The Thousand Of Us (WIP)(Updated now 4/7/24)(Patreon Updated 4/7/24)

Depend what dog we’re talking about 30 ft 3 headed Cerberus is categorically called “Dog”.

How about Beelzebub? It’s a fly indeed.

As strong as superman is he is wasted by pebble called kryptonite.

My point is anything can happen due to fantasy setting and taking consideration from what author said the God mode still have weakness, heck maybe Cthulhu exists in MC universe, heck if what taken from the lore is true there is infinite possibilities.

Let’s just see where the author take the story.

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I just don’t want the mc or the antagonist of this story to be done dirty by wonky scaling.

If normal mc fights the purple guy (whatever their name is) it should be a struggle, a relentless uphill climb to a nearly impossible victory but victory nonetheless.
While God mode mc fighting the purple guy would be an absolute battle of behemoths were everyone else could be trampled if they were anywhere near it, were massive collateral damage is very much a possibility and were both of them could just let lose in a battle that demands them both to be at full power. Not one were God mode mc will have to get some sort of kryptonite to weaken the purple guy and the purple guy has to hold back massively against normal mc to make a victory even possible.

But I agree. Let’s see how the story plays out. It is still just getting started.


Ohh yeah I love to see God MC grow and later duke it out in finale with the purple guy, no kryptonite, no bs, just battle of immortal sort of things.

Like fighting badass scene in Broken Fable, Fable (MC) fight with multiple praetor at once (still WIP tho)


I have a question, when Darren stretches his body, can he expand and shrink? If so, do his clothes also stretch or stay the same size at risk of tearing or becoming baggy?

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i love the variations in playthroughs, i remember when there wasn’t any god mode yet so seeing this new addition felt nice.

but time manipulation still hits me harder bro. what’s gonna happen now that there’s two separate timelines? can the mc one day eventually be able to jump through timelines ala “life is strange”? (refer to the comics)


Hey, I just updated the game.

This update is pretty big, especially on code (I’m guessing one of my biggest updates all at once to date)

The routes updated are:

Public: General background updates (Backgrounds can now be more uniquely crafted and they have a little more impact on the storyline), Divine Arsenal, Telepathy, and Enhanced Intellect.

Patreon Exclusive: God mode and Zephyr Eldrosen (side story)

Sorry I couldn’t get the word count out now, I’ll be able to do that later when I’m done with some code overhaul I’ve been doing.

Thank you all again for your continuous support, feedback and suggestions.

Oh and if any of you that play the god mode update and have any further suggestions for more god mode personality choices or replacement of one, please say, I’ve been thinking about adding another personality choice to God mode but nothing has quite stuck for me yet.


Yes, you can kill anyone in any mode, It’s just at different points in time.

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing and added some personality choices for god mode, if you have any personality choice you had in mind you can mention it, I’ve been trying to come up with more suitable choices.

GM MC regeneration would be near instantaneous.

Well, if you add Unthings and the entire planet filled with new mutated species that are hostile to humans like the MC, then your list gets bumped up by a couple digits.

where the game ends is usually depending on the route you’re on. I think the reason you’re behind is because your power route hasn’t been updated.

I’ve still been working on the poly routes, but nothing is set in stone at the moment.

Let me just clear this up, there is no point in this game that god mode MC would ever need to cooperate with anyone to make anything happen.

This is a cheat mode, the main restraint for gm MC is the storyline itself. So you shouldn’t have to worry about appeasing or sucking up to anyone for help in fights or to survive in general.

This should be a very good summary of things.


I’ve been getting different Tumblr questions asking about the MC’s sister’s powers, and why Adam needs her, so I decided to just clarify here too. For those that were also curious.

Run Down

She has two abilities that work hand in hand, and the two main reasons everyone, especially Adam wants to get her under their control.

The first power is to increase or reduce a person’s limitations, then the second power is to push anyone to their limit.

For example: Your power is speed and your limit is that you can only run at the speed of sound. She can increase your limit to the speed of light, or even reduce it to the speed of a sloth using her first power, the limit breaker. Then using her second power she can make you and your body capable of reaching that new limit instantaneously.

MC’s sister is basically a major reason why Adam is powerful, and along with Alexis, MC’s sister is Adam’s trump card.


You mean our trump card and also it will be terrifying to see what kind of levels of power in the god MC can reach with her help


that’s if she can even remember mc


Is that why she was in distress or is that a whole different thing?


That’s precisely why, and also why she wants MC to forget about her, cause she was scared that MC would act rash looking for her and would end up getting killed by Adam.

She doesn’t know that the MC is strong, so she’s been doing everything in her power to make sure MC and Adam never cross parts.


So she is ready to shit her pants when she is going to meet the god MC


Interesting so can her powers effect GM MC or are they already at their limit and therefore immune also would she even be capable of reducing their powers and if so by how much?

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More of reason why should not randomly killing people, teamwork rules.

So big update normally broke save?

Nah, teamwork rules wouldn’t make sense for a god MC anyway. When I team up with someone, it’s because I want to, not because I have to. Besides, teamwork is slowly starting to become a stereotype. I’m glad the author confirmed the destiny of the god MC.


I gotta say to each their own, if you’re enjoying solo player then go for it, I am just glad there is more interaction and personality choice to not be loner and being feared, I am extrovert naturally I don’t like being isolated or feared although it’s fun for starter I need to recharge my social battery.


Well from what I’ve seen so far God mode apparently is the only power that MC could pass the event without killing somebody. Like encounter with Michael and Wolfgang MC can knock both unconscious.


I played the update with an MC with Enhanced Intellect, and after thinking a little, I came up with a strange idea, but one that would work very well for a more “evil” MC:
Our MC is smart enough to learn how to build equipment and machines right? That means maybe he can steal equipment and equipment ideas from Olivia right?
With that in mind, I thought about the possibility of the MC learning about technology to the point of creating a machine to steal Olivia’s knowledge about technology (No matter how smart the MC is and knows about technology, he won’t surpass someone who has the power to manipulate technology)

Again, it’s an idea that probably wouldn’t work, since although technology can be advanced due to Olivia, it would be difficult for the MC to replicate and build something so grand
But even so, I like the idea of an MC with Enhanced Intellect using his skills to gain even more knowledge, of course, if this were explored, It would be interesting to give the MC options to acquire knowledge in a more peaceful way (I really like playing a character who is tired of being the group’s babysitter lol), but I think adding this thirst for knowledge could add more layers and draw more attention to the Enhanced Intellect power, which isn’t as chosen compared to necromancy or pocket dimension

Anyway, these are just weird ideas I had, so meh :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Ivan_WM So, I see the option to kill Dexter already exist, it just needs to be worked on. That being said, perhaps it would be the first and perfect time for the god MC to test dropping a body in the pocket dimension in order to hide evidence. This also brings me to my question. Are we truly alone in our pocket dimensions, or is there still some lifeforms in it? Can dead things still decompose in there?