The Synthetic Wasteland (Work Title)(WIP)



In all honesty, I probably won’t

…But that would be an awesome joke. :joy:


Fixed those, sorry it took so long.


Really enjoy the game I have a question though: what is the assimilation stat supposed to be measuring? Unless that would be a spoiler if you said.


It’s not a spoiler; It’s measuring your reputation with the robots.

This is a spoiler: That stat may be very important by the end of the current chapter


Update: Hey, everyone! The conversation with Javier has been finished and uploaded, so feel free to try it out, and the conversation with the Sage has had a lot of the core groundwork laid out, so that will probably be finished within the next few days.

As a note, since all of the companion conversations are done, if there is anything you want to ask the companions (whether in chapter 3 or chapter 4) that wan’t an option, let me know! I’d be glad to put them in.


Hi! This appeared for every option when talking to Javier


“Have you ever thought, I’d rather be a companion cube?”


Yeah, I guess I missed just enough errors for the entire conversation to be broken. My bad… :confounded:

I fixed it, just tested it about umpteen-million times to make sure. So it should be working now!


Yay! Thank you :smile:



Javier frowns, but nods accepatnce.


You nod non-commitaly. “You have a point, I guess.”


you quickly move on to your next question.["]

Remove the bracketed double quote.

"I’m from a tribe that was out to the east from here. I was found by the Resistance and brought in as a scout a few years ago.

Add a double quote at the end of the paragraph.

“Because I accidently lied and never told the truth later.”


Accidently?" You ask.


lettiing out an amused hum at the question.


“Seems that way.” He respond


You decide to take the oppurtunity to change the topic.


"I should probably be going…

Add a double quote at the end of the sentence.


Fixed all of these, thanks!

As a quick update, at the rate I’m moving, I should have the last of the conversations done by the end of the week. Sorry it’s taken so long, but it should be over with soon!


Update: Hey, everyone! The rest of the conversations are finished, so feel free to go over them whenever you have the time!


In the option: “I go speak with the sage.”

You notice doors another pair of tent flaps acting as doors

Remove the bolded word.

"But in order to help, you require information, which is why you are here. Ask what you wish to know, and I will do my best to answer.

Add a double quote at the end of the bolded word.

Not one for pleasantries, then?" He questiongs rhetoricly.


The form sitting on the cot in thi small, cramped side room


if you had known there was a Resistance agent hiding out here, it would have been better to pull them out sooner rather than later.["]

Remove the bracketed double quote.

That she was going to patch me up before sending me out oof their lands."



Hey, everyone! I have a couple updates to make real quick.

@Bugreporter I finally got around to fixing those typos, sorry it took so long!

Also, another small update has been added with a few more pages. It lays out all of the choices you should have for the chapter’s finale.

The next update to this chapter should be the last one, but it will also be somewhat large, so it might take me a little while to get it done. I’ll try and come up with some estimated due date as soon as I get a strong idea of how long this will actually take.



Seems pretty obvious. We need to fight these thing,


Those things are here to kill peope.


Try to sneak the tribe out of their home and take them to the Resistannce.


Damn, that chapter cliffhanger, I’m torn on what to do about the robots. :persevere:
Good job! :grin:


Thanks so much! I really appreciate it! :smile:

I don’t have access to a computer right now, so it’ll take me a little while until I can fix the typos, but I’ll let you know when I do.


Hey, guys, really quick update! I fixed the typos that were mentioned earlier. Also, you may need to make new save files if you have any; I retroactively added in a new variable to help keep track of something, and I don’t know if it would work with any current saves.

I also added in changes to the personality stats based on whether or not you took B3 with you in chapter 2, because that’s something that should have been there to begin with.

As far as progress goes, it’s going alright. I decided to work from the bottom up on the choices, and I’ve finished the bulk of the Abandon option (because there wasn’t much that needed to be done for it.) I’m currently working on the Diplomacy option, and I’d say it’s about 1/3 of the way to being finished.

I’ll let you know when more gets done!


Hello, everyone! Sorry for the lack of update the past while. I just wanted to report that the Abandon and Diplomacy options are both completely done, and everything else is at least halfway finished. I’ve been working on this as much as my time allows, which isn’t really as much as I’d like.

I can’t really give a firm answer about when this will be done, though. I’ve hit a few sticking points in two of the choices that have slowed me down a bit, but beyond that, I’ll keep working on it and let you know when more gets done.

Thank you again for your patience! :grinning:


Hey everyone! Sorry for the rather obscene silence here, but it’s been testing season, so I haven’t had too much time to write lately.

On top of that, for those that haven’t found the thread, I decided to take a small break from this WIP by starting up a WIP for one of the other ideas I had. Feel free to check it out if you like! However, I intend to at least finish chapter 1 for that new WIP before I jump back over to working on this most of the time.

So until that happens, this project might be a bit quiet. I’ll let you know once I start working on this again!


Hello, everyone! In an effort to keep from having this game go for months on-end without any sort of update, I took a bit of time out to test everything that I already have and make sure it all worked.

Fortunately, I only encountered a few gamebreaking errors that were quickly fixed! So I decided to upload everything that I already have.

Most of the options are either completely done or almost done, however, two of them are barely close to done at all. Those two choices have been labeled as such. (Apologies in advanced to Agility-based characters, and characters with death wishes.)

Please note that this little portion of the game can be especially lethal and/or brutal in punishing failure, so pick what you want to do wisely!

Feel free to read over it when you have the chance, and let me know what you think!