::wink:


As @Sophia’s forum dad, I say “No,” She’s too young to be dating and @NutellaQueen hasn’t performed the honorable thing by asking my permission first. nods sagely

Back on topic.

@NutellaQueen - Are we cleared to try the game again or are you still messing with the bug?

Thanks. I didn’t want to hop on and chime in with the rest of the crowd that it was broken.