The Unwanted Warrior [UPDATED 11/11] (On Hiatus)





Ok fine, Ill just have Abigail put on house arrest for the rest of her life. But Im slandering Alexander, James, and Elizabeth and making them do the walk of shame first chance I get.


What’s the walk of shame


Its from Game of Thrones. You should look it up, because Im not linking it here.




Oh right but you can tell me right


Going to blur it just in case, naked in front of public for days, basically a humiliation.


Oh right I see thank you


I like the way you created characters. All of them have different personalities and it makes game more interesting. I also love you made James choose to be a healer instead of a warrior. That’s very original.

Abigail is rude person, but she has a good heart. It’s good to see MC’s relationship with her can increase.

I love Eleanor. She’s kind, gentle and also charismatic woman.

I’m excited to meet other ROs. Everyone is crazy about Katherine, but I think Queen Leda will be more interesting than her since she’s the Queen of people who have strange traditions.

Anyways, keep up the good work!


I get this when I chose the option "don’t tell him that you’re leaving


It has to be like that. If you don’t tell that you’re leaving, you can choose to say one of them.

I know It looks confusing :smiley:


Can you tell us something about Katherine? It can be anything. Since we won’t see her yet, I would like to learn something about her.


She likes it rough :smirk:


Oooooooohwww damn! :sunglasses::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Does Katherine have bias towards warrior MC or does she not care?

Edit: What I mean is, does the MC get higher relationship bonus from MC who wants to be a warrior.


Well, since MC is from enemy kingdom, she dislikes him/her. She doesn’t care if MC is a warrior, or wants to be a King/Queen.


Oh shit, I’ve been in that relationship before :blush:


Story time…wait nvm probably not a good idea.
Is the Mc the hero or the villain?


He/she can be both more evil or good not hero or villain


She didn’t accept my hug, so yes. She still hates me.

Well, we can choose if we want to be the hero or the villain. :slight_smile: