The Thousand Of Us (WIP)(Updated 7/3/24)(Patreon 7/3/24)

Telepathy is more than Profesor X can do, Player could dive to someone mind and make alteration and false memory, they also have capabilities to absorb everyone mind and forming hive mind, MC themselves say that they almost want to stop talking because how easy it is to access someone mind.

As for enchanced intellect the MC is almost all knowing, their deduction level become so ridiculous they can predict outcome of a fight and correctly predicted many different scenario it is essentially like time control but instead of controlling time MC mind become supercomputer that run many different scenario in a simulation and because this acute intellect MC also develop uncanny perception they can calculate trajectory of projectile and determine how best to evade such thing.

Professor X can do all that to otherwise he wouldn’t be one of the most powerful telepaths in the marvel universe, as for my examples for the enhanced intellect mc those were just what first came to mind of course mc is smarter, but i was talking more interaction and personality wise how the enhanced intellect mc came off to me.

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Well i would say that the main bad guy is still stronger than GM MC given how he could negate our domain expansion while paying a negligible price so idk maybe the checks will come with either stronger monarcs + purple guy

Last I checked it wasn’t a small price to disable that ability for god MC. It took more than what he told his servants. At least that’s the feeling I’m getting from reading it.

Maybe he is somebody who can hang with God MC…my one punch man MC finally has his ultimate opponent lmfao.

Me? I’m just a god for fun.




What I realised is that the story can be divided into 2 parts God Mode and rest of the powers . While the god mc has a different storyline a d the non god mcs can be merged into 1 by using if else statement in coding for the fight scenes and special interacrions (of the different powered mcs). That wau the authors work will reduce. I don’t know if the author is already doing that.

Lol there being another person that’s above god class, especially when not playing god mode is troubling. The egomaniacal side of me doesn’t like that :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat: