The Ultimate Magic Student (WIP) (69K) (Update is Out! +33K words)

What would you do if you wake up one day to the shocking revelation that you’re a fictional character in an immensely popular anime? Not only that, but you’ve spent your entire life as an utterly unremarkable extra, with no backstory or personality.

Now, armed with newfound awareness, you have the power to seize the role of the protagonist in your own narrative, even if it means disrupting the original anime storyline. Train, battle, form alliances and rivalries, fall in love with the lead character or steal their intended love interest - or perhaps embracing the role of the story’s villain is more enticing to you?

In a world where you initially portray the role of an unassuming student at Japan’s foremost College of Magic, the stage is set for an extraordinary tale of self-discovery and the pursuit of your own destiny where reality and anime converge.

Please Read! (Very Important)
Wait, I haven't seen anything from this project for... almost four years?!


Back in 2020, I was still a teenager and thought it would be a cool idea to create a game with a super complex concept, since in my mind, “it’s just text, it shouldn’t be too hard.”

Wrong, dumb teenager me!

Writing a book is already challenging, let alone one that is essentially a game!

Of course, not only did I lack responsibility, but a pandemic also emotionally impacted me significantly. So, the logical move for me at the time was to abandon the project that had barely even started. Well, almost four years later, I’ve returned, and this time I have enough maturity to recognize my limits and, most importantly, understand that writing a game requires effort.

I mean, the game I want to make is still complex, but compared to the initial project from four years ago, it’s MUCH less ambitious.

That being said, it’s good to be back! Yay!

(Oh, any conversations before 2024 don’t reflect the current state of the game, so you might come across old promises that are no longer valid. It’s better to consider only what I say from 2024 onward!)

The old project had the option to play in Brazilian Portuguese. Will we have this option again in the future?

I hope so, yeah. But certainly, I won’t be the person to translate the game.

Four years ago, I was warned that creating a text-based game in two different languages simultaneously would be extremely laborious. Past me disagreed, but present me knows it would be madness.

Maybe when the game is released, I’ll have the funds to hire a professional translator for Portuguese (Brazil)… but honestly, I don’t think it will happen.

Why didn't you create a new topic instead of using this one?

I didn’t want the comments from people four years ago to be deleted, to be honest. But I also think the forum moderators wouldn’t appreciate me having two topics with the same purpose for the same game, especially when one of them is discontinued. Practicality, ya know?

Why did you change the game's name?

The old name of the game was “The Ultimate Worst Student,” which was meant to be a joke with the anime’s name, “The Ultimate Magic Student.”

Today, I see it’s better to use the actual name of the anime, not only for practicality but also because you can become the Ultimate Magic Student yourself.

What is the expected date for the next update?

I don’t know for sure! But I’ll tell you if I have a set date!

Will it be romance focused?

The focus won’t be on romance, as you’ll have the option to completely ignore other characters in the story, but as I am extremely passionate about romance stories, without a doubt, if you want to engage in romantic and/or sexual relationships with other characters, I’ll provide plenty of content for that.

Can I build a harem? Can I join the protagonist's anime harem? Can I destroy the polygamous sense of the protagonist's harem and leave him single and unsuccessful?


Can I be a recluse and ignored person working in the shadows? Can I replace the protagonist and be the hero of the story? Can I ally with the group of villains? Can I pet the dog?


Will there be a lot of anime clichés?

Oh, there will be! But not just the classic and beloved ones—I’ll even add those that are quite controversial and weird. Honestly, I’ll write many of them as a form of satire and let your character hate it if you feel like it, and when possible, you can try to “fix” toxic cliche situations, or… you can simply accept things as they are and move on!

Can I fight with only my fists, no magic at all?

Answered in this post:

Will be there NSFW?

I plan to include some, I mean, I think so. I’m not exactly sure how steamy the scenes will be, but we can discuss that later since it will undoubtedly take quite a while to reach those scenes. Maybe I’ll change my mind by then? We’ll see.

How will the gameplay work?

I intend to create a sort of sandbox experience.

As this game is heavily inspired by LitRPG stories like Solo Leveling and The Novel’s Extra, where the protagonist meticulously manages their time, information, and skills, it makes sense to replicate that vibe in the game. The idea is that you will plan what to do each day of the week, and as the calendar progresses and your character evolves and grows stronger with your choices, the story advances.

Which works is this game based on?

In the case of Japanese works, I’m drawing inspiration from a generic amalgamation of clichés that we’ve seen in the industry for years.

For Korean works, I’m heavily inspired by works with “systems” such as ‘Solo Leveling,’ ‘Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint,’ and especially ‘The Novel’s Extra.’

I wanted to incorporate some Chinese novels as well, which I also enjoy reading, but didn’t find much room, and it would probably add even more work to do so, so that’s for another time.

I found a bug/spelling error! Can't you write anything properly, you dumbass?!

Ayo, what the- Sorry, okay?! Just let me know what the error is, and I’ll fix it! :pensive:

I have a suggestion/idea that I think would be great for the game/story!

For I would LOVE to know what you have to say! I would be glad to work with you in making the game the bestest possible! (if it’s within my capabilities, of course)


You can read about them here :point_down:


For now, the demo has 69K words in total and it’s version is 0.1.2

Check the FAQ for more info!

Also, I would greatly appreciate it if you could give me your feedback on what you thought of the demo! Enjoy! :heart:

The Ultimate Magic Student (

I have a Patreon if you want to support me!

And you can also acess the Discord server so we can chat!

Dev Notes about the update 0.1.2:

The Magic System + MTI:


Feedback Polls

What do you think of the pacing of the scenes?

  • Too slow
  • Slow
  • Perfect
  • Fast
  • Too fast
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Do you think the scenes need more detail?

  • Yes, a lot
  • Yes, a little
  • No
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Is the the story/text/scenes confusing?

  • Yes, in a lot of scenes
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  • No
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How many times have you raplayed it?

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  • 1
  • 3 to 5
  • 6 to 10
  • 10+
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After this Update, which one is your favorite (or best) character so far?

  • Kawabata Kazuki, the Hero
  • Arai Katsuo, the Rival
  • Usui Usagi, the Hotheaded
  • Fukushima Sakura, the Beauty
  • Ellen Cassandra Mountbatten-Windsor, the Princess
  • Okawa Hiroko, the Diligent
  • Komatsu Akio, the Genius
  • Sonoda Yoshito , the Antisocial
  • Funai Hiromi, the Fierce Sensei
  • Miyata Ryota, the Sloppy Sensei
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Decision Polls

Who did you spend the Festival with?

  • Kawabata Kazuki (Then Usui Usagi)
  • Usui Usagi (Then Kawabata Kazuki)
  • Ellen Cassandra
  • Arai Katsuo & Fukushima Sakura
  • Okawa Hiroko
  • No one
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Did you introduce yourself Kawabata Kazuki?

  • Yes
  • No
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Did you promise to pay for Usui Usagi’s breakfast?

  • Yes, and I paid
  • Yes, but I didn’t pay
  • No
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Did you decide to go to the Coliseum or Explore?

  • Coliseum
  • Explore
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If given the choice, did you side with Arai Katsuo or Usui Usagi in their confrontation?

  • Arai Katsuo
  • Usui Usagi
  • Didn’t know that I could have a choice
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Did you chase Komatsu Akio?

  • Yes
  • No
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Did you get punched by Komatsu Akio?

  • Yes
  • No
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If you went to the office with Kawabata, did you manage to get into the Principal’s office with him?

  • Yes
  • No
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Did you ask Funai Hiromi for a “little help”?

  • Yes
  • No
  • What help?
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If you tried to talk to Okawa Hiroko, did you manage to convince her to walk with you?

  • Yes
  • No
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In the dormitories (if you explored) did you meet Miyata Ryota or Sonoda Yoshito?

  • Miyata Ryota
  • Sonoda Yoshito
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Liking the game so far!
But maybe change “second name” to “last name”?

Then I got stuck here

Cool idea, though I encountered a bug. When we are riding in a taxi, reply 1 doesn’t work

Yep. This one

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My God! The Prophecy is true!
Looking forward to this!


So, not much so far. But I really like the writting and the idea. I don’t know how Magic Will work but love the idea of the ranking.
The only thing I would say is that i find myself missing the stats, not the información, but actual personality traits.
I think It can be very good, let’s ser how It evolve



I changed the “second name” to “last name”. It sure is better this way.
And about the error, it’s fixed now! Thanks for notifying ^^


Already fixed! Thanks for playing ^^

Already fixed!

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Thank youuu! <3

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Thanks for the feedback!
The concepts of magic will be introduced gradually, without overwhelming the player with a lot of information. But I plan to create a very diverse system so that everyone can use it the way they prefer.

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It’s hard to say since there’s not a whole lot here now, but that said I really like the idea here and I think there’s some serious potential for this one. Definitely going to following this one


This is one of those premises that always makes me want to be low-key the most dastardly bastard the universe has ever met and just derail all the plots.

By the by this happens if you choose England regardless of gender:


ayyy another story where you’re not the main hero or chosen one. i love these.


If you think you can handle the plot while screwing with it, why not? haha

About the error, it’s fixed now!

I need more anime/light novel inspired stories on here. This concept is great.

Can we become the rival of the protagonist? I’d even romance him in spite of the harem.


Yup! You can become the protagonist’s rival or even a deadly enemy depending on what you want to be. And about dating him… Well, you can be part of his harem (… if you don’t see any problems with that) or just force him to reject all the other girls. lol


Are there any other ROs?

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The RO characters will be introduced over time. ^^