The Unwanted Warrior [UPDATED 11/11] (On Hiatus)



All she wants is a family and peaceful life.




Will the Queen try to kill the MC if they stay?


Will she get her own hands dirty or will she order someone to do it?


Excellent! :smile: I hope she doesn’t mind adopting, though.


I-I think my MC going to have trust issues now.


Yes. The answer is Yes


The Queen seems to be surprisingly unconcerned in the slightest about angering Henry when pursuing her goals. She drives a wedge between her children and the MC, threatens to kill Eleanor if she doesn’t bear a child with Alexander, and if you start teaching Leo how to use a sword she’ll tell Leo to stop even though Henry supports her and gave her a wooden sword in the first place. Is the Queen and/or her relatives just too powerful to afford to anger or is he just (too much of?) a nice guy to do anything back?

And, if it’s not too spoilery, what’s Leo’s reaction if you and Eleanor leave without taking her?


I guess you missed my recommendation


I’m actually hoping we will be able to take the time to explain to Leo our reasons for leaving and why we want to take her with us, but not force her, instead of “Eleanor and I are leaving, you in or out?” Also, out of curiosity, what would happen if we got the queen’s relationship meter high? I assume you can only get that high by offing yourself?


From what I can see, I don’t think King Henry is aware of the Queen or the Alex doing this to our MC.


Are all of the ROs single?


Nope, Katherine has a boyfriend.

You haven’t met him yet.

in Chapter 4: Earthquake


Who is her boyfriend?

I see, when mc can meet him?


I don’t know if this has been asked but going through 1100 comments is a little too much so i’m just gonna ask it.
I Alexander gay ? I mean i would also be mad if i was forced to get married but Eleanor seems really good in both personality and looks so why is Alexander so pissed ? ( Apart from the fact that his dad cheated on his mom)


Yup, Alexander is gay.


Thought so. Does anyone else know ? I imagine that homosexuality was forbidden in that time so if someone blackmailed him it would be pretty bad for him right ?


I’m getting some serious Prince Edward from Braveheart vibes from this guy. I also believe that would make Eleanor a young Sophie Marceau, which I am ok with.



I just had a thought. If MC is also gay and in a relationship, will Alexander get mad because unlike him the MC can be in said relationship while Alexander is forced to marry a woman to provide an heir?

'Tis a random thought, but I’m curious.


So we are basically playing that one guy that keeps stealing away everybody’s girlfriend violating the bro-code constantly. Great :).

A question will the first chapter gain more content later on as considering the events I’d say everything happens in just two days is that correct? It would be great if we had more options and time to develop our relationships between the cast.


Who the fuck are they :smiley:

Yeah, that’s what I’m trying to do. I will add more scenes.

Of course, he will be so mad if he finds out. I mean, who wouldn’t be? :slight_smile:

Eleanor knows.