The Synthetic Wasteland (Work Title)(WIP)



Sure can, added that in. :grinning:


Spelling error found in chapter 2.

When you awoke, you slipped into your standard routine, arriving at the mess hall to get whatever breakfast the cooks could scrap together.



Question really quick, is there a way you can check two variables at the same time when you’re writing a choice?

Like, for example,

*If (var_1 true and var_2 true) #choice

Or, you know, something similar?

((Addendum: @Bugreporter sorry for missing your message, I’ll get the typo fixed soon.))


Yes, but you need another set of parenthesis.

*if ((var_1) and (var_2)) #choice

This will work, you don’t need to set = true since if you leave it like this it assumes it is true. But for false booleans you add the = false.

*if ((var_1 = false) and (var_2 = false)) #choice


Alright, thanks for the help :smile:


Update: Hey y’all! Just here for that weekly update to say that I’m still working on this. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been stuck on a scene lately, trying to get it done right but I haven’t exactly figured out what “done right” means for the scene yet, so the next update might take a bit longer. But Winter Break is coming up soon, so hopefully the extra time will let me catch up.

Either way, thanks for your patience in regards to the slowest-to-update WIP ever.


Update: So, I realized how long it’s been since I made an update, and I resolved to work on this through the night so I could release something to you guys.

Because of that, there’s a new update to the game! The update is a small one; it only really consists of the one scene I was struggling with earlier, which is just a short conversation.

However, I’m hoping to have a much larger update released soon. My hope is that I’ll have that ready by tomorrow, but if that doesn’t pan out, I’ll try to have it done by Monday or Tuesday.

Beyond that, sorry again for how long this has been taking, and I hope you enjoy the new tidbit! :grinning:


In the choice to recruit from the tribes. And to go around the patrol.
Under the options:
I slowly raise my hands, calling out, “We come in peace!”
I tell him everything about why I’m here.

But do not this your attempt to dodge me has gone unnoticed.

Replace the bolded word with ‘think’.

You have not smitted us as the Heralds do.



Fixed all of these, thanks for letting me know about them.


Spelling error, when recruiting from the tribes.

Maybe you should be less agressive next time.


The man responds, a non-comittal nod joining his non-comittal words.



The man scowls at you, but he makes no agressive moves



Fixed them. +20 characters


Update: In a brilliant display of my calendar-checking skills, I said the next update would probably be out on Monday or Teusday… Despite Monday being Christmas day. :sweat_smile:

So, yeah, with the holidays coming around the corner, it might take a few days longer to get something out. I don’t have an exact date, because my estimates are a bit thrown out of whack, but I’ll get it done as soon as I can.

Also, Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays everyone. :fireworks::christmas_tree::fireworks:


Hey guys, quick update here. Just wanted to mention that I haven’t been working on this much, and I likely won’t for the rest of this week. Instead, I’ve been working on something related to this that I kind of want to keep a surprise, for now.

I’m expecting this little tangent to be done by next week. Then I’ll show it off a little, and get back to work on the actual WIP.


Really interesting so far. How is the development going? And i cant help but wonder what would that surprise be?


I’m glad you’re finding it interesting! Unfortunately, progress is likely going to remain static for a bit longer. I’m getting my wisdom teeth out soon, and from what I can tell, that will leave me out of commission from between a few days to a week, give or take. I plan on wrapping up the side thing during that time (it’s soooo close to being done), and afterwards, I should be able to jump back into this full-time. Or, as full-time as my schedule allows, anyways.

Which surprise do you mean, though? There are a couple that I have up my sleeves. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not entirely against spoiling things if you want to know, though I’d probably do it in a PM or something.


The surprise that you mentioned on your last post, i was wandering what it was.


Oh, yeah. Considering how late it is, I’ll just say it up-front; I thought it would be fun to do a sudden reveal, but this is just taking too long for that. :sweat_smile:

I’ve actually been working on cover art for this game. I’ve never really done anything artsy before, so that’s why it’s taking longer than I thought it would, but it’s turning out pretty good so far. Like I said, it’s almost done, so I’m hoping it’ll be done sometime in the upcoming week.

But my ability to estimate time is proving to be terrible lately, so I’d rather not promise anything at the moment.


Hey, guys! Sorry for being quiet for so long, I’ve been getting bogged down a bit with schoolwork and the like. I’m still not ready to show off a picture just yet, but I’m shoving that in the backburner for now and putting more focus into the actual story.

The next update will be a large one, as both an apology and to get myself back into the groove of really working on this. Thankfully I have been working on it in small bits and pieces up to now, so it’s not at 0% completion or anything. A lot of the groundwork is already done for the next update, I just need to actually finish it.

So, hopefully my next post will finally come with a new update! :sweat_smile:


it’s okay, take care of yourself first, we’re patient


Hey everyone, quick update. If you have a save that’s in chapter 3 or beyond, you should probably replay the game and make a new save- I made a couple tweaks to chapter 3 that may impact your character:

-I lowered the relationship requirement to trigger the friendship scene with B3. After some playtesting, I realized that it was a little hard to reach the original requirement without actively trying to do so.

-I added a safeguard for the laser rifle stat bonus. It used to be you had to talk to Jenny about the first rifle you can find in order to get any tangible bonus for the rifle. I’ve added a safeguard that if you go talk to the commanders without talking to Jenny about the rifle (and you actually have the rifle) you’ll still get the +15 combat bonus.

If neither of these changes apply to your save, feel free to ignore this post. :grinning: