The Unwanted Warrior [FULL DEMO IS RELEASED 2/4/2020]

Hmm, that’s strange. It’s probably a bug because Abigail should not feel angry. I will work on it.

Yes, it’s deleted. The queen wants her to have a child after Eleanor disrespects the family at Alex’s birthday party. It’s her way to punish the princess.

Thank you! I’m glad you like it :heart:

“What if?” is a reward for people who support me on Patreon. If I answer you now, it will be unfair to patrons. Sorry :frowning_face:

Yes, I like that.

She will always find her way back to MC.


I really love to see a délégation from our late father kingdom demand a diplomatic meeting with OUR kingdom in order to make an alliance.
And see Alexander face (or his mother) when hé understand that it will be REALLY difficult to obtain this help.

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Okay I going to support you there.

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Had fun with this one, looking forward to the full book!

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This is really good! Great job you did here, I’m looking forward to the full game! :heart::heart:

Currently, playing through the demo. On one part of the game where the Queen attempts to manipulate you after you went ‘welcome back home, father’ after he returned, I got in a stump.
Both options are just “I’m a part of this family” and “I’m not a part of this family”, but I’m playing a MC that loves her father, Abigial somewhat, and Leonara because they’re nice to her and ignores everyone else. I hoped that there would be something like a “I’m part with some family members” option, but I picked the “I’m not a part of the family” option since it fits with my MC’s thoughts. I’m not sure if what followed after (Queen basically going “Indeed you don’t.”) was the Queen intentionally doing manipulation on MC or I read it wrong since it was technically a lie by omission/not having a better choice.

E: Is it possible to win the fight against Alexander?
E2: You glance at the door of your father’s room one more time before making your way downstairs. You need to check on your wolf. You haven’t seen her for a long time/
E3: The king doesn’t feel good," Alvin speaks up. (Missing quotation mark at the start.)
E4: “I will not let anything happen to her. I promis.,” You give him your word.
E5: He doesn’t care much about Mo, but getting rid of him is too risky. (My MC is a girl lol)
E6: “You cannot imagine how glad I am to hear that,” Eleanor steps forward and places a gentle kiss on your cheek. (Wut? I never had any romantic feelings towards Eleanor)

Pretty sure Abigail treats you just as badly as the rest of them when this question is asked early in the story, and isn’t nice to you.

It depends honestly, my MC hates everyone in that family and has never seen themselves as part of that family and leaves as soon as an opportunity comes. So for me she wasn’t really manipulating.

Dodge all his attacks then kick him.

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Abigail was somewhat weird at that point before the question. Sometimes, she would be rude, other times she would accept my MC. I have no idea if my somewhat-neutral choices affected her over the story, saving her when she hurt her leg, or she was meant to be that way at start, so I just thought she’s just confused and has no trust built up on the MC instead of genuinely hating you because MC exists/brainwashed by Queen like Alexander.

That question if your apart of the family happens early, so she’s still treating you bad and she never flip flops between accepting you or not. The only time she treats you somewhat nice before that is when you help her with her leg. She only starts treating you better after you save the wolf.

Then I maybe got her ‘flip-flopping’ confusing her with someone else. Whoops.

E: Well… I didn’t expect taking my little sister with me would make Abigail hate me again. Treated her leg, saved the wolf, and told me to run away. I’m going to take a guess that she sees me taking Leo as a kidnapping.
E2: You decide not to argue since she looks like she’s looking for an opportunity (to) stab you.
E3: A woman speaks, walking towards you confidently. She’s a beautiful warrior with braided silver hair and green eyes. “Allow him to prove herself. The war is coming, and we need Mo.” (Again, my MC is a girl)

So I’m loving the WIP so far but I keep running into this glitch where I suddenly can’t press any buttons? Like the next button doesn’t work and neither do the stats buttons? No matter how many times I refresh or restart the page it always happens. Is this happening to anyone else?

not the game. i’m assuming you’re an iOS user, because so far this has only happened w/ iPhones, i believe. happened to me too, what solved it was turning off the animation between pages.

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Great demo. I played a female MC romancing Blair. Can’t wait for this to be released!

Will the final version of the game have relationship stats? I personally find it a little hard to keep track of all the relationships without it.

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She does care for you and you see that when you send a letter to her saying you regret how things turned out and you wished you could have been a family. She starts tearing up and says that it’a true that she started to like you or something like that.


@NutellaQueen What is the state of the game I mean if it is almost finished or not?

Hi! A gentle reminder that to not ask for updates regarding a title to lessen pressure on authors (see FAQ)

Please keep in mind that most of the authors write these as a side project and they might have other priorities in RL so please be patient.


Me: im gonna romance any other guy besides Azra this play through.

Azra: shows up

Me: Oh nooooooooooo proceeds to try and get on his path again


Even then, I still think that she and her brother would have tell you about their brother and mother plot against you.
And in Abigail case, it’s suggested, somehow, that deep down she loved you from the start (remember Leonara’s birth).

As I see it, the only family members who really hate you are Alexander and your step mother.
Abigail loved you but was somehow afraid to show it (and resent you because of her mother) and the other brother just doesn’t care about you. He won’t hate you, but hé will not love you either. But he Can respect you.

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That’s nice, but so far it’s been said she’s treated you like crap for 18 years of your life (or however old the MC is) along with her brothers, and only now is starting to see she was wrong about you. Doesn’t change anything how she supposedly felt deep down (even though there’s no real evidence of that) still emotionally abused you along with the rest of the family.

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