The Unwanted Warrior [UPDATED 11/11] (On Hiatus)



Well I mean, if she gets in my way for the throne then she has to go. And, even if I am seens as one of the worst tyrants by the nobles, I will do everything in my power to make sure the army loves me, so if the nobles try rebelling, I can crush them with my army.


no no!..take the little wolf…PLEASE DON’T TAKE MY WOLFIE AWAY!


…Well, I’m sure that some of those nobles have fans among the populace as well which includes people in the army and their families.

Even if that’s somehow not the case, you can never get everyone to like you. Not unless you do some weird mass hypnosis.

Again, this is all moot.


Well yes, but the royal army is larger than the nobles armies, and since my MC is focusing on being a great general and swordsman, he should be able to command as well.


Don’t need an army if you can get in a well placed shot or some poison.

MC isn’t invincible and all.

Also, I don’t think getting rid of a young girl will endear you to the people very much.

Just saying.

Well, I’ll leave this at that.


The only ones I dislike are Alexander and the queen. James seems like he just wants to keep his family from tearing itself apart. Abigail has to figure out how she feels. And Leonora is just adorable. Eleanor is bae. End of story.


I’ve actually been thinking the same thing. James doesn’t seem to hate the MC so much as he knows the MC being is causing his family a lot of strain and would like for them to keep their distance. James doesn’t necessarily think the MC is a bad person or that they are necessarily the guilty party, but the fact is that things are tense simply by the MC being there. I understand that he wants to keep his family from tearing apart, so I can’t find it within myself to dislike the guy despite his attitude.

My MC hopes that with enough interaction and communication, they can come to an understanding.

This too. She seems to be quite conflicted.

Maybe a hug will help?


My MCs who don’t want the crown, might just decide to put Leo on the throne!


Leonora don’t want to be queen though, she want to be knight.


I’m wondering how hard the escape will be!


She can be poisoned too. Also, Im going to have a cupbearer, and bodygaurds so…


So uh, you mentioned a king. When will we be meeting this king? Asking for a friend. :blush:


Probably, in Chapter 4: Earthquake

It’s not hard. You can deal with the guards by saying the right words or knocking them out or just drugging them. Also you have to choose right weapons, medical supplies (there’s a limit). Also you have to convince Leo if you want her to come with you. Also you have to take the wolf without waking Alvin up.

If you fail and get caught, you fucked up.

See? Not that hard.

If she dies, it will be because of your wrong decisions.

I’ve planned a good death scene for her :smiling_imp:



WHY!?..WHY THE LITTLE WOLF?..why my little gene?


I see, that totally do going to be really hard not that hard!

Are there more status check when mc try to escape aside from fighting skill? And it is possible for mc to be found out by one of mc siblings or worse, Queen Elizabeth when mc try to escape?


You might need good archery skills. And yes, it’s possible to get caught by someone and you will get different reactions from them. There will be relationship stats check for some characters.


I just want to say thank you for the increase of paranoia I will have when playing your game :upside_down_face:


Sorry if it’s too much to ask but can you tell us a Katherine quote? Only just one? Pwetty pwease?


While I can’t really dislike the guy too much myself, there still feels like there’s this question that makes it hard to not frown at his actions toward the MC: is it worse for a person to be antagonistic toward someone due to genuine ignorance or worse for a person to have enough of a brain to know that the other has very little fault in the situation, yet still treats them in a manner that has it’s own sense of harshness to it?

In this regard James is a interesting character. @NutellaQueen had said that he (and Leo) are the two most suited to being future rulers and he doesn’t come off as arrogant as Alex nor as antagonistic to the MC due to the fact he seems to hold a better awareness toward the situation than his older brother. He also comes off as the second sibling who is not as influenced by his Mother’s emotions and is more able to have his own opinion of the MC due to it. But in some ways, that kind of makes it worse; he seems to know that, when it comes down to it, the MC really shouldn’t be held accountable for the choices that his FATHER made, yet he still puts pressure on the MC and says some really unreasonable things to them. He’s seems to be a smart one, yet it doesn’t stop him from being under his mother’s thumb (understandable to an extent; it’s hard to shake the influence of one’s parents at times); in fact, it’s made even worse that he seems to harness a strong enough sympathy to understand the pain his mother must feel seeing MC, but seems too reluctant to take a moment to step in the MC’s shoes and fully understand how unfair his mother is truly being toward them (and to others like Eleanor). It feels like he takes his loyalty to his mother a little too far; like he’d be willing to throw a innocent under the bus if it meant that she can be at peace due to the action. Or would just sit back and let his mother continue to harass the MC and his siblings to continue to be blinded by their mother’s influence if it meant some of the tension would lessen each day.

So it leads back to the question of whether Alex’s cruel actions (born from arrogance and ignorance) or James’ aloof inaction (born from a stronger awareness yet unyielding loyalty to his family) is worse at the end of the day (and it all comes down to each person’s personal opinions too).


Out of curiosity, how do the other children see the King? Like who is really close to him and what are their views on him?


I haven’t started writing Katherine scenes yet, so I cannot give you anything right now. Sorry! :slight_smile:

Leo’s very close to him. She loves her father more than she loves her mother.

Abigail’s close to him too. She loves her mother and father both equally. But she spends most of her time with her mother.

James’s not close to him as much as he’s close to his mother. Of course, he loves his father, but he always puts his mother first.

Alexander hates his father for cheating on his mother and forcing him to marry Eleanor.

If you pay attention to Alvin’s words, he says: “Alexander got crazy when I told him about his father’s sickness.”

Alexander got crazy, not because he loves his father so much. It’s because he doesn’t want to be a King, at least not yet. He knows that he’s not capable of becoming a ruler.

James is the calmest member of the family. Unlike Alex, he can hide his emotions. He’s good at playing games so you can never know if he actually hates you or not. He only thinks about himself and his family. That’s why he can understand what the Queen feels, but can’t step in MC’s shoes.