The Unwanted Warrior [UPDATED 11/11] (On Hiatus)



Can mc that choose to stay controlhelp him?


You think the Queen will let this happen? :smile:


Oh right there that woman :unamused: what can mc do to help the Calethyia if mc stay though?


Nothing. :slight_smile:


There literally no reason to stay there… What mc can do if mc stay then?


You know, MC will eventually leave Calethyia. The real story hasn’t started yet. It will start as soon as MC leave. But the way MC is leaving is very important. Leaving with Eleanor or staying in Calethyia is one of the most important choices in the game. There will be big consequences so I suggest you to choose it carefully.

I won’t give you any spoilers though :stuck_out_tongue:


Just one more thing(maybe), mc that not leave with Eleanor can meet her again right? If so when?


Yeah, they will meet again in Chapter 3: Reunion :smiley:


for me is pretty clear why i prefer to stay.

1I dont want to force Leonora to leave. 2 My mc love his father so he wants to be there for him, until they force him out.
3` Being forced to leave will make some people (nobles and peasants) see what kind of King (Alexander) and his mother are… so win win for my mc.

so ¿ How do they say goodbye to their dead loved ones? do they bury or burn the body?


The only object I need to escape is a combat knife and a box, if video games have taught me anything… :smirk:

However, in this game we might have to change it to a dagger and a barrel.

In all seriousness, @NutellaQueen does Eleanor have any skills that might be useful for the escape attempt? (I.e. Make the Leo persuasion easier?) We all know it’s the MC that is going to have to snag the wolf as she’ll snap at anyone else. It is likely that the MC will have to procure weapons beforehand as well. I mean, who wants to sneak into an armory at night?


The people of Calethyia usually bury them, but people of Aithria prefer burn them.

That’s what Eleanor is good at :smiley:



Ok, now a few questions have come up from that statement:

  1. Is his ability to keep a calm mind, his emotions in check, and his good deal of natural cunning the only thing that’s going for him in regards to him being a more capable heir than Alex? Is he he kind to others and capable of being a benevolent ruler and it’s just a matter of MC being…MC that makes him unable to take a moment to walk in their shoes?

  2. Why on earth did he decide to be a healer? I would think that a healer would be the type of person who has at least some ability to be sympathetic toward those who are in pain or have experienced some form of suffering. But if he’s the type that person who prioritizes his family over others, I’m not sure what to think about him being in the role of a healer. Or MC just a special case (like I guessed above)?

  3. What is with this family and having the brothers being the ones who are the most hostile toward the MC :sweat_smile:? I mean, Leo loves the MC (provided that they’re kind to her and don’t actively push her away) and Abigail seems to warm up the second easiest (provided that the MC shows her a side of gentleness and doesn’t kill the mother rabbit). Then we have Mister I-Will-Shout-My-Hatred-For-You-Because-I’m-A-Giant-Momma’s-Boy (Alex) and Mister Passive-Aggressive Combat (James) on the other side, making it clear that they want you gone in some way.

  4. Why did he not react to the the MC suggesting that he and Abigail come up with a name? I would think that after pretty much telling the MC to stay away from the family, he’d have some expression of displeasure (subtle one) about the fact that the MC was doing something that one would consider reaching out and trying to make something a bonding experience with someone.

(These questions are not related to James; it’s related to Eleanor and Abigail)

I had decided to see see what it was like to have the MC loving Eleanor but not telling her and during the scene when she asks them to leave and she kissed them. Um…why? How did she know about the MC possibly possessing feelings for her? She didn’t seem to give any indication to having some idea that the MC was harboring feelings for her.

Will the MC showing a good side to Abigail have some type of affect even if they leave? Like, would those moments of displayed kindness plant seeds of doubt inside her about the picture her mother is trying to paint and the picture she saw in that moment alone with them?


A leader must be capable of controlling emotions. If they let the feelings control them, they would make very wrong decisions that would cause their fall. Alexander is not capable of being a King because he cannot manage his feelings. He gets angry so fast and it makes him make bad decisions that he would regret.

Not every doctor is sympathetic towards their patients :smiley: He’s kind and gentle person. You will understand as you spend more time with him.

Honestly, I would want to be his patient :smiley:

I really don’t think James is so hostile toward the MC at all. He doesn’t hate you. All he wants is you staying away from his family and not trying to get close to his siblings. Because he knows that it would make everything hard. They would need to choose between their mother and the MC. James doesn’t want to see his family being torn apart.

What do you want him to do? Both Abigail and MC found that wolf. If Abigail wants to name her, she can name her. He’s not like Alex who keeps trying to humiliate MC in front of people or tries to control his siblings. As I said, he’s the calmest one.

You seriously haven’t noticed that Eleanor likes MC? :smiley:

Yes, if you choose to leave with Eleanor, she will be confused.

I think I have answered all of your questions, no? My English sucks so sorry if you didn’t understand anything :smiley: If you have more questions, you can ask. I will answer them.



Will the MC be questioned if Eleanor leaves without him/her?


Yeah, they will ask some questions.


I apologize for asking so many questions; I just really curious about characters and stories stuff. I always have questions in some way or another. These will be the last ones until the next update though (honestly feel like I’m asking far too many and I don’t want to annoy you with constant questions) . :sweat_smile:

As a friend and someone whose probably gone through the same thing as she has? Certainly. I doubt she would ever bring up the possibility of leaving with the MC if she didn’t have some form of care for them and wanted to convince them to get out of the family situation with her. And she was even quick to get defensive for the MC when Alex had the gall to call his mother a kind woman when she and probably a number of others have seen how she has been treating the MC.

Romance wise though? A lot trickier. I mean, if the MC had been direct about their feelings for her, then the actions she takes feels a good deal more understandable and the mutual feelings more evident (the fact she brings up leaving together, the kiss before they went to sleep). But there doesn’t seem to be much subtle actions from Eleanor if the MC has private feelings for her; the actions seem similar to the ones she takes when they consider her a friend.

The kiss itself feels a bit out of the blue in the case of MC having feelings but never stating them outright. Even if my MC had feelings for her, the fact that they never stated those feelings would probably make a good number of people feel confused when they are suddenly kissed by someone who has seemed to be treating them like a friend in the past while the person themselves had a private attraction toward them. Happy, but confused like ‘Wait, how did you know know I liked you? And how long did you know?’ being one of the few questions that would be coming to the mind from the kiss.

Though the fine line between platonic affections and romantic affections is always tricky to identify. :thinking:

Even the calmest of us show a subtle sign of our emotions, even if we don’t state them outright. I’m not expecting him to make disapproving remarks or being controlling toward his siblings; mostly expressing a private displeasure to himself or to the MC alone (like giving the MC a nearly unnoticeable look like 'were you not listening to the words I said to you minutes ago?). it’s not like he hides the fact that he himself doesn’t really want the MC to be around the others (for his family’s sake).

Well, I’m leaving the castle with Eleanor and Leo, so I have high doubts that I’ll be encountering his kind and gentle side anytime soon (probably would be little mad that I took the youngest sister away if he ever encounters us). :sweat_smile:

Considering that I’m playing the role of the Unwanted Warrior and he’s made it clear he prefers me gone… I don’t think I’d want to be his patient at all. :fearful:


You don’t annoy me, don’t worry about it. Ask anything you want.

I won’t give you any spoilers though :smiley:

You know even if MC hides his/her feelings, Eleanor still can see it. But she will not be sure about it. For example: If you admit your feelings, she will kiss you on the cheek (when you talk to her for the first time) Because admitting makes her more brave.

Also, she has been living in Calethyia for 3 years and MC is the only person who is good towards her (if you choose to be). As she said, they both have gone through so much together. MC is the only person that she trusts. That’s why it’s normal to develop feelings for MC.


im sure being amazingly handsome also helps :smirk:

yup :wink:


Or beautiful :smirk:


If the MC can pick between wanting to inherit the throne, becoming a knight, and being a good spouse; and Leo’s goal in life is to become a knight, what’s Eleanor’s?