The Unwanted Warrior [Full Demo]

Elizabeth, Alexander, James, and Abigail. All I ever wanted is to be loved but things has changed. War is coming and I will have vengeance


This reminds me of Kingdoms: Embers In Ashes (RIP) :cry: hopefully this story will be completed.


I hope so too, want to know what happens next


Alexander is deeply in love with Blair. We can use that love to advantage


Can I be beta test

No, you can’t be a beta test. But you can play the game on dashingdon, the link is in the first post!

I freaken love this story more and more every time I come back to it. This is definitely a 8.5/10 demo, all the grammar and spellings mistakes kinda ruined things for me a bit because it would cause the sentences to not make sense sometimes but other than that. Amazing


I cannot wait till this book comes out. I’ll be first in line to get it.


A M A Z I N G :heart:

I just finished my first playthrough for the demo and it was so good! I was already giddy from reading plot, but actually reading the demo gave me a whole new level of giddiness. I romanced Eleonor (forgot her name :sweat_smile:) for maybe 1/3 of story before the assassination attempt because she just didn’t click with me. I was very glad I didn’t leave with her too since that was the point when Erica was introduced. She’s amazing! I immediately felt some connection with her ever since her introduction, so the fact that she actually turned out to be an RO made me so happy :grin:. She’s probably somewhere up there in my top RO list, close to Ortega. My character’s female, but just imagine if the MC was a guy, and made a child with her. They’d be one hell of a monster. Also, the whole “love is weakness” is so Clexa :star_struck:. Good job, Nutella!

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I went for a second and third playthrough, but it seems that I just can’t get to Katherine’s route. Is she introduced in the full demo?



Hello, everyone!

So I’ve been working on this game for weeks and I’ve finally hit 100k words :yum: But there are only two chapters left. After writing those chapters, I will finally finish the game!

Note: I’m planning to write at least 10 endings for this story.

Thanks for your patience :heart:


Out of curiosity, do we ever get monikers? Kinda like how some rulers were called “The Great,” “The Conqueror,” or (most fittingly in this case) “The Bastard”?

Just wondering. No problem either way.


Congrats, I think everyone is excited to play the full game. I know I am certainly.:cowboy_hat_face::grin:


I can’t wait. This game is truly amazing. I came back just to say this. You’re a great storyteller.

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Yes :yum:

You guys are so sweet :heart: Thank you!


This game is great! I can’t wait to play the full game. The fact that the people who have magical gifts will die after give birth to their children made me a little sad. Let’s see what happens with that in the future. The personalities of all the characters are so good and charming (even Queen Elizabeth :sweat_smile:) I hope to see more of yours works in the future. :grin::+1:t2:

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I’m so excited! I absolutely love unwanted warrior! Ps did you take down your Tumblr? sorry if that sounded snarky

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Why am I seeing these beautiful comments now?

Thank you for the kind words :heart: I want you guys to feel fully satisfied when you finish the game. That’s why I’m not rushing the story.

Yes, unfortunately, I didn’t have time to be active on Tumblr.

Yes, she is. Her father sent her to kill our beloved bastard, remember? :smile:

And she appears in more than one scene… Pay attention and you’ll find her :yum:


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