The Unwanted Warrior [UPDATED 11/11] (On Hiatus)



Will Eleanor tell the MC that detail if they escape together?


You have never watched Braveheart? He is almost like your MC if he chose the husband path, was common born and couldn’t talk to animals.


His attitude makes so much more sense now :joy:


Really? I should watch it maybe it can inspire me

Yes, she will.


Yes. Yes, you should. I am sure my fellow Old Guard members will say it was an essential movie to watch from the 90s.


I named mine Lady :grin:

Fixed that for you, not all of us want guys :unamused:

In that vein, thank you @NutellaQueen for giving the option to ignore Blair’s existence, I wish more stories had that :grin:


she have the right to ask for it, if it were the other way , how whould you feel? :roll_eyes:


What dose lizzy mean not all of us wants guys


Some girls, such as Lizzy herself, only have eyes for other women.


yeah, but she does have the right to ask for straight romances (no need to jump to her throat)

and i respect it, but is kind of rude to point your preference to others… atleast for me


I didn’t say that anyone couldn’t, I simply added the word “straight” in front of it since not ALL women want guys :unamused:


Wait, it is? This is my first time hearing that.


Yeh and if the mc is gay/lesbian then he would be killed in that time if anyone found out


Unless I missed a post by the author, we still don’t know society’s view on homosexuality in this setting. Things may be more stressful for those that are attracted to people of the same gender, especially if they are of noble lineage. But it may not be openly discriminated against.


I feel like this may be the case as it is in most (all) CoG and Hosted games.


Just like in modern universe, some people view homosexuality negatively while some of them accept it. For example: The people of Masven usually punish gay people while the people of Athanas accept them.


Personally, I don’t see Liz as necessarily being rude for voicing her personal preference, though I can see why some people would want to keep that part of their lives private and consider others not doing so to be TMI.

That settles it. Eleanor, Leo, pack your bags. We’re moving to Athanas. :smile:

Hmm… there should be an icon at the bottom of the page that says whether you’re following it or not. Is it set to either Tracking or Watching?


Well, that’s the plan :smiley:

It’s okay, I fixed it.


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  • More scenes are added.
  • A new minor character is added.

As always let me know if there’s any typo/bug/mistake in the game.