The Unwanted Warrior [UPDATED 11/11] (On Hiatus)



Wait, what? Is that new update?


He not really take it well actually since he actually want to stop mc but can’t since he “too tired” (he about to die:disappointed:) but he hopes mc the best and ask to take care of Leonora
I accidentally touched reply button


Maybe its says it on the list of RO


Oh yeah you right

@NutellaQueen There no Marcus title(?)


:disappointed_relieved: Poor King Dad.
Uh, who’s Erica? I’ve lurked enough to know Marcus, but…


I’m sad Im the only one who called my wolf Lil’ Yiffer


Huh, I never noticed that.


I think it was recently added.


And here I was, just calling my wolf Cyretta! I’ve found the perfect new name.


I also don’t know… Maybe she Marcus older sister? Just a guess

Yeah, it’s added 2 days ago according to the edit history

And @NutellaQueen I just noticed this, in description of Marcus it’s said:

He’s the prince of Kingdom of Anvere. He’s very kind person and a true gentleman.

But in main post:

Is there perhaps two Marcus? :confused:


Blair is the new character, I believe? I don’t believe his name on there before.


He’s also a one night stand I believe.


You’re talking about Marcus right?


Sorry I meant Blair
20 characters


Yeah he is, you can ​training with him and ask him what happened if not go with the hunters


Nooo! God dang it, I was going to romance him. :frowning:


You can do both :+1:


Oh my god. How did I missed that. Silly me, thanks for bringing that up.


I think he can be romanced


Hell Yeah! 1000th post!!!

Alright, question. Do you plan adding more one night stands? If so, can you estimate how many? @NutellaQueen