The Synthetic Wasteland (Work Title)(WIP)



Hey, everyone, finally got a real update for you! Took long enough…

The next segment is essentially just a moment to stop and talk with the members of your team, much like the introductions in chapter 3. I’m a little nervous that I’ve been spending too much time with conversations, and if I have, let me know. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy!

As a note- not everything is entirely finished. In fact, only half of the conversations are 100% done. It’s been too long since I posted an update, so I figured I’d post the first half that I have. The unfinished conversations are labeled and will not let you access them.


I don`t believe this was mentioned but will there be any ROs?


It was mentioned, yes. With my current plans, essentially, everyone with a relationship meter are potential ROs.


Even B-whatshisname??


Whistles innocently :wink:

Edit: Although I should add, I also mentioned that if I didn’t think I was capable of writing good ROs, I’'d scrap the romance all together. So whether or not anything happens is dependant on if I can actually pull off a good RO.


Update: I took a few minutes to fix some of the minor issues I said I would get around to! It only took… You know. Several months.

-Fixed the “Was there anything else” problem in chapter 2

-Shortened the first few pages a little bit. Unfortunately, all I really could do for now was lop off a few uneeded lines, so it’s still fairly long. At some point, I’ll have to rewrite the first few pages entirely, but I’m not sure how I’d go about that just yet. If you have suggestions, I’d be glad to hear them.


In the option: “I try to find a tribesman or two to talk with.”

"You got to be, you’re wearing those wierd clothes.


When talking to Jacob, under the option “Carry On”.

When I asked about it, he got a little… Agressive.


Despite what some of the people’ve been talking about, this place seems as safe as anywhere ele


Under the option: “I try to find a tribesman or two to talk with.” And “No, thanks”.

You respond non-comittaly.



I fixed all the typos, but that error seems a little odd. When I playtested it, nothing seemed to be wrong, and the code looks fine. I’m not really sure what would have caused that. Could you try again and see if it still happens?

Actually, wait, was that the last conversation you did? (All of the remaining ones being unfinished?) Because if that’s the case, then the error was probably caused because there technically isn’t a *ending anywhere yet. So it just kinda crashes when you run out of conversation options.


Yeah, that was the last conversation I had.
Whatever order I complete the conversations in, I get that error when I click on an unfinished one.


Yeah, that’s going to be a problem until I can get the rest of the conversations finished. As it stands now, there’s no good place to put the *ending command, so the game breaks once you run out of options.

I don’t plan on leaving it like that for long if I can help it. I’ve been working on finishing the rest of the conversations; I’m almost done with Jenny’s. Once all the conversations are done and an ending can be put somewhere, that problem should be fixed.


Update: Hey guys. I finished Jenny’s conversation and decided to go ahead and add it in, so that option should no longer be listed as Unfinished.

Also, I had an idea to have a little bit of fun with the stats screen. Check it out and let me know what you think! :slightly_smiling_face:


Spelling errors, when talking to Jenny.

Jenny moves and sits back down in the sppot she was in before you arrived,


I thought it might be useful to keep all the information catelogued.



Fixed them.

… (+20 Characters)


I really like the new stat screen. My only problem is : can I change the subject number to FN2187? :slight_smile:


I could change it to that if you like. Any particular reason why, though?


It’s Finn!!
From the new Star Wars trilogy, it was his “name” when he was a stormtrooper, before Poe started calling him Finn


blink blink

I’m a SW nerd and I missed that…

Flips table

I’ll change it when I get the chance, might be a little while. :smile:


Happens to the best of us


Talking to Walker when he is injured.

Not loong after, you leave as well, trying to decide what to do next.


“You don’t trust the pople that are going the extra mile to heal you?”


“That’s rediculous!”



Don’t worry, it was just a joke. You don’t have to change it unless you absolutely want

Always nice to see a fellow warsian as well