The Thousand Of Us (WIP)(Updated@234k words)(Patreon update@247k words)

I second the need for a save system. I’m only getting started, but I’m not sure how long this demo is. I’ll just feel more comfortable if such a system existed for the sake of playtesting.


Yeah it’s supposed to say that cause I haven’t added a save plug yet.
I mostly intend to add one in the next update cause the game would be longer then.


Love this already and I have questions what is top gun means? I’m not an English speaker so I know nothing about this.

Are you gonna add another superpower? And I also wish for save point, it really help during long session of reading.


:sweat_smile: I would be lying if I said I didn’t get any inspiration from the gate of Babylon.

Don’t worry, I’m not someone that tends to abandon a project that I’ve already envisioned entirely and got a lot of inspiration for, hell if people didn’t like the game I still planned to complete it so my younger sibling could play (they really love IF games) but honestly all the positive feedback gives me a real mental boost. Thanks.

I would try update at least every two weeks, either major or minor.


Top gun means the most important or powerful person in a particular sphere, which in this topic means that you were the most influential person in high school.


:joy: Yes. Yes I did read a little too much solo levelling.


I’m adding one already in the next update when the game would be longer.


Oh no, the world in the hands of teenagers. Disaster.


Will you be adding saves?

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Coming in the next update.


I’ve read the power page on the stats page and was wondering since our power is considered core ability will the mc be able to have more ability or just one power? Also will there be a cheat menu to get all the powers or rise the normal stats?


:joy: I consider myself a believer of the saying that all choicescript games need to have a cheat menu. Although I don’t plan to put it in the next update, I am already working on a god mode that would be included in a future update.

The equation is simply: MC with every power in the game + Absurd core stability = Stupidly overpowered MC.


question can we suggest powers or are those set in stone? becouse i think a siren song type powerset might be cool it may sound dumb i know

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Very interesting so far. I can’t wait to see more and very interested in seeing were the story will go.


It doesn’t sound like a dumb power at all and It’s ok to suggest powers. As I said earlier, I am also looking for suggestions, so power suggestions are are accepted, but would take a while before I start implementing them in future updates as I want to first of all go a long way and stay focused on the twelve powers already in the game, before I start adding more.


I couldn’t not pick divine arsenal the second I saw it.


Hey just had my first play through of the demo I’ll probably go back and play with every power and different personalities but so far it’s hearing up to be one of the greats. However I have a question for someone who has Regeneration and intelligence could you down the line maybe make them capable of activating adrenaline in their body or have someone make sort kind of adrenaline activating drug to where their physical stats gets boosted for a bit and their body just heals their damaged muscles after it wears off basically something like OFA just not as crazily stupid overpowered.

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There’s nothing quite as fascinating as a superpower game combined with god mode. This game and unsupervised are currently the two games I’m looking forward to the most.


:relieved: Now this right here? This is the shit. One of the reasons divine arsenal had to be in this game.

Yeah something like that seems pretty neat, I guess in future I’ll give an option for you to ask Olivia if she can make something like that for you, and if she doesn’t hate you she’ll probably do it.


happy to help

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