The Unwanted Warrior [UPDATED 11/11] (On Hiatus)



Well, she’s at around the age when young boys were apprenticed as pages IRL, so if the MC were so willing they could make her dream come true. :grin:


You can have one night stand with Blair. And there are some people you will meet in future. You can have one night stand with them too.

No, I changed it. Marcus is one of the Aithria people who doesn’t agree with his people’s traditions and beliefs. There are two strong warrior ROs for female MC and gay MC. I will add a King male RO as well.

Two strong warriors of their people. Also I will add a King RO.

Erica is the Queen of Aithria people. Her name was Leda first, but I changed. Erica means “honorable ruler” and it fits the character’s personality.

I changed Blair’s age to 25 :slight_smile:


How will I ever choose between Blair and a KING?! :pensive:


Why not both? \(0_0)/


I like the way you think. I’ll have a harem of handsome men!


When mc can meet her?

I do found it weird he already considered to be one of strongest warrior considering he still 19 unless he have his way, and in my personal opinion age 25 do kinda suiting his condition.


I imagine the MC will meet the Queen if they run away. (Or if they inevitably get thrown out by Alexander and fam.) Can’t see them being allowed to meet anyone from outside the castle by Queen Elizabeth.


Yeah, I found it weird too :smiley: That’s why I changed.

In Chapter 2: Aithria.


God dang it, well considering that he is one of the strongest… that does suit him… but god dang it. Can our MC age as well?


Hmm, unfortunately she/he will be only 18 year old in this story.

Unless there will be a sequel…



That annoying Abigail bug is fixed. Go and hug that dork.


Abigail is now forever ‘that dork’ xD Also, I was really surprised by the King’s story of her crying when the MC got hurt o.o


Gonna hug the shit outta her.


You like Abigail? shock XD


Yeah shes just like my sister.


Ahh. Meh, I don’t feel very strongly about her. Despite what King Henry said, she’s had 18 years to show love/affection to her brother and instead brushed him off as ‘the bastard, he shouldn’t have been born.’ Even if what the King said is true, she could have easily grown to hate him.


Cause shes influenced by her mother. I feel like she has to hide how she really feels around her. She probably filled her head with all sorts of stuff about you. Until she ends up alone with you she sees her mother was wrong.


Except that she does it even when we’re alone. Leo doesn’t hide it. And James isn’t openly antagonistic. She has done absolutely nothing to get to know/help her brother. I would argue that she’s made things worse, even. (Especially by only showing any interest/dropping the scorn when he does what she wants)


Leo was closer to the King than her mother. When your alone she touches your shoulder and even hugs you. If you kill the rabbits she’ll say her mother was right about you. Looks like the Queen is trying to create a clone of herself within Abigail.


At best I feel Abigail is mood swing-y and uncaring, at worst just like her mother.