The Ultimate Magic Student (WIP) (UPDATE PART 1! +31K Words) (04/23)

the author said you can but you have to be manipulative and dont let your evil deed be known to the cast


It’s time for my MC to become Aizen

“Since The Beginning, no one has ever stood in the heavens, neither you, nor I, not even God himself, but that emptiness in the throne of heaven will be filled from this day forth, i will be the one to stand in the heavens”


I didn’t know those images were offensive or hate speech :face_with_monocle:


To reiterate from the message I sent you:

Please don’t post images of sexualised/scantily-clad people on the public areas of the forum. If you’re really keen to share with people and you know they want to see them, please keep it to DMs. Thank you.


Ok,I understand

Ahh no you’re not the only one, I am much prefer to let original story MC to lead and secretly be op myself like hidden boss or something and support story MC if he is stuck, generally I wont antagonize story MC unless he antagonize my MC first.




I personally voted for them to stay secret for now… but now I’m even more invested.

That trope-heavy protag is gonna have a hell of a time.


Some people just have no chill man😁

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Alright everyone, say hello to none other than—our favourite fiery big-titty battle maniac sensei, HIROMI, in all her glory!!!

… Or atleast some of it, cause unfortunately I don’t have enough time at hand to create a full piece and ink it in—so you’ll have to be satisfied with this for now! I suppose, dear author, you can keep this as a mortgage of sort for now, and I’ll be posting the completed art once you release the upcoming update—am really excited for it, and best of luck with that!


very good

So @ZCometa can the MC who has the high strength stats go fuck your magic I got these hands and backhand and magical attack basically can we do this


It would be very cool if on top of magic we could also be throwing hands - or swords, that would be cool. I’d certainly like to blend Magic and Sword together and be like a Spellsword or a Battle Mage


if i am to be a pure mage i would honestly want to be jack of all trade master of all kind of guy that just knows every shit

Sure, but your character will need to study hard to be able to teach the cast something, or be a good leader in general.

I mean like
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I don’t… know…? :thinking:

I mean, it’s not in the original plans for them to end up together under any circumstances, but not for any specific reason, it’s just that they have very conflicting personalities, you know? But, I don’t know, maybe I’ll end up liking their dynamic in a different way as I keep writing, who knows?

Now, making a THREESOME with the two of them, yeah, that’s in the plans.

I mean, theoretically you can have a threesome with any of the ROs, but these two are more special for a threesome, ain’t I right? :kissing_closed_eyes:

Here’s a GREAT opportunity to showcase a bit of the future in-game glossary!

Since it’s not guaranteed that you’ll know Japanese terms, or even guaranteed that you’ve watched any anime in your life, I’ll include any necessary info in the Glossary for reading whenever you want. Here, with the same words that are in the future update glossary, the meaning of “Sensei” is:

Sensei (先生):
Commonly used to address teachers, professors, doctors, and other professionals. It’s a title of respect for someone who has a high level of expertise or knowledge in their field.

Well, you see, actually…

Technically, it’s the path of a villainous/manipulative personality that I explained before. But you’re probably looking to create a character who isn’t a villain per se, just villainous in terms of relationships and possessiveness, right? Well, I don’t have anything planned for such a specific personality path, but I can definitely see the appeal of being a yandere. Well, the idea has caught my interest now, so I’ll see if it can work in the future!

You get to decide whether the character goes cuckoo or not. The theme of existence is something that will haunt you throughout the entire game; it’s up to you to figure out how to deal with it.

I absolutely didn’t expect so many people to be interested in the villain’s path haha but it’s good to know

Exactly :point_down:

No spoilers! BUT I’m sure you guys will love her teaching dynamic.

Knowing the shounen formula, honestly, it wasn’t that hard xD. The only thing I had to worry about was making him believable. Well, > I < would definitely be friends with him!

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I was extremely happy to see your drawing, really! Thank you very much for your time, it turned out wonderful!

By the way, you captured in the drawing the exact personality that I imagine her to have. I’m excited to see how the final drawing will turn out!

I ended up not giving the style of clothes that the characters wear, but she in particular likes to walk around like this:



But on some more formal and chic occasions, she occasionally wears dresses as well.

Imagine an amazon redhead with long hair, toned and with a big smile on her face while wearing these clothes, and you’ll have Funai Hiromi in all her glory!

I have previously answered this right here :point_down:

But I think it’s better if I elaborate now.

Yes, you can actually build a character focused solely on hand-to-hand combat. The issue is that this is essentially playing in hardcore mode. To win a battle using only your fists and nothing else, you have to consider these characteristics:

  1. You have to be extremely resistant to magic.

Mages are usually frail because they focus solely on dealing damage with magic, preventing enemies from even reaching them. If the enemy can’t reach you, then being frail doesn’t matter. Choosing not to use magic must be compensated for by being resistant, as you’ll have to get close to mages.

  1. Be quick

. You need to build both magical resistance and speed, as the faster you reach the mage, the less opportunity they’ll have to blast you with magic. And oh they will blast you.

If none of the above options are met, you can still choose to somehow:

  1. Prevent the enemy from using magic against you.

But the most viable way to do this is by using magic that nullifies magic… so, you’d still be using magic in some way. And I certainly won’t make such magic easy to obtain.

Now, even if you take all of this into consideration, if a mage uses a spell that, for example, pins you to the ground, you’ll probably lose because if you can’t get close, you can’t hit.

Of course, in a “Cheat Mode” things would be easier, but as I mentioned earlier, I haven’t yet planned how a “Cheat Mode” would even work. :woozy_face:

As you can see, I’m going to put a lot of focus on battles and various ways in which you can fight, as this is the main attraction I want to adapt from LitRPG to the game. And although I would love to make every single build viable, unfortunately, I don’t think it’s feasible.

And shall you do so!

You can also focus only in magic too!

Alright, that was quite a lot of text

I’ll grab something to eat and catch up on writing now.

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It sounds like one strategy you’re hinting at would be a Magic Knight strategy, employing defensive magic (or just pure resistance) in support of a fundamentally sword or fist-oriented combat style.


So I think I’m going to suffer a lot lol, I plan on making my character something like Garp :muscle:t2:


garb used haki and this can be concidered as magic

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yes, maybe some reinforcement magic and something like the haki weapon for the fists derived from some magic, but I will try to use as little as possible elemental magic since that’s not my thing, maybe some magic that messes with space-time or gravity, more my focus will be on building a monstrous physique


Right. Just remember: speed and magic resistance, not just pure strength.

As the legendary Cell demonstrated to Trunks, just bulking up your muscles without developing your fighting skills in a rounded way is a way to screw yourself against any half-decent opponent.


There’s nothing more satisfying than crushing your opponents with pure brute force, I still remember another game where I destroyed an entire city block with one punch, and it was so pleasurable