The Thousand Of Us (WIP)(Updated 4/7/24)(Patreon Updated 4/7/24)

I feel crazy, didn’t this game have an option for crazy regeneration powers? Am I just missing it? Was it a different game?

edit: I just checked, this game did it. It was super neat, is there any chance of it returning?


I’d like to start by apologizing for the hold up, we’ve been experiencing a black out, and since my PC is where I do all the typing I haven’t been able to right a word in weeks.

But thankfully power came back last night so I’ve just released the formerly patreon only update as I work on more updates.

Not really. They’re entirely different, they’re sent by Pryon.

They can’t really say what happened at the other side, because when gm mc brands them to bring them back their memory of the abyss, or the threshold is all gone.

Sorry but I’d like to go with @Swordnoob on this. What I envisioned for the super human route was more of superman/omniman, but what you’re talking about falls more inline with how I envisioned a beast boy type route.

sorry about that, I think this should be fixed by now.

:sweat_smile: I seriously don’t know how I ended up removing it, but it was definitely an accident.

I just restored it now. Thanks, if you didn’t notify me I’d probably have never known it was gone.


Also, I’ve seen all the comments saying no more powers, and I fully agree.

What I’m doing with power suggestions like the one on the poll is noting them down for potential dlc’s. The stress of going all the way back I experienced with the addition of the Superhuman route taught me to act within limits.


Omg one week blackout? How is that possible? It’s like your game is coming back at you😂

And could you say what is the update exactly? I don’t remember what was the patreon exclusive last time


Where is the Patreon only update? Because it ends exactly where it ended the last time


:joy:I guess you could say that.

Oh, I forgot to mention it. The last patreon exclusive was: Superhuman route and Elara Side story.


Where it is? How can i read it i played the necromancer but there wasn’t anything new
Edit: oh it was actually in stats I found


:sweat_smile:Sorry, I just keep leaving information out.

Side stories would be accessible from stat screen. Also, whatever end choices you make in a side story can tie in and change an outcome in the main storyline.

spoiler: An example is the choice you make at the end of Elara’s storyline on what to do with Anna.


will reincarnation bring her as a villain in main story forexample?

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Yo dude currently which path power as more story content now :thinking:

Spoiler: This is actually spot on. She isn’t exactly a villain, she is a part of the survivors, but she harbors so much hatred for Elara and the title of the brand bearer that in the necromancy and god mode routes you might as well call her a villain.
All this though, is only if you choose to send her back into the cycle of reincarnation when playing as Elara in her side story. Other choices have different outcomes.

If you mean which ones got updated, I said it was the Super Human route and Elara side story that got additions.


Yup I’m genius
I’m curious for other outcomes


What i meant is like i played the demo some time ago there was god mode but it ended fast , but tired some other path which had some content than the god mode path, like which power path has more story content and words :thinking:, or is it like all power path has same content and there’s not anything additional

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What route got latest update?!?

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superhuman route(patreon exclusive)

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I don’t know how long ago you played the god mode, but it might’ve been before it got an update, and as for which power route has the most content, I guess that might be Divine arsenal, but I’m not too sure seeing as I don’t really calculate the length difference.

The super human route and Elara side story that were already released for patreon in the past are the ones that got updated publicly.

It’s no longer patreon exclusive, the patreon and public updates are caught up.


How to get Elara side story

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You can access it through the stats screen.


lmao, glad to see it back


This sounds like Eskom to me :joy::joy: are you sure you not from SA because then we can share our pain of load-shedding. :smiling_imp::rofl:
Anyway there is no rush for updates we know you have a lot on your plate with all the variety provided. But otherwise keep up the great work, and watch out for burn out. :kissing_heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: