The Thousand Of Us (WIP)(Updated 7/3/24)(Patreon 7/3/24)

I was so excited for God Mod update but sadly I’m disappointed. The only good part was the last part that I would stand imposingly on Michael and Wolfgang but the rest of it till then…? It was exactly like I had chosen pocket dimension path, no difference.
So if you are going to add a singular path for the mod with it’s own story it should be different from other paths in every word not just when I’m interacting some scenes Else it could be easier to just max stat in any other storyline.
I expected nothing like what I read.

Only expectation I had that is fulfilled is that Michael couldn’t influence me but that could be achieved if the mod of full stats(specifically mental fortitude)was applied to any other path so now I have doubts for God mod path. Hopefully the continued story would be acceptable.
At least I advise to add a scene at divine armory and /or meeting Gaia and/or The Dark God(forgot her name) in god mod path when we are at cabin after poket dimension. at least it will make the story more different and special.


My boy you get to meet them when you use necromancy or nature when you deal with momo


Not quite sure what you’re on about. On God mode, you can literally destroy a big red, scare the crap out of everyone at your awakening, create both a pocket dimension as well as another universe, deal with Michael effortlessly and get some cool dialogue options. It is also worth noting that god mode isn’t just a stat boost like with other games. I’m sure you could probably achieve these results by modding the game, but modding doesn’t really count and most people don’t even know how to mod in the first place. With iPhones it gets even trickier.


So sorry for this, it sounds like a coding error. I’d check it out now and fix it.

Yeah, I planned softer approaches for enhanced intellect and telepathy since they are the most vulnerable among all the abilities in a one on one confrontation (not entirely the case for telepathy though), but I also love the scenario you created, I always liked reading Manhua with more tactical MC’s so I’ll look for a way to implement that in the game.

Well, you would actually meet them in all play throughs (depending on certain choices), and you can cooperate and form bonds with Bubba, Tlyra and Nya. Though when it comes to Nyrok, I’ve never really thought of a way for MC to communicate with them and not risk their life (Except GM MC I guess).

I’m sorry, what?:skull: :skull:

:joy: The shock factor was just lethal.

Necro MC would eventually master branding and essence manipulation to a degree and can even get to Elara’s level, so it would actually be lethal for the enemies who get past the undead.

Yes, god mc actually has two ways of doing this, domain expansion and Necromancy.

I’ve explained before that with higher mastery of Necromancy, you can bring anyone back as long as the body isn’t too damaged, too much time hasn’t passed since death and you have enough Core stability, stamina and health

Anime, movies and media in general are what Elara loves so much about Earth, so she is pretty devastated about the state of the Earth right now.

I’m honestly sorry it didn’t meet up to your expectations and I’m happy you voiced out your frustrations so I know where to do better, I’d try to add even more unique content to improve god mode in the future.


That is exactly why I’m saying these. If that is the goal to make it a path it should be a completely different path. I think in this game the only path that is really on it’s own story is the time manipulation path. Yes other powers have their own unique dialogs or special scenes but none are as good and unique as time manipulation. And God Mod should be even better that story line because it suppose to be the best of best powers. Even in the story it is mentioned that you are a powerful and worthy opponent of purple guy if you are time traveler or even better a god. So it’s obvious not as special and unique as it should be. Dissipating the big red or handling Michael could be possible if the author wrote the stats checks correctly that it checks at every scene and a mod like any other game that maximize your stat to make the best check. But as you say it is a story on it’s own so it’s not supposed to be as same level as any other mod it should have a good exemplar story that is worthy of a powerful character like god mod.
I really felt he rushed in writing this chapter.

I don’t say I don’t like it. I loved it till the end of prologue but for the first chapter that was released recently I was disappointed because it wasn’t as much good. I think it should at least be the same level of worth as prologue (it needs to get better till the last chapter of story not lower than the first) but it wasn’t same or better.
And don’t forget it’s in early stages if I didn’t voice this now how the lovely author could get better in his fascinating story?

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Thank you for answering all of my questions all what I need right now is the reaction of Elara finding out the god MC or the domain expansion MC created another earth in their domain the humans have reached anime movies and TV show production how will she react and also can she enter our pocket domain without any invitation or she can’t unless we allow her to enter


Oh I forgot to say this but I think the story isn’t focusing on other characters (specialy ROs) and it is really rushed to write specialy in the GM path or when we are not going on the path that Murphy is alive. How am I saying this? Because we are only seeing Olivia once and it’s when she is testing our power at the start of story unless we are at pocket dimension path and she is teaching us domain.
We are interacting Eve when we killed Murphy.
The telepath girl is only on time manipulation path and I think one of the reasons that path is the most choice impactful is that, among others. We only talk with Dexter in jungle.
And Murphy himself is only important in necromancer path.
Even less interactions in GM path.
So I mean I know it’s not really long in story but I think it should be more interaction scenes with other characters specialy ROs before the wolfgang and Michael scenes, like before we walk out of camp to be in jungle?
if that’s not possible to add anything before that event it should be after we get back to camp with Dexter. Because it’s not really possible to live in a surviving camp without any interacting to others that are alot of people you are seeing all the time and live among them. A human can only step away from people to get together his mind for one day not more specialy in this setting.
I hope I’m not coming and commenting like a hater or a destructive complaining. I really like your game it’s idea and powers and I’m just trying to help and suggest ways to make this story perfect as it is worthy.

Edit: I just played density and speed.
I should say I again felt like I’m Flash. Very cool story.
Good that there is a lot of new information of the purple guy(pryon) and what is the story and when we will fight him.
Only one question:
Is monarchs same as the unthings?

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So basically God MC has become a genie. Could the person revived say what happened on the other side or it is impossible?


I hope superior human is next thats my favorite and i been waiting patiently for it. Can it give off like a beast like aura /presnce?? Like mc gets cat/snake like eyes and slightly more pointed ears and sharp k9 fangs. Just curious

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Honestly a scene for God mode mc reviving someone else or even a large group of people would be pretty epic just more evidence of them being “Devine” in the eyes of other, maybe something like reincarnated as a slime when rimuru brought the towns people back to life.

Another thing about the story maybe a little bit more time in camp wouldn’t hurt, just you know to get to know the characters a bit more we honestly have no reason to intervene on dexters behalf (I mean I still did but I’m playing a merciful god) unless we’re going to have a lot more time to get to know everyone after this little scuffle.

And little question for different routes does our ear get regrown and wounds get healed? Just checking.


personally don’t think the animal theme would fit to a superior human


How wouldn’t it exactly??

when u hear superior human, the first thought u have is something like superman omniman even though they aren’t human. the animal theme would fit more to a beast boy like power


Exactly :100:


Thats where your wrong because at our core we’re animals. And if not for our minds we’d be at the near the bottom of the food chain. A superior human is basically the combination of the animal kingdom. This is a world where you literally can pull divine treasures from another world, go from common necromancer to the god of death is seconds, have another dimension, control time and literally be god of all but superior human having animalistic traits/ aura is where the line is drawn?? We are mutants like xmen. So a superior human can easly be sabortooth and wolverine and battle beast from invincible because they easily fall into that category. Just like basically every other mutant human. I was just giving a suggestion to have 2 separate paths like an option to choose the more human look or a more primal. Giving more uniqueness to this power like how your not a basic elemental you control all the elements and a direct connection to Gaia and how necromancer is actually the god of death.

was just giving my opinion don’t want to start an argument.


No argument lol just giving mine also

Are Elara, Gaia, and the sentient weapons gonna have a role/impact in the story?

The interactions with the MC were minimal but they all left an impression. I guess what I’m try to say is, will they commentate on things the MC does? The idea of God MC just ditching the starting group to go on an adventure with the multiple voices in his head sounds appealing ngl.

Or say for example god MC uses both necromancy and elemental manipulation equally. Would Gaia and Elara have opposing opinions on what MC does considering their respective domains?

TLDR this all just my attempt to subtly ask if the sentient characters related to specific powers are gonna be ROs

Or in Divine Arsenals case a very weird and large harem


Are you talking about the ‘GONE’ series?

Human RO: MC how about we go on a date then afterwards we can go back to your room and see where the night takes us?

Divine Arsenal MC: No thanks I already made plans now if you’ll excuse me I have to go and polish my sword.