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Not really if you’re considering just how powerful all of those abilities God Mode has are. Did you not see the Density Manipulations stuff I posted here on what they’re capable of? Just that ability alone is extremely OP, then you got all the other abilities added up with it. I feel like God Mode MC needs at least opponents at their level to even provide a decent enough challenge that might force them to get completely serious in a fight. And don’t forget, they still have that Pocket Dimension ability along with Domain Expansion.


Sailor Moon still solos


That’s for saying something silly.

I would wager on Goku and Superman still speedblitzing the fuck out of God mc.Goku atleast has infinite speed and as for some version of Superman have inaccessible to immeasurable to even irrelevant speeds depending on the comic.

Honestly it depends on which version of Goku and Superman you are using.

Cosmic Armor Superman and Xeno Goku is overkill.

DCAU Superman and Sayian Saga-Frieza Saga Goku isn’t too much trouble.


In terms of Goku, I think God MC can handle up til around SSJ God or SSB maybe. They might be able to beat UI cause remember, they also have that instant regeneration ability and if they manages to make them let their guard down when they don’t know the extent of their regeneration ability and traps them in their Pocket Dimension, it’s game over at that point.

And Superhuman comes with a Danger Sense similar to Spider-Sense and the other powers include Telepathy so that would help even more too. And the Shadow summons and Divine Arsenals as backup just in case.

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Doesn’t really matter even danger sense and other things are way too slow for Goku past Android saga.Also you know even with all that current manga DBS Goku is stupid strong and fast now.Granaloh had surpassed instant transmission speed and guess what UI Goku then surpassed Granaloh by the time they fought Gas and this was before the 2 y at timeskip where the manga currently is.So for mc has zero feats rn which suggests they can take on a character with infinite speed.

Time Manipulation remember? Just stop time once they realize how fast they are.


Speedblitz my friend that’s the point you can’t react and you are dead lol.God mc only can reverse time if they survive.We are rn talking about speedblitzing and the difference in speeds is infinite lol.Either way this is going too much off topic now and I think so I won’t reply on this topic after this post.

You guys forget the God MC is also a speedster


We didn’t it’s simply that the Speedster mc isn’t on the same level.speedster mc at peak can go 99 percent speed of light(speed of electricity at peak) so yeah it’s like super slow for Superman and Goku those guys have infinite speeds to immeasurable speed and beyond. It’s like this irrelevant speed>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>immeasurable>>>>>>>inaccessible>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Infinite speed>>>>>>>>>Massively FTL+>>>>>>>>>>>>Massively FTL>>>>>>>>>>>FTL+>>>>>>>>>>>FTL>>>>>>>>>Speed of light>Speedster MC’s peak(God mode).So Speedster mc is way too slow Powerscaling is straight brainrot so let’s leave it before we get more consumed.

Let’s leave God mc vs anybody
Let’s have the important discussion who is excited to meet the teams or the summons like Nya and Bubba and Nyrok and Tlyra


Good idea.

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Now that I stop to think I kinda started this shit so
let’s stop here


Huh… for the first time I’m suprise everyone just decided to back off when power scaling character…kinda rare to see


Why is everyone suddenly silent?

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same here


I wonder if you will be able to “persuade” Olivia to forgive you and join you. Since you do have mind powers and she’s in you pocket dimension.

When Baldwin declares silence you hear…
On actual note i just watch stuff unfold while drinking whisky.


hmmm “Go into your pocket dimension.” second time don’t work anymore or this is a bug because it ends with Thanks for playing! hahahh and if i remember correctly there is more story :slight_smile: war is breaking out, atomic bomb testing etc …