The Ultimate Magic Student (WIP) (Sandbox Game) (ROs Descriptions Updated)

Right. Just remember: speed and magic resistance, not just pure strength.

As the legendary Cell demonstrated to Trunks, just bulking up your muscles without developing your fighting skills in a rounded way is a way to screw yourself against any half-decent opponent.


There’s nothing more satisfying than crushing your opponents with pure brute force, I still remember another game where I destroyed an entire city block with one punch, and it was so pleasurable


what is this game?

I have a question could our character act like the chill kuudere who barely shows emotion but is the most chilliest and understanding person?

So @ZCometa can MC have an attack like vegeta final flash and if you do not know this attack here’s a video

How does the magic system work exactly? Can it do almost anything like in Overlord or does it have specific requirements like in Full Metal Alchemist? :thinking:

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Hmm I am more inclined to make Maple build, like just shrug damage to the point of invincible would be hilarious to do something like that.


lol that scene in sword art online where the group hit kirito and he just standing there not taking any damage

Unlike kirito maple doesn’t have overly high level she is just having unique build.


When does this story take place? It feels weird being older than all the ROs except for the sensei, lol

It takes place in 2030 and all RO’s are 18 (except for our sensei’s). So our MC is also in 18 years of old just like them. We are born in the same year as them.

But since we don’t have a backstory (as far as the story tells us we are still in character creation), it might be wrong though, but even then we are still 18 give or take.


I had assumed that the MC would be roughly 18 years old or at least around that age. It’s just weird to think about it. I guess I’m getting old, lol

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@ZCometa Feel free to not answer is this falls into spoiler territory, but how would the story/plot would go in the original setting without any interference from MC/any other ramifications that may fall on the world from sudden self-awareness.

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the author said we would be able to purchase the original manga and to understand the story


Don’t know if this was asked but will we be able to reach the peak in our elemental magic of choice to the point of using it in various mean like a elemental weapon or armor? Sorry if my english is bad

And will people react to our mastery of such elements at some point?


Do dungeons exist in the setting

Add battle prediction for non magic

Can you please explain how magic works? Is there going to be like water magic and fire magic, or is it like skills that do various effects in exchange for mana?

What about those hen_@¥ villains who genderbend and mind control the heroes to mess with them? Can we do this at some point? Would be cool to have a way to mess with the cast while i watch from the shadows hehehe :smiling_imp:

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