The Ultimate Magic Student (WIP) (69K) (Update is Out! +33K words)

I’m happy to say that I’m finishing up the update!

Yes, that’s right, I’m finally finishing writing all the scenes - actually, I finished Ellen’s scenes just yesterday, leaving only the joint scenes of Sakura and Katsuo.

Of course, besides finishing writing the scenes, I also have to revise some points and rewrite certain things (many of them things I promised you I would rewrite), but the new content itself is about to be finished.

Everything should be finished and ready for Early Access on Patreon still this week or at the latest, next week (and this time I’m 100% sure!)

The Patreon Early Access should last around a week or so, so don’t worry about the delay if you’re not participating in Patreon, the new content will still be released to everyone this month.

Anyway, thanks for your patience, guys!

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They will all have their “screen time”, but I would say that the ‘main’ ones are Usui and Ellen. (I won’t elaborate further because it’s an obvious spoiler)

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I’m so hyped for the update and the vague answer about Hermamoteo makes me feel like I was right about him being from the mana dimension. Anyways keep up the amazing work and don’t burn yourself out :+1:


That question was answered before. Yes, you can.


Thank you. I did not see the question. Sorry.

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The itch is getting strong, man. Feels like bugs on my skin.

I’ll def see you on patreon. :wink:


ive been waiting for smth like this TT


just tried out the game really liked it can’t wait for the update
And I was curious if you ever considered or already are implementing it in the new update making it so instead of being friends with the main hero.
You could either meet the main antagonist instead of the hero thru a decision as or something
This is assuming that the rival is the main antagonist or at least one them and after reading their bio real quick I realized that what I suggested (i deleted it with a edit)would not make sense
But instead maybe if you are a high ranking student (I imagine there will be a combat section. Soon to determine the rankings being it’s a classic) and your cold (as in personality) or something idk
Just because it seems like a cool idea that instead of Siding with the hero and then backstabbing him later in the story to become a “villain” instead you constantly undermine him and just being know as the “ruthless heinous genius rookie”
Really for no other reason (minus the fact that it would be way funner to be the villain like in most games ) that it is never like this in any other story like this that I know of



Unfortunately, I bring some bad news. :frowning:

The plan was for me to have finished writing the update from yesterday to today (since there’s literally only one scene left to write), but as a twist of fate would have it, I ended up being hospitalized, haha. (urgh)

I was already feeling a bit sick before, but it got worse. :confused:

I’m getting better now and already home! However, I’m still a bit weak and plan to rest for tomorrow.

I’ll get back to writing on Sunday since I’ll probably be muuch better by then!

Take care, everyone!

(I’ll wait until then to respond to your comments :mask:)


It’s good news that you are recovering well. I’m glad everything is turning out fine. Take all the time you need to get back to normal. This story is worth the wait.


Damn, it’s good that you’re okay. Take your time!


I wish you a fast recovery and I hope your okay, take all the time you need to get back to normal and recovery


Get well, and rest well, I will wait as long as necessary, what matters is your health

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Well take it easy.

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Hey, everyone, how’s it going?

I’m still sick, but definitely muuuch better than before - I’m working on the game without any issues.

Actually, I’m happy to announce that I have practically finished the update!

And I will release early access for Patreon subscribers, starting from the Student Tier, tomorrow!

I will also give all the necessary details, including the date when the update will be available for everyone (don’t worry, it will be this month! I’m not sadistic!)

Anyway, see you tomorrow!

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(Oh and don’t worry, I’ll answer your comments tomorrow too! And thank you so much for your kind words of support while I’m sick! :heart:)


Hello, everyone!

The new update is available for Early Access on Patreon!

With that, the date the update will be released to everyone is set: June 22!

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During these 10 days of Early Access with Patreon members, I will be polishing the experience for you, and I can also plan and prepare for the next update - which, as I mentioned before, will focus on the battle and magic system.

At the moment, the game has 66,727 words (71,114 including the code). In other words, there are 30k words of new content!

I would like to thank you again for all your support, thank you!

Regarding this update, instead of calling it part 2 of 0.1.1, I decided to call it 0.1.2 since the size of the update is twice what I expected, haha.

Here is the link to the post on Patreon (available only for those in the Tier Student and above, though): Early Access Update 0.1.2 - The Festival (06/12) | Patreon

When update 0.1.2 becomes available, I’ll give you some time to play it, and then I’ll talk about the update afterwards.

So, around the 29th, I’ll explain how you will help me with the battle mechanics + creation of some spells - yes, you’ll help me with that!

I won’t answer anything about it now, but you can start thinking about the spells you’d like to see in the game (which is something you’ve already been doing haha).


Well, as far as I know, you may or may not have already met the villain of the story.

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Or maybe I’m just kidding with you? I don’t know.

Th-That’s… actually… what the first arc revolves around…

I mean, I know it’s obvious because I’m playing with anime clichés, but I’m still surprised I was read so easily haha

Yes, you can be a malicious jerk, no need to hide it (you just have to have a limit on your evilness so you don’t get expelled from college, and it will be explained why this is important)


I know that most of the characters haven’t been introduced yet but I would like to know (if it’s not a spoiler) what their reaction would be if somehow the MC managed to convince them that they are fictional characters


I knew that random guy on the street looked suspicious!


Man, I just knew it. He was standing there… menacingly lol.