The Unwanted Warrior [Full Demo]

Elizabeth, Alexander, James, and Abigail. All I ever wanted is to be loved but things has changed. War is coming and I will have vengeance


This reminds me of Kingdoms: Embers In Ashes (RIP) :cry: hopefully this story will be completed.


I hope so too, want to know what happens next


Alexander is deeply in love with Blair. We can use that love to advantage


Can I be beta test

No, you can’t be a beta test. But you can play the game on dashingdon, the link is in the first post!

I freaken love this story more and more every time I come back to it. This is definitely a 8.5/10 demo, all the grammar and spellings mistakes kinda ruined things for me a bit because it would cause the sentences to not make sense sometimes but other than that. Amazing


I cannot wait till this book comes out. I’ll be first in line to get it.


A M A Z I N G :heart:

I just finished my first playthrough for the demo and it was so good! I was already giddy from reading plot, but actually reading the demo gave me a whole new level of giddiness. I romanced Eleonor (forgot her name :sweat_smile:) for maybe 1/3 of story before the assassination attempt because she just didn’t click with me. I was very glad I didn’t leave with her too since that was the point when Erica was introduced. She’s amazing! I immediately felt some connection with her ever since her introduction, so the fact that she actually turned out to be an RO made me so happy :grin:. She’s probably somewhere up there in my top RO list, close to Ortega. My character’s female, but just imagine if the MC was a guy, and made a child with her. They’d be one hell of a monster. Also, the whole “love is weakness” is so Clexa :star_struck:. Good job, Nutella!

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I went for a second and third playthrough, but it seems that I just can’t get to Katherine’s route. Is she introduced in the full demo?