The Unwanted Warrior [UPDATED 11/11] (On Hiatus)



But when I tested it, I actually could hug her? That’s interesting. I will work on that bug.


Yeah, I couldnt hug her either.



just one
  • " “I have been here for three years and I can’t stand the sight of the Queen or Alexander. I really have no idea how you tolerate them.”

I don’t think this one quotation is needed

I also still get the same thing as @IronRaptor and @Augustus27, going to try it again later after clearing my cache
Yep I think there some mistake in coding since still can’t.


same thing here :confused:
32% approval with her and still couldn’t hug my mourning sister


Im getting a little much of jon snow from game of thrones feeling here especially from the books.


I was fighting the urge to call my wolf Ghost


I didn’t. Give in immediately.


I called my wolf Arya.


Give in. I named mine Macaria ( who is a greek goddess of blessed death. :slight_smile: )


I named my wolf Nymeria :wink:


Right when the insertion box appeared, I grabbed the chance. Don’t hesitate, my friend.


Unoriginalityyyy!! XD I just named mine Mia. Also, now I’m so torn between just going ‘Screw it aall, screw it aaaall’ and leaving and staying for Leo. :confused:


Fun game but

male mc = 2 Princess ro and one Queen

female mc just 2 random guys ,no prince or duke ?


You can take Leonora with you

Wait what? Last time I checked Queen not RO

Not random guys, the male RO is Marcus, Prince of Anvere and Blair, one of the strongest warrior of Calethyia.

Also, I think all RO is bisexual


I know, but you have to lie. And that’s not an option for me, since you have to take her away from the only other family she has and the only life she’s known to an unknown fate. Besides, the Queen will never stop looking for her.


Don’t worry, you can tell King Henry that you going to leaving with Leonora, that what I always do.


I can’t imagine he takes that well. :worried:


The Queen Aithria is a RO


humm ok my bad :grin:


What, there’s a Queen RO? O.O