The Ultimate Magic Student (WIP) (UPDATE PART 1! +31K Words) (04/23)

you either hold your words like a man or not speak at all if you decide to announce your desire do it to the extreme dont let mere moral boundaries stop you let your desire run amok

Humor is certainly welcome around here, but we should probably avoid drifting toward rape jokes.

I know you weren’t trying to go there, so just a heads-up.


I edited to make more sense in a way, and deviate from such a path, sorry for the bordeline joke


best author, you get it.


Since I am a bit curious on weapons, is there an option where we can find unique weapons that are found in a specific place? One such example is like the weapon below.

(Btw its a reference)

Everlasting Flames of Love
Type: Guan Dao
This ancient Chinese weapon still survives even to this day, finding it at (random location). The blade is sharper than any blade you can think of, slicing through metal with ease. Somehow, it feels warm to the touch, faintly reminding you of a raging fire and weirdly enough, a widow’s rage. A lotus of iron in the midst of sea of flames.

(Numbers are just examples and are false)
+15 stats and damage on fire magic attacks
+20 damage on physical attacks
Enables ??? transformation


Gotta love myself some sweet sweet real-world mythological references!

I might be wrong, but the Chinese blade, and the association with a widow’s love/rage, makes me think you are referring to the myth of Kanshou and Bakuya/ Gān Jiàng and Mò Yé; where to create an imperial sword for the king, the wife of the Blacksmith sacrificed her own life to make the twin swords. Am I right?

Although a nice connection, it is unfortunately not referenced to that. (Apologies for that :slightly_frowning_face: )

The reference of the weapon directs to a game called Library of Ruina. To avoid spoiling much of the game, there is this woman that lost her husband in a place called Library where there is an ordeal they have to face. Winning it grants them books, while losing turns them into books themselves.

She went there with another comrade, and they also died, leaving her alone. She becomes unstable and during her unstable emotions, she transforms and gains an armor and fire-based powers that directly connects to a dragon. The Guan Dao is her weapon she used during there, thus the description of the mentioned weapon above.

Even then, its a nice thought there @Shaunak_Paul


Damn, i love then game aggressively exploits anime tropes! Feels like interactive light novel :slight_smile: Also, really wanna to make MC that came to one idea and it became his credo. Like “Oh, it’s YOUR story? FINE! But first, you gonna past through me regularly, and it’s not gonna be easy for you, with very sarcastic tone O CHOSEN ONE!”
But, maybe, it’s sound like more like a good rival, don’t know


In terms of personality, definitely gonna make two MC’s inspired by these iconic guys. “Hero” of this story, really “goona have bad time” :smiling_imp:


Question. Can we do this?


Can we just " left right goodnight" with minimal magic? like strengthing magic?


Feels like the question of if we can fight with little to no magic has been asked alot


“This is a game about magic school!”

“I wanna be a nonmagical badass who kills all the wizards!”


can’t really deny that bullshitting our way through all magic oponent with only our body sounds cool


That’s even more of an incentive to be a nonmagical badass who kills all the wizards


Power fantasies always bring the antithetical requests. Non-magic world? “Can we use OP magic?” Magic world? “Can we beat them up with our fists?” It probably doesn’t help that Mashle just ended its second season.

And if I’m being completely honest, I’m here for it. I’m hoping the author isn’t inundated with the requests/questions, but I can’t blame people being excited for this one. It’s still so early in the WIP that imaginations are running wild.


So are you gonna be a cocky brash character that thinks everyone is beneath them and if any challenges you, you aim to crush their souls by destroying what they hold dear, or are you a power-hungry psycho that will take down anyone to grow stronger.


You wanna be like mashle lol


Is the demo link outdated or something?

Power-hungry psyco