The Unwanted Warrior [UPDATED 11/11] (On Hiatus)



Accept Abigail doesn’t hate you unless you do asshole things like killing the mother rabbit and leaving the wolf to die. She does care seeing as she let’s you hug her.


Meh, agree to disagree. I just can’t see Abigail as a caring character.


I will have my harem of beautiful women. I. Will. Have. It.


You know when we fight Alexander can you put a choice in that we get to hurt him bad or a minor injury


But the real question is, do you like James and/or Alexander? About the Abigail thing, Im going to put her on house arrest when Im king, just because I think she could have some revenge plots for me after I humiliate and overthrow her family, but I could be wrong, so instead of the dungeon, she gets house arrest.


Not sure how I feel about James yet. But Alexander most likely is gonna die I’m about 99.9999999999% sure.


Yay, I can hug Abigail. Now that my sisters (half and in-laws) are pro-me, I need to decide how I feel about my brothers.

Alex is a puppet. He will be dealt with one way or another. (Maybe if he stops hanging on mommy’s coat strings and acts like a grown man, we have a chance.)

James is an odd one. I can’t get a read on him.


YES!! I won’t get deny anymore!! :smiley:


My theory is that Abigail is simply a tsundere.


The brothers must be humiliated so that the nobles hate them,and they wont come back to get the throne.


you mean this story will only relate 1 year in the life of our mc? that looks too sort…:thinking:


Hmm, while this is a thing that could happen in very specific circumstances, that’s not really a given. In fact, the nobles could very well end up hating your MC instead. It’s something that has happened way too often in history. Not to say they’d necessarily act on that hatred, depending on how things are, but usually, people are wary of someone who showed an inclination to humiliate their peers.


Well, when I say “humiliate” I dont mean force them to wear a chicken head or something like that. I mean, Im going to force them to admit to things that would make the nobles hate them, kind of like what the Inner Party did to people who rivaled it in 1984.


Of course, but in the real world, it rarely works that easily. Because other people usually have a few brain cells and know when a confession is being extorted by force. If the Mc is in a position of absolute strength, they’ll shut up about it, of course, but don’t expect them to actually believe it.


Thats why you have to make sure the nobles like you a little bit before you do that. If people like you more than someone else, its amazing what they would believe about them.


I found me a typo!

“She’s not your sister, Toby.” James tells you. “If she wanted to learn how to hunt, she could ask me or Alexander.”

James sighs.

“She asked me to heal the injuries of the wolf. Where’s she?”

James’s not so good at fighting, but he’s a good healer . He always spend time with the maesters even though her mother always scold him for it. She wants her son to be a good warrior, not a healer.

“She’s in the Alvin’s room.”

James nods his head and walks away from you. Then, he stops in his tracks and turn to face you.

“I’m only doing this for my sister.” James tells you. “Thanks for bringing the wolf here and making my sister happy, but do not forget that she will never see you as a sister. You don’t belong to our family.”


Since not everyone is like that, it is very likely that there will still be enough people who doubt their confession’s authenticity and will view the MC in a negative light. Worst case scenario, the MC will be considered one of the worst tyrants in history with a possibility of future rebellion by the nobles who disagree with or fear the MC.

Also, Leo will dislike you for such actions, but there seems to be some bloodthirsty and sadistic people here who have no qualms about hurting a small child physically or mentally (not that the author will allow such things) so I’m not sure how much that matters to you.

Well, I’m not sure if coercing a confession will be an option so this is all moot. shrugs

Just consider that plans don’t always go as smoothly as you would like.

…Like in real life,


and on top of that a girl…
i mean if it was a boy i can understand killing him for the throne or something… in medieval time they killed even babys to make sure they dont hold claim to the throne, but a little girl? thats something i will never understand :scream:


Leo doesn’t even want the throne (she wants to be a knight) and even has a lot of affection for the MC…

I don’t understand the need to harm her either…


BTW I just realized that we’ve reached 100 likes and 1000 comments! I never thought people would actually like this story. Thanks for your support, guys. We made a pretty good team together :smile:

Love you all! :blush: