The Thousand Of Us (WIP)(Updated@37,247 words)(82K words patreon)

If that is possible it would be rare considering the new rules in place for the world cos nearly any living thing has a mutation now. If someone didn’t their chances of survival are low now the world is more dangerous


@ Christopher_Bull answered this correctly, It’s almost impossible to get born without a power due to your parents mutation.
It almost like being born without a head in our world. Having powers is just natural there.


So really really gotta bring this up cause i nay be wrong but isnt that like an actual thing that can happen? A genetic throw back type thing


I really like the premise and the powers at our disposal, but it’s a bit confusing to read because of the amount of people talking in the same paragraph.

A bit more of a nitpick is the constant change in perspective. We’re barely into the story and there have already been 2 instances, all with the narration acting as if we know who everyone is.

Easily resolvable issues, especially this early on, and the core of it has great potential.


Imo, you could use the change of perspective when Mc/someone else does something grand. It would highlight their power


No doubt, but for it to be effective it should be used sparingly, at least in my view.

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This is possible, but that child would have quite a low chance of survival in this world.

I’ll apologise for that. Although I usually write screenplays, this is my first choicescript game, in a screenplay layout the reader always knows who is speaking and I’ve been trying my best to make this work easy to read. I’ll keep improving the readability.
Thanks for the feedback.

As for the perspective changes, I try to use it only when I think it might be necessary for the reader to understand fully what is happening.


I crunched the numbers. 15.8770823% of the total word count ISN’T code.


I just started watching Fate, and elemental mc is really giving off enkidu vibes


Btw had a question concerning the powers, specifically on Enhanced Physique and also how will core stability play in practise.
I’ve checked Tumblr, and in responding one question, you said that this power (with high enough core stability) can surpass Omni-man levels of strength and endurance. So my question is: Since Joana has the same power as the MC, could she reach the same level as the MC, later on? Even tho i doubt that there’s just average people that casually have the power to desinegrate mountains lol Or is the MC an anomaly?
Another question is how will the core stability work exactly? I understand that the higher it is, the more powerfull said power becomes, but how will that work story wise? If you have a ridiculous amount of CS, will the enemy react to it? Will the time spent using said power increase without side effects? Will it allow for more options, since you’re mastering your power, and therefore can more effectively use it?


She could eventually get strong as hell, but not to the level of the MC, there’s only one thing that can bring her up to MC’s level but saying what (or who) it is now would be a Major spoiler.

I’ve had this question both here and on tumblr before, and to answer it in a short and simple answer: Yes

They can’t exactly tell how high your core stability is, only people with powers like enhanced senses or people like Olivia and Ron that build a device to read core stability
can know how high someone else’s CS is.

The only other way your enemy could find out it’s so high is when you begin spamming certain attacks or using huge moves that are meant to be sure to drain your energy or even give you a backlash, but you just remain unfazed.

Yes and Yes, currently the CS rate percentage for reduction of energy spent on using your power regardless of the scale is: 1 CS = -5% (Energy spent on using your power).

To give a better illustration, someone with 20 CS would be able to use their powers indefinitely without spending any energy.

:smile:But don’t worry, this is just an illustration, the higher your core stability is, the harder it’ll be to upgrade it, I fully intend to make any MC aiming to get 20 CS go through hell, for the sake of side characters and the rest of the world.


Divine Armament mc gives me

Just Without the arrogance


Okay initially this update was supposed to be at least 150k words based on how much I have already written, but having to keep up with quite a lot in my day-to-day life didn’t allow me to put most of what I’ve written into code.

I’m confident though that I should be able to have it all in code by the end of the week for one of my biggest updates.

This update is for all the power routes but goes deeper for the divine arsenal route, the 150k update coming by Saturday would further expand the Time Manipulation and Pocket Dimension routes (mainly).

I plan on making this a patron-only update, then I’ll release it in two days, but the 150K update on Saturday will stay a patron-only update until my next Update which would be anytime from two to three weeks.

Thank you all for your patience, and as always all feedback and suggestions are highly appreciated. Oh and a special thanks to @A_Fan , bro had a huge impact on the updates with his suggestions.

Word count: 81,679(without code) 492,008 (with code)