The Sword, The Staff and The Shadows

I have no clue what I’m doing, This is my first story but I’ve been a long time reader and I thought I’d give it a go.

Constructive criticism is welcomed and if anyone has the desire to be an editor (for free, I have no money to give) message me on here or a private message

For all those that have already seen this post, my partner that helps me with writing ideas decided to take a drastic step and post this without my knowledge. I am starting a story set in medieval times. It will allow class type and certain hybrids and different variations of those classes. It won’t be gender locked and will have many appearance choices and decisions (you will have the option to have less description path to not waste your time but an advance description will be available).

This demo will not be posted until I am certain I like the actual story line. That being said it may be awhile that I answer any editors or ask for beta testers. And again criticism is a must for me for I am just starting on here.


I think you forgot to put up the link, friend. :wink:

Now this is constructive criticism. :blush:

Ne’er mind me, I’m silly at times.

That would be as in ‘most times’. :no_mouth:

Let us know when you got a link up, @JustAReader. :relaxed:


You forgot the link and I would love to be a editor.

yeah let us know when the link is up and ill check it out

Unfortunately my friend thought it would be funny to post this. I just noticed it lol. I don’t know how to get rid of it

Hello Branton I am working on something but because my friend (partner in writing crime) decided to take a drastic step and write this post before the demo was ready. Because I am new I don’t know how to take the post down. But I will definitely keep you in mind when the demo is done.

Okay just remember me when you need testers and editors

Silly is a good thing. And once I finish the demo it will be up. Thanks. Lol.

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I shall sit at the guidelines and await to be summoned for testing.

@moonwalkerdragon Something, something, forum rules. (No posting on WiP threads that have been inactive for over two weeks, unless you’re the author, in this case.) I think you get the drill by now, right?