The Ultimate Magic Student (WIP) (UPDATE PART 1! +31K Words) (04/23)

Updating you on the coming update!

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To keep things organized not only for myself but also for you, I’ve laid out a plan for the upcoming updates. I think it would be a good idea to share the plan with you all!

The first update of the game will focus on the Entrance Ceremony and the Festival - in other words, just one day of content. This first day is important for you to understand how some things work. But, to do that, I need to explain some mechanics that the game will be about.

As you know, the idea of the game is to be a kind of “sandbox”, where you manage your calendar, planning what to do each day. It’s a system that I’ll make heavily inspired by Persona games.

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So, just like in Persona games, there are events.

Events are important points in the story, with long text sections, that can be triggered on specific days or with specific actions. Events are practically chapters, containing large portions of text and scenes.

Events can be divided into:

Story Event - these are mandatory, occurring on specific days. They advance the main story.

Character Event - these are events that star a specific character, occurring only if you advance your relationship with that character, be it in a good or bad, romantic or non-romantic way.

Side Event - these are not mandatory and do not star specific characters. An event where you celebrate Christmas, for example, or an event that you trigger upon discovering a unique skill.

Knowing this, the next update will be focused on what can be called the first event of the game: the Entrance Ceremony and Festival, in other words, the first day.

This event aims to introduce some main characters, whom you will see throughout the game, and show how choices can influence what you experience. It’s impossible to have a perfect event where you meet all the characters, for example. Below is a flowchart of the event’s choices: (The info is very vague and in Portuguese [which is my native language] so you can try to read it without fear of spoilers)

The update after this one will focus on the calendar mechanic, where you decide what to do day by day.

The purpose of these two updates is to receive feedback on different issues: with the first update, I want to know your opinions on the choice pathing in an event + what you think about the characters. With the second update, I’ll want to know your opinion on how the calendar mechanic works.

After receiving feedback from both updates, I will have laid a good foundation, allowing me to start writing the first arc of the story.

The next update will come out this Saturday.

… I guess.

Unfortunately, I’ve been writing this event slower than I expected, so there’s a chance I won’t be able to finish in time. But don’t worry, even though it’s slow, I’m writing!

Now, something I’ll need your opinion on!

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The game glossary covers various information, including info about the main characters. In the game, the idea is that character information only appears in the glossary if you discover it yourself. But, for this first update where the purpose is for you to get to know the characters, perhaps you would like to have some information, including backstory, of the characters available free to read? Let me know what you think!

In the next update, the glossary should have character information unlocked (without spoilers), including backstory, so you can know more about them?

  • No, let’s keep the surprise.
  • Yes, let me take a peek!
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