The Unwanted Warrior [UPDATED 10/2]



I think it was that Raven… That’s one badass bird


A question i’m still trying to figure out right now:

  1. Why is that raven helps the MC? And
  2. What (or Who) is that raven really was? Could it be the MC’s Mother?


It most certainly is one badass bird!


This happens when I click on Map on the stats


I’d love to see a pov of Alexander and/or the now dowager queen after they’ve summoned the MC to be framed for something, and then are told they’re no longer in the castle.


Yep. My guess is that they won’t be more than mildly disappointed that they were deprived of the pleasure to kill the MC themselves…out of sight, out of mind, after all. Now, if Leo went with the MC then there should be some major fireworks!


Leo will always be going with my MC.


My MC and leo reencontrando after a lot of years out of house


That is freaking awesome dude!!! Can’t think of a better representation


I saw this image in the pinterest and it completely represented my image of how the MC went away leaving her beautiful go sister back and after years she returns to take her place in the kingdom, and she showing that she has become a warrior


I love that art piece!


Wow! Just Wow! I have never said this about any other game but ‘Unwanted Warrior’ is the one of the most beautifully written game I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading.

I love how choices are sprinkled throughout the story & comes so naturally! Like the one where we choose our MC’s hair colour. It didn’t feel forced, at all.

I loved the kind of Game of Thrones vibe I get from the game. I even named my MC ‘John’ & was gripped by his relationship dynamics with Queen ‘C̶a̶t̶e̶l̶y̶n̶’ oops ‘Elizabeth’. Sorry, I’m a sucker for House Stark :grin:

I also noticed, whether intended or not, our MC identities where his training lacks & then trains in that aspects in scenes without choices. It’s probably not how I see it but it felt realistic & I liked it very much.

Finally, all the scenes flowed so naturally & seamlessly into the next ones. I didn’t, even for a second think that my MC was being rail roaded.

@NutellaQueen Bravo! This is a masterpiece in making. Thank you for writing such an amazing game so far. :smiley:


I bet her brothers jaw will drop if she sees leo like that… maybe even beat her in a duel.


abigail is a RO ? i know they are siblings but not at all


No she’s not a romance.


Why not??
(20 characters)


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Yeah it would be really weird its not game of thrones people


It’s not Crimson Peak either.


Never watched the movie