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why didnt our god mc use his bambo jambo power to locate his sis?



Where was this posted? And what was the question/suggestion they agreed with?

here’s the full post for you and anybody else who’s curious.


Thank you. It was a good read. They had some awesome suggestions. I hope they become implemented.

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Everyone, and author of course. Would it be a deviation from the target audience’s wishes to invest in “softer” means for the MC to deal with their life-threatening situation? Like diplomacy or subterfuge? Below is a lengthy example. :nerd_face:

If your MC is a telepath, allow Joana to take your powers at face value. Trick Murphy into thinking he killed you, implant the false memory of him leaving no trace of a killing in your room so as to not incriminate himself, and while still under your illusion, subtly influence him to give in to an introspective mood about the reasons he decided to execute you.

This will lead you to Dexter. Learn enough about Dexter’s character through him, piece together Dexter’s character through the intel handled to you through the story, and subtly facilitate for Murphy the mood to think about what Dexter’s confided only to him and the means each other share to communicate privately.

Wait for him to get close enough to a mind that resonates with Dexter’s character. Influence Murphy to act more closed off than usual by leveraging his misanthropic and if existing, secretive tendencies using what his thoughts makes him feel and detach, use the information extracted to engineer a Murphy-like plan to overthrow Dexter using a vague someone as a disposable pawn for Dexter to think it is you.

Beg to someone to harbor you in their room like the miserable metabolic refuse you are, if feasible, make Murphy write a simplified version of the plan to hide it in his room and make him forget about it; don’t let yourself be found by Murphy, Dexter, or anyone who may tell them about your aliveness except Olivia; fearfully trust her not to tell her brother about you, because if she does you’re going to shart metaphorical ice-cycles, bond with her over that, well if anyone finds out, make sure that te information reaches Dexter, but not Murphy.

Mentally search for what you’ve previously identified as Dexter’s mind, subtly influence him to question Murphy’s closed off behavior while leading him to where Murphy’s hid the plan, Olivia, or any evidence you may have left that proves that you’re still alive, allow for his distrustful and controlling tendencies to flow freely. What if Murphy is tempted by the idea of overpowering him? All he needs to do is let MC live under his protection and threaten them through death to comply with his rebellious plans to ambush his unknowing master, with the promise of allowing them to be his second hand, feeling that may be encouraged once he founds out about you through the secondary source you’re unconsciously guiding him towards.

With that information in mind, once you feel Dexter is getting close to Murphy again, let him allow himself to feel righteous anger about the lie, then switch to Murphy and influence him to defend what his memory tells him to be true, rest, and wait until an unknown variable exposes you—probably someone smarter or someone omniscient (Alexis), cry and cling pathetically to Olivia or deny everyrthing if plausible. The End. Would anyone change the plan to increase (or decrease) the odds of survival?


MC fakes death using telepathy and manipulates Murphy.
MC gathers intel about Dexter through Murphy and influences him.
MC’s survival hinges on manipulating both Murphy and Dexter.
Trusting Olivia is a gamble, and there are many chances for the plan to go wrong.




Is the following block of fragmented text more legible? :clown_face:

The end goal is to misdirect the “aggression” from you to the “aggressors”, for that you craft a physically and mentally believable scene in which both targets count with differing information to argue about without leaving any obvious trails of your involvement, in such a way that when pushes comes to shoves the others, particularly the ones that the targets care about, don’t have evidence as to not believe the shoves are coming your way because of what it’s known about the targets inherent ruthlessness, for that a modified version:

MC fakes death and “manipulates” Murphy.
MC gathers intel about Dexter through Murphy.
MC’s survival hinges on “manipulating” both targets.
The overthrowing letter in Murphy’s room shouldn’t contain names on it, and should look like a mix between someone trying to pass as Murphy or Murphy himself.
MC’s uses an alternative hideout (probably thanks to someone else who will expose them, preferably to Dexter or Olivia sooner or later).

Dexter knows through indirect or direct (if MC can’t hide) means about MC being still alive before Murphy does.
MC hides and let them sort it out, while subtly prodding their natural aggressive inclinations.
MC feigns ignorance and ask if there are no other possible explanations about what happened that do not end in antagonisms (because maybe they will not turn against MC if MC acts nice?)

Once everything is in the open, deny everything leveraging on what they do, don’t, and can’t know: Likely rationalization: Telepathy triggered in automatic self-defense, leaves both, the user and the target confused, the user reports seem to adscribe to an amnesiac episode post-power-overuse with lingering gut feelings of apprehension towards Murphy.

And if everything goes wrong, well, that may be fun to see, otherwise, just ignoring, forgiving them or going the diplomatic way may be less expensive. But seriously, if someone comes with another plan, I’m pretty sure the crowd would be interested in reading it, not that I speak for the crowd.

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God mode is just perfection hands its is just so damn funny




I like literally none of these characters. Everybody is so obviously manipulating the player for their own gains and generally passive aggressive on top of it all, that it’s genuinely a relief to play as a God who literally could not give any less of a crap about their disintegrating survival, whilst being too OP to even do a single thing to my asshole MC lol. She legit just came in, blew away a Big Red and said “I’m on my own side, you kill yourselves” and they can do nothing lmao. Honestly? I’m feeling sorry for them a little.

God!MC really is the Big Bad introduced four seasons in that makes the other antagonists look like chumps.


@Ivan_WM I do not want to kill the sermons like Nyrok Tlyra Bubba Nya and also can we meet them in the future with other playthroughs and tame them without killing them and I’m pretty sure Bubba will bow in front of the god MC the moment they feel their power and I’m not sure about Nyrok but I hope he will do the same as bubba

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is the sis a romance option?


Bruh…no she isn’t and i don’t think she ever will be.





:joy: i got my laugh by these reactions

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Nah you weird