The Unwanted Warrior [UPDATED 10/2]



Can grey eyes be offered, @NutellaQueen?


Logically, yes, the MC isn’t at fault, but humans aren’t purely logical beings. To the queen, the MC will always be a reminder of the king’s affair given form.

She doesn’t have a reason to love them and I imagine such an outburst wouldn’t really affect her or your siblings’ feelings on the situation.

Best that could have happened given her personality and feelings is that she would ignore the MC’s existence. Even if she did that instead of harassing the MC, there is always the possibility the others would hate the MC’s guts because of their love for their mother and/or the betrayal of her honor. Or they might simply not want the MC around because they bring shame to their family in their opinion.

This is all speculation based upon how my understanding of events and how I might feel in this situation though.

Don’t really want to dwell much on this particular topic though. Hopefully a more cheerful topic pops up.


I’m wondering it there has ever been near miss “accidents” for the MC?


MEET THE NEW RO, KING AZRA! The ruthless and powerful leader of… nope, I’m not going to give you a spoiler :wink:


He’s like the embodiment of “The Man your Man can Smell Like”


Hm… Looking forward to finding out more about him!


That is certainly some wild head of hair.

Must be a pain for him to pull back.


Wish we could have grey eyes.


He’s cuuuuuuuuuute :heart::heart_eyes: I know who I’m romancing.


What about a letter to Leonora if we don’t take Leonora


Let’s see if he will still be cute when you get him know better :smiley:

That option will be added.


If he’s an asshole I’ll love him more. I have unhealthy tendencies.


Thank you. Looking forward meeting King Azra.


After some time of lurking on the topic and an unhealthy amount of replaying the game (which I now have a mighty NEED FOR, THANKS) I was convinced I just wanted to save my people and repair my relationship with my siblings, and just generally be your friendly neighbourhood druid-knight.
I mean, I really wish I can, just once have this conversation with someone:


MC: I also, occasionally, break into song and dance to convince small woodland creature to do my housework.
NPC: Really?!
MC: No.

On the topic of RO


“Awww that Blair fella is so nice and kind maybe my mc can be happy.”
Azra The ruthless king of Somewhere is presented:
“Well I don’t even like blondes so-”
Turns out Azra is also an asshole (pardon my french)
“Hello, Heartbreak”

We need help.

This has been my unhelpful contribution to this thread.


I saw so many people recommend this WIP and I’m so happy I finally played it! My MC went from a shy baby to a badass woman and like Blair sweetie I love you and I will definitely come back for you but there’s no way I ain’t leaving with my girl Eleanor, my baby sister and my wolf lol bye fam!!! :wave::wave::wave: (take that Alex!!! First I take father’s love, then your childhood crush and now you wife :sunglasses: you better keep your eyes on that crown of yours!!)
Also ugH you have only introduced two RO and I love them both so I don’t know what am I gonna do with myself when the rest appear!
And I love how much we can interact with our young MC, it’s so entertaining to be able to shape them since a young age and see them grow.
Ps. rip the king, that was super sad :sleepy:


I think it would be a interesting idea if we could potentially try and get Blair to leave with us at the end of chapter one, if your relationship with him is high enough maybe.


But would Blair leave?


Maybe if you convinced him, he is a really honorable person and would probably not want to at first because his duty is to the king, but I feel like if his relationship with the MC was high enough and was persuaded some, with like you finding out you will be killed if you dont leave asap he might be willing to go with you and maybe be like your bodyguard or maybe he would at least lead you somewhere you would be safe then he would leave you and go back to the castle


If you have an option keep them in the dungeons being tortured for life I would do



Was Blair the one who knocked out the guards before the escape?