The Thousand Of Us (WIP)(Updated 7/3/24)(Patreon 7/3/24)

Name: The Thousand Of Us

Genre: Superpowers/Post-Apocalyptic/ Sci-fi

Story plot:

Your story begins at what everyone largely saw as the end of the world. There was a bright flash that illuminated the night sky so brightly, it was identical to day as thousands of missiles in a last-ditch effort to save mankind collided with a ginormous asteroid entering our atmosphere.

You wake up two years later and find out that the crisis was averted, but a new crisis of similar proportions was created. The asteroid was carrying a never before seen element, mixed with the radiation that bathed the earth. It created a chain of genetic mutations that wiped out nearly the entire population of the planet and put every other living being in hibernation for two years.

For starters all adults are dead, only a thousand people 18 years of age and below around the globe survived, and the thousand of you that survived, wake up to discover that you each now have unique powers. The only problem is that you’re not the only ones that same phenomenon gave powers, also mutated every other living organism on the planet to varying degrees and they were also in hibernation for as long as you are, so they have about 2 years worth of hunger to satiate.

Would you focus on Survival and Rebuilding? or would you try to Unite or Conquer other groups of teenagers to form a more powerful force against the threats you face? Would you try to Find a Cure or Solution by striving to find a way to reverse the mutations in animals and restore the planet to its former state? or would you struggle in Navigating Moral Choices? You could Uncover Hidden Powers or struggle to Establish a Safe Haven for you and your group.


  • You can select one out of a long list of abilities, ranging from just flight to insane regenerative abilities to even earth-shaking strength or even necromancy.

  • Struggle to stay alive as you do not just have to watch out for mutated plants, animals, and even crazy weather conditions, but also have to watch out for other humans who seek to conquer and lead the rest of the survivors with their terrifying abilities.

  • You get to choose your MC’s demeanour and how you react to situations. You can be cold and calculative or you could be shy and reserved.

  • Most involved characters are up to 18 & older including the MC.

  • Hidden pathways will be made available based on certain choices made within the book that will reveal new endings and shape the LIs future just try to explore this new world.

  • There might be some explicit scenes but if there are you’ll have the option to fade to black. Mild gore might be unavoidable and there would definitely (depending on your choices though) be death scenes.

Romantic Interest:

  • I’m gonna try to make this relatable so no definite number yet but nearly every person you encounter, depending on your interaction and relationship with them can be romanced by your MC.

  • MC can romance male/female/non-binary characters.

  • I would also create LIs that exist outside of the MC to showcase that the MC’s involvement in their life created a change within them.

  • Polyamory possible.

Current Word count: 129,440 (without code) and 710,355 (with code)

:sweat_smile: Code is pretty beefed up because I want to branch this out as much as possible so you have the liberty to make whatever choice you desire and live with the consequences.


Note that some might not even be found in a single playthrough.


Name: Eve

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Description: Average height, Olive skin, silver braided long hair and violet eyes. She has an hourglass build.

Powers: Can control plant life.

Demeanour: Sweet to the touch and cares for people but also at times can get rash when she’s letting out her pent up frustrations she’s been keeping to herself.
She is also very decisive and would swiftly put down any one that could endanger her life or other’s.

Motivation: Finding a Cure or Solution


Name: Dexter

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Description: Tall, Fair skin, brown curly hair and hazel eyes. He has a muscular build.

Powers: He can morph his body by turning his skin and bones into a metal alloy that’s stronger than steel.

Demeanour: He has an alpha attitude and hates being disagreed with, Despite his easily irritable attitude, he is an expert at the crowd control and exudes authority. The only person he really cares for and would even act against her will to ensure her safety is Olivia, his twin sister.

Motivation: The survival of him and his sister.


Name: Olivia

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Description: Average height, Fair skin, brown kinky long hair and hazel eyes. She has an athletic build.

Powers: She is a very powerful Technopath.

Demeanour: She has a fun seeking attitude and although she loves her brother, she hates his attitude and usually only hangs out with people capable of going against her brother. She doesn’t look like it, but she’s extremely smart, especially because of her live feed of info from the satellites still working in orbit.

Motivation: Exploration.


Name: Riley

Gender: Non-Binary

Age: 19

Description: Average height, porcelain skin, jet black short kinky hair and piercing blue eyes. They have an athletic build.

Powers: Shape-shifting, and they can, to an extent maintain some abilities of whatever or whoever they shape-shift to.

Demeanour: They are cunning and seductive, no matter who it is, it’s hard to not give into their charms. Most people would believe that their power is seduction if they didn’t already know that they were a shape-shifter.
They aren’t so keen on relationships and usually prefer having flings and one night stands to being pinned down by one partner.

Motivation: Just trying to live life in the moment.


Name: Joana

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Description: Tall, Beige skin, medium length brown wavy hair and amber eyes. She has a muscle toned body.

Powers: Super enhanced physique.

Demeanour: She has an alpha attitude that most times puts her at odds with Dexter.
You could say she’s basically like female Dexter, except for the fact that she cares more for others in general and genuinely strives to be a good leader for the people around her.

Motivation: The survival of the group.


Name: Ron

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Description: Average height, light skin, he has medium length brown straight hair that he usually always covers with a beanie and brown eyes. He has a lean build.

Powers: Teleportation. He can teleport both himself and others, but the more people he teleports, the more he burns up his stamina.

Demeanour: He and Hector are always up for a prank.
Despite the fact that he also can’t resist an opportunity to tell a bad joke, his technological suave is nothing to scoff at.

Motivation: He sees Hector as a brother and would lose his life to protect him.


Name: Murphy

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Description: Average height, light skin, medium length wavy auburn hair and brown eyes. He has an athletic build.

Powers: Pyrokinesis.

Demeanour: Very aggressive and short tempered, he is very likely to hold a grudge for whatever you do or say to him.

Motivation: Survival.


Name: River

Gender: Intersex (wants to be addressed with female pronouns)

Age: 19

Description: Below average height, light skin, buzz cut white hair and silver eyes. she has a curvy build.

Powers: Sleep Induction. She can forcefully induce sleep in any living being and she can also step into and control an individuals dream. As long as she has the energy to, she could make someone sleep forever.

Demeanour: She has a care free spirit and hates being told what to do, she’s also pretty reserved as she feels not everyone can understand her. Despite her ability to induce sleep, she can hardly sleep because of the nightmares she keeps getting from when she used to get abused by her uncle.

Motivation: Survival.


Name: Peyton

Gender: Non-Binary

Age: 18

Description: short, light skin, short brown hair and brown eyes. He has an athletic build and numerous tattoos.

Powers: Enhanced Senses.

Demeanour: They are usually brooding and hard to approach,
and they are an expert at survival and hand to hand combat.

Motivation: Survival.


Name: Darren

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Description: Tall, Dark skin, shaved head and black eyes. He has an athletic build.

Powers: Elasticity.

Demeanour: He is the life of any party, and is one hell of a dare devil.

Motivation: If he could save just one more life, anything is worth it.


Name: Adam

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Description: Average height, light skin, short black wavy hair and grey eyes. He has a lean build.

Powers: Motion control, to a Quantum level when being amped and a sub-atomic level without any amplifier.

Demeanour: Charismatic enough that people just can’t help but listen to him, he has a remarkable mind and is known for being highly intelligent.

Motivation: Uncovering the depth of his abilities.


Name: Alexis

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Description: Short, Porcelain skin, platinum long straight hair and Heterochromia eyes
with one eye silver and another golden. Her eyes always seem to glow faintly with
power. She has an hourglass build.

Powers: Omniscience and Immortality.

Demeanour: She has a perpetually calm and serene attitude and doesn’t find much joy in life.

Motivation: Nothing.


Name: Avery

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Description: Average height, pale skin, black short hair and green eyes. She has a Chubby build and she’s very busty.

Powers: Frequency manipulation.

Demeanour: Extremely playful and hardly takes anything including fights seriously, she generally has the mindset that nothing in the world can endanger her and has the power to keep that mindset up.

Motivation: Finding someone that would truly understand her.

Updates would come in a format of 100k words per update and patrons get +30k word access ahead of the general public.

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Any and all feedback and suggestions would be appreciated.

And also, I would really appreciate if you could take some time to screenshot your final stats after the Demo. It’ll really guide me in the next updates.

Oh and if your good in art, you can help me in making the Cover of this game, just head to my Tumblr with whatever you have. Thank you :smile:


I absolutely love the description of this wip it sounds so absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to see how this develops! It’s so cool that people can come up with such wildly cool ideas! I’ll be lurking and seeing how you progress! Good luck


Thanks a lot. I’ll try to keep the storyline flowing as much as the branches and also try to update at the very least every two weeks, so hopefully it doesn’t disappoint.


Nah mate take all the time you need to make this vision come true it seems so cool and I’m about to read the demo


Yeah. I wasn’t really planning on rushing it cause then I might end up losing sight of what I wanted this work to turn out as.
Oh and I’ll really appreciate any feedback or suggestions for when you finally read the demo.


I’ll do my best mate not really something I usually do but might as well give it a go


Did find this


Interesting concept so far. Can’t wait to be a Superpowered Mad Max Warlord!


the demo was great I really like the Divine Arsenal power it reminds me of gate of Babylon from fate. I can’t wait to see more keep up the fantastic work.


I always feel anxious when a new WIP that includes “choosing your powers” gets released. I’ve yet to see one get finished but i hope this one manages. I like it so far


This sounds really neat! I’m adding your demo to my list of things to play. :slight_smile:

And because I’m a nerd, if anyone is interested in real life planetary defense, here’s a good resource from the Planetary Society!


Interesting WIP. ill definitely keep an eye to this. Albeit it was short, it was a great experience.


Alrighty so I have played the demo and I have to say that so far from what you’ve put in it, it is super good!

I went through and read through all the power paths and even though some are impossible and some are just rare it doesn’t really feel like you’re any less of a super powered person which is a huge plus. In terms of things like spelling mistakes I didn’t really find any but that could just be because of my lack of spelling knowledge. Other than the error with the saving of the game everything else seemed good

Hopefully this helps a bit mate the game seems great so far


A fresh and quite ingenious concept on the theme of superpowers and the plots that include dystopian worlds, quite an original plot, I loved it, I will definitely support this project, your idea is creative and fascinating and I definitely think that one day it will be a great story when It’s done, good job, sigue asi, en serio me encanto. :slightly_smiling_face: Now, without wanting to sound impatient, how often will there be updates to the demo? one a month? :thinking:


Well that was refreshing to read. Necromancer all the way


Can’t wait to read more of this and can’t wait to see more of the powers


Can someone describes all the powers and the way how your MC can use and improve on them? Edit: Well, I just saw a little of necromancy just now so I gotta say… Read a little too much of Solo Leveling? Not that I mind it. If anything, I like it somewhat.


I saw conquer and necromancy I’m too tired to read this but I already love it!!!


Being able to be a speedster is awesome I am definitly going to follow the updates


Can you add save system?