The Unwanted Warrior [UPDATED 11/11] (On Hiatus)



sounds very promising…waiting for the full version.


You guys wanted a map so here it is…

The worst map of the century…

But hey, I tried! :smiley:


You kidding? That map is really cool! :astonished:


i think i was the 1st to suggest it, is a good map but where is vestina?


I didn’t add Vestina because I don’t think it’s important. It will be only mentioned a few times in the story, that’s all.


that kinda makes less important to Ro Eleanor :smirk:


That is a pretty good map!! (So shut your mouth! LOL )



  1. New scenes are added
  2. Some grammar mistakes are fixed
  3. Some bugs are fixed
  4. New character is added

As always, let me know if there’s any typo/bug/mistake in the story. I changed a lot of things in the game. I hope you will like it :smiley:



what I found
  • She’s lucky to have you," Eleanor says in a whisper so Leonora can’t hear.

Just need quotation mark before She’s lucky to have you,"

This may just me, I found it weird that he says this twice, I suggest to make these slightly different.

  • "How many times do I have to say that stay way from the swords?


I think this one is bug/glitch:
When choose “Help him up” I got this scene

While when choose “Wink at Eleanor” I got this

  • You know, Alexander is older and stronger than you.But, I’m really glad that you have proven me wrong."

This one just need space, It’s should be you. But,

  • James’s not so good at fighting, but he’s a good healer .

I don’t think space is needed here.

  • I promised to him to make Alexander my successor.

This may just me, I found it weird that there two to

Also, I not kill the mother rabbit and take the little wolf to castle but I still can’t hug Abigail?

I like the new update, there a lot improvement in writing and new character! My questions is, are mc going to meet Blair again in future? How important is Blair? And can mc makes Leonora as queen?


Yes, they will meet in future.

I added him because I noticed the lack of male ROs. You can romance him or have a one night stand with him.

Leo wouldn’t want to be a Queen.


Oh well I don’t want to push her, what she wants​become? Warrior?

I see, what is his age?


How many male ROs are gonna be there?


She wants to be a strong knight.

He’s 19 year old.

There are two male ROs for now.


He a lot more young than what I earlier thought :sweat_smile:

How mc that choose to go with Eleanor can support her dream?


You must take her with you if you want to support her dream :slight_smile: She will meet new knights, warriors. They will help her to improve her skills.

How old did you think he is? :smile:


At first I thought his age is 45-50(that why I surprised that he actually RO), and when you said he RO my thought is he in his early to middle twenty :sweat_smile: probably because it’s stated that he strongest warrior of Calethyia.


He’s one of the strongest warriors :smiley:

Ser Albert is the most strong one.

You can hug her now


I think, of all the characters we’ve met so far, I hate James the most.


I kinda agree. He’s fake in my opinion.


I’ve performed the same “Abigail-centric” actions that Sabrina has and I’m still getting, “Don’t. Just don’t.” When I’m trying to hug her.