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does Darren have Toon Force :pleading_face:

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His power is basically stretching.

But since he uses it like this

I can definitely see why you’d think that.
He might as well have Toon Force though since I can only see an mc with time manipulation/necromancy/density control/pocket dimension winning a straight up fight with him.(I excluded God mode because 99% of encounters the mc will end with the opposition being wiped out at best and sent to a hellish pocket dimension at worst)


Since you mention this part, I can also say that it reminded me of Men in Black 2, especially the introduction of that movie’s villain.

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@Ivan_WM I know it’s a bit late to suggest this but how about another Fate inspired power…to be exact…an MC who wakes up and then gets branded with the Command Seals which gives them the ability to summon heroes…I know y’all might say it collides with the D.A or Necromancy but here’s a short description…the MC is marked with up to 5 or 10 seals which allow to summon 5 or 10 heroes to fight for them but the catch is that each seal is unlocked upon reaching a certain level of C.S and unless there C.S is high enough, they can only summon one hero at level 1-10 C.S and all of them at once at level 50 and above…in addition the heroes grow with the MC meaning the higher the C.S…the stronger the hero is…just a suggestion that came from binge watching Fate last night.:slightly_smiling_face::joy:


WiTh ThIs TrEaSuRe, I sUmMoN :skull:


I think maybe an ability based on mahoragas adaption would be super cool maybe as a dlc or something


I am agree.

The story already has too many powers that the author and programmer have to manage for their story. And if more powers continue to be added, the story may take longer and at the same time be more complicated for the creator to continue adapting the different uses and subplots to the main plot that he had in mind.


Nahh adaption would be crazy

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A good example would be doomsday from dc, he’s adapted to the point that superman can’t just beat him with raw strength anymore.

Honestly if you don’t destroy a person with adaptation immediately they will eventually (depending on the power of the ability) become near unstoppable. And this is just assuming survival adaptation, imagine full adaptation against anything negative happening to the body.

Your body is tired from exercise well just adapt to produce less chemicals that cause muscle fatigue. Your skin got burned well let’s heal it and make you resist getting hurt up to that temperature again. Heck after a certain point even a medical check up becomes impossible because you would adapt to getting poked with a needle.

Honestly you could just let people go ham on you until you become unstoppable.

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I had to try the demo just off the premise alone. I gotta say im definitely looking forward to your book in a couple years haha. Only thing i noticed,is when i tried to do the super human route it was buggy. Like when i was trying to input the exp,it would constantly load after i was done and wouldnt load the rest of the story.

Which form of adaption do you prefer or do you think would fit best into the story?
  • Mahoraga (jujutsu kaisen)
  • Darwin (X-men)
  • Doomsday(Dc)
  • Other
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I don’t know what you mean…

What exactly confuses you?

What do you mean by adaption, in this context?

No more powers!!!


agree ~


Haha, last time i played God mode wasnt there. But it is a BLAST just having the option. And it having its own unique dialogs.

Also, i see people saying no more powers. I half agree with this. You do have a good amount currently, and a good varitation. I would finish with what you have, and then if you wanna add more i’d do a DLC or something.


I honesty was gone ask for a vampire lord/King power set but realistically… no more powers because the story is not progressing when you have to constantly provide more content for the new sets lol great game though I personally love playing as the Ultra Powerhouse so god-mode!:green_heart:


man divine arsenal is so fucking dope

i cant be shiro but at least i can settle for gilga


Well is not that shiro can’t use divine weapons, he just does not know them and if he suddenly use one as a try, it will harm and kill him, like saber excalibur is a divine weapon and shiro knows how to use it due to kiritsugu putting the scabber for excalibur in him when he was a kid, and the other time he used a divine weapon that belong to hercules was a complete torture on his body, the anime only reveal a little while the visual novel goes deep into how painful the experience for wielding hercules weapon during that fight against hercules the only reason he survived using it was archers arm that is attached to him