The Synthetic Wasteland (Work Title)(WIP)



Sorry for not responding to this sooner!

Both of those are pretty good ideas, but I don’t really know how to set up a code to check if Combat is the MC’s lowest stat, so I’d either have to look into that, or go with option 2. But thanks for the ideas! :grinning:



I totally know how to do that, I set up a variable for the express purpose of doing that a long while ago, how did I forget about it…

Slaps self

Ok, I think I’ll go with the first option. I’ll get to work on it as soon as I can, the changes’ll probably be done tonight or sometime tomorrow.


The changes have been made. You should be able to have the option to keep the rifle if combat is your worst stat. (Meaning, you have to choose combat as your flaw in chapter 1, not just have the score be low.)

Thanks again for giving me the idea to make that change, I like the compromise. :grinning:


Found a bug

chaptertwo line 898: increasing indent not allowed, expected 6 was 8


I think I fixed the code, but I won’t be able to upload the fix for a few hours. I’ll let you know as soon as I can get it uploaded.

@Embrisi I think I fixed the problem, but I’m not entirely sure. The line that the error message was pointing me to seemed perfectly fine, but I noticed something wrong a few lines above it, so I’m hoping that fixed the problem. If it didn’t, please let me know.


I’m sorry to say that it still popped up.


Alright, fine then. I “fixed” what the error message said to fix, but it only looks like it broke more stuff to me…

Let me know if it works and all that. This is just weird. :expressionless:


It worked! Sorry for all this


Don’t worry about it, glad I could fix it. I have no idea why that wasn’t working in the first place, but at least it’s fixed.

Thanks for letting me know about this, and for putting up with running through it over and over to make sure it worked. :grinning:


Hey guys! I thought I’d take a moment to ask a few questions that I’ve found myself curious about (and I probably should have been asking them since the beginning.)

So I’m just gonna make a small list of questions; feel free to answer some, all, or none of them! I’m just trying to fish for your thoughts here.

  • What do you think of the story so far?
  • What are your first impressions/thoughts on the characters so far? Especially those that were introduced in chapter 3.
  • What do you think of the setting so far?

Like I said, feel free to answer some, all, or none of these. Either way, thank you for your time! :grinning:


Damn it’s a great story! I love the characters but my fave is B-whateverhisserialnumberis
He has a lot of emotions for a robot but I don’t fully trust him. It will be interesting to see what his allegiance is.


I think it’s incredibly interesting but I have questions about how much you wish the story to branch. Many side-quests can turn into a lot of content and writing.

They seem like good characters but we don’t know much about them. Our knowledge is based on the (optional) conversation scenes and we can skip over these scenes entirely. I wouldn’t suggest forcing the player to see these scenes but I guess it would be better to make it clear that yes, you could meet someone by doing these actions. The options leading to the interactions mostly seem like choices to raise the stats at this point.

The WIP so far is a very interesting one, and well-written. The pages of introduction could be broken up a little more, but so far, it’s definitely worth the read.


Whistles innocently

The story itself will probably be fairly linear, honestly. The branching chapter 4 is the only time branching of this caliber will happen, and it’s very likely that which missions you do will only change a few small things.

This is likely going to be one of those “mostly-linear-with-a-couple-branches-here-and-there-where-the-only-choice-that-really-matters-is-the-last-one” kind of deals, as ashamed as I am to admit it.

Edit: This is only partially true, come to think of it. The choices you make will have an effect on which ending you get, but the “core” ending is based off of what you do in the final choice.

That’s one of the things I’m hoping to fix with the side missions, to a small degree. Each one will have a small sub-story planted in revolving around one of the characters. Except one of course, since there’s only 3 missions, but he gets his little story later.

I didn’t think of that last part. That’s a pretty good point. I’ll mull it over and see if there’s any way I could make it a little more obvious.

Thanks for your comments. I wanted to ask these questions to see if A: there’s anything I need to change in the currently-released content, and B: to see if I need to tweak my plans for future content.


I think it’s interesting. it’s not like the usual post-apocalyptic world, with uncivilized tribes seeing the enemy as gods. I originally thought the robots aren’t sentient, but aparently they are, which is a good surprise.

B3: a strangely sympathetic robot, I view him as a friend but still wary of his motives.
Bailey: get shit’s done
Javier: I’m curious as why he hates being an agent so much
Jenny: precious tinker bell
Walker: ??? weird
Jacob: his enthusiasm makes me suspicious


Just wanted to do a brief response to your comments on the characters:

B3: I’m glad I’ve been hitting the right notes, then.
Bailey: Ditto!
Javier: That will be answered by the end of the current version of chapter 4.
Jenny: I can’t even tell if that’s a compliment or an insult. :laughing:
Walker: So far, Walker wins the award for “most likely to get a rewrite”. I know I have an idea on what I want him to be like, but I’m not sure if I’m doing it quite right…
Jacob: An interesting response.


i swear it’s a compliment. jenny seems to be the one character most compatible with my mc. she reminds me of tinker bell when she answered that she likes to tinker with anything. and also i like tinker bell :laughing:


Update: Hey guys. Quick update here. I was hoping on working on this today, but I’mm gonna have to call in sick for now. Sorry if this delays the next update. :confounded:


don’t worry. get well soon!


Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:


In chapter 3, in the option:
"I’ll spend some time in the mess hall and see if I can find any good conversation."
There are two options: one to brag about it, and one to be humble, could you add a neutral option, like just saying “thanks”.