The Unwanted Warrior [FULL DEMO IS RELEASED 2/4/2020]

If you want a child but you don’t want to die either, it’s possible to adopt. I have no idea if that’s going to be possible in the game but it’d be a good idea for those that’s in that situation. 🤷


Yeah I’d imagine if your with Erica she wouldn’t want to pass on the magic to your kids if that’s the price they would have to pay, not dying early is also a plus for you and Erica lol.


narrows eyes How did you know I’m with Erica? Lol but on a serious note, I do agree with that. And I would think any ROs wouldn’t want a biological child with you if they knew the full story and may push for adoption instead.


Lol I mainly meant myself lol I’ve been wanting to be with her since she first appeared lol.


Ah, i see you’re a man of culture as well.


Wait, we pass on our powers after birth, right?

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Hey, I don’t know if anyone has caught this yet or not, but if someone has I apologize. There is a minor spelling mistake I caught here.


“Of course,” You pat the empty spot beside your, rubbing the blanket enough to flatten it. He smiles and seat himself beside you. Without waiting, he shows you a sword wrapped in the bundle of rags. Your face lit up as your eyes sparkl with rising excitement. He quickly pulls off the rags and holds the sword out to you."
You need an e at the end of the word here is all.

I left the kingdom with only Eleanor and my wolf but the dialogue at the palace implies I took Leonara as well

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Just wanted to say this is a rather good game and I hope we’ll eventually see an update.

I’m pretty sure this story is going to be a Hosted Game by next year.



I quite enjoyed it. I want to protect Leo, goodness. I was very, very torn about revenge. At first I really didn’t want to be the queen, but the story pushed so okay Imma be a queen. I didn’t take note of things to be improved on because I wanted to enjoy it first.

I haven’t played the game yet but the summary makes it seem like I can make an army of innocent forest animals. And it just really fucking amuses me to think about having an army of bunny’s and blue birds to garner my blood thirsty revenge.


Edit: Well. Just played the demo.

And the dream is real boys :))))))))))))


Memes aside I quite enjoyed the story of this game, like fuck me did I enjoy it.

The main antagonist Alex is hateable yet emphasisable, since fuck me I would be a bitter prick too if I was him, hell some of the stuff that has happened to him hits pretty close to home.

The addition of the little sister is wholesome as fuck.

I feel like my choices have some impact… I think! Hey as long as it’s not a “I don’t” that’s good to me.

And all the characters feel like they have depth and it’s a great time!

Buuuuuuuuut, I feel the pacing after the beginning gets a bit too fast… I thinks. Like it feels like you go from a steady relatively slow pace to LIGHTSPEED LETS GO!!!

Don’t get me wrong I still really enjoyed all of it, but it just felt like things were less developed than the beginning. And some of the characters that are introduced later on I go “Who?” at when the game makes it feel like I should know them.

Also on an actually kinda serious note the game feels a bit rail roady to a mildly annoying extent at times once it starts picking up, like when I have been actively trying to make my character not like a character I am suddenly like best friends with them, that’s the only thing that I truly had a gripe with.

Eh but fuck it who cares what I think the games literally done already and I have jumped on this bandwagon literally after the games already been approved to set sale, I just like writing stuff in comment sections my dudes.

Also this stuff has probably been addressed but… guys there is like 2000 comments have pity on me

(Also, Raven Soldiers…10/10 would get my ravens killed again)


It’s kinda justified though. When your father dies and the queen tries to assassinate you’ve got to run and of course it’s gonna get hectic. And the other two kingdoms are marching for war too so I’d assume things would move fast.

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Yeah I get that but it just feels like there’s no real time to really absorb what happening I guess.

Spoilers My Dudes

Like it goes from a methodical growing up sequence, interacting with characters, improving, learning about stuff slowly and nicely, and then.

Your in another county now with a barbaric warrior culture.
“Fair Nuff, now I guess I will decide the merits to this culture and what not”
Btw your queen now.
“Wait what?”
By the way are you for or against there culture?
“Against I guess?”
The other queen who is fully against your morals and has been kind of an ass to you is your friend now.
“O-oh, oka-“
Also here are like 5 new characters you know really well.
“Wait I only know Marcus”
Also you kinda are just cool with being head of these people and that you’ll die during childbirth.

And then the war stuff happens and it’s pretty quick but I don’t mind it since as you said it’s pretty hectic.

It just feels like there is so many important things happening that deserve more weight to them, and that these events would have an important impact on your character but they are normally made in about one page or so. All taking place in game over like a month or so but is squished to like 5-10 minutes.

Like all of the queens character depth and progression was lost to me, and I honestly didn’t really care due to how fast it was, I honestly like Alex more than her just due to the time dedicated to him, dont get me wrong dedicating that much time to her would be a bit crazy but I hope you get what I mean.

Again, still enjoyed it and the comments before are a little exaggerated, but they for the most part are how I felt during the mini “Blood people” arc.

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It’s your choice. You don’t have to be a queen :smiley_cat:

No, game is not done :smile_cat: . I understand your point. I’ve also noticed that things happen so fast, especially in Aithria. But don’t worry, I have already fixed that problem. MC gets the chance to explore Aithria and develop their relationship with the characters. Everything happens slowly.


Nice my dude, is the demo an older version of the game?

When I can eventually play the full version I’ll be looking forward to finding more reasons to execute half the country.

It will be wholesome family fun.


Love the story. I was kinda hoping for more interaction with animals ala Disney style cause mc seems to be lonely. Maybe the siblings caught mc talking with animals a lot and finds it weird which gives them even more reason to bully mc. Some more bonding with our animal companions would be great.


How do princess Katherine. I still can’t find her