The Sword of Rhivenia: Book One (Submitted)

I feel like Freya wedding a non-pirate commoner (not “commoner” as in “Clara and her family”, I mean “commoner” as in “Jarean and his family”) would be infinitely preferable to the fallout from her pirate romance. My diligent queen PC would even set them up.


But think with us for a second, the pirate can be a real deal in the high seas and one powerful mf, marry him to freya so she fucks off so her claim is even weaker and get some allies to raid people, maybe hire him permantly has a " special privateer" for the Crown or make him have a navy loyal to the crown

Think of the incoming flux of Gold comming from the bars after they return home! Maybe even make a solid tree made out of gold so everyone is bathed in rays of gold when the summer makes it shiny!

If he isn’t well i don’t think any other kingdom has a prince marrying her outside of maybe Xavier


I mean, we can also convince her that he still a “bad” pirate and kill him under “self defense”


I wonder if we have an option to hire some pirate ships as privateers. :thinking: That is a logical way of thinking but I wouldn’t be surprised that some with the oppose to the idea in-game.


I think that the prevailing Rhivenian opinion of pirates is “they are all evil, and anyone that tries to control them is either evil too or playing with forces beyond their control” after a long pirate plague.


For Freya it was very obvious she was falling for someone she doesn’t want anyone knowing about but why is it such an issue if she fell in love with that pirate?
I understand that she too is a princess in the story and it’s kind of like one of those “scandals” and rumors. But maybe if she marries him, relationship with pirates could even improve or idk it didn’t matter much to me at least lol


same, I was fine with Freya just doing whatever. if anything I felt like trying to keep her from doing what she wants could backfire in a big way and I was really just like “welp, she can make her own decisions🤷‍♀️”. I was actually surprised how many people in this thread have very strong negative feelings about her gallivanting with her pirate bf.


My own MC as a monarch is torn about Freya’s relationship with the pirate. Politically speaking, if your MC is a shrewd monarch or probably with Altheris case as well, having a single prince and princess to be use as a potential pawns for political marriages are essential to expand your influences in the realm. Also, pirates being unpopular among the masses being thieves of the seas that cause disruption in trade route and like can be use against an ruling monarch by opposition.

I don’t know how far the author will do in her story though so these are mostly speculation.


I know right, yea i thought the same thing “its her decision” when told to keep it a secret or not xd. Didn’t bother me at all…

that does make sense, this could be one of the main reasons ig, i didn’t give it much thought since i didnt play as monarch.
Maybe there could be diplomatic choices in the future with pirates and to make the animosity against them less or be totally against them. As for Freya’s relationship with the pirate alone, ig it depends on one’s playthrough.


My MC, Ceanna, is also torn on how to deal with Freya’s pirate lover. Her thought process goes as follows:

Ceanna as the pragmatic queen she is: There’s nothing for it, this relationship has to end, preferably as painlessly and quietly as possible
Ceanna as the teenager who never wanted to be ruler in the first place: Oh, this is bad, this is very bad, and now its my problem. We’re all screwed.,
Ceanna as Freya’s younger sister: shrugs as long as you’re happy.
And Ceanna morning her lack of childhood: Yeah, Freya, you go! Be rebellious!

Ceanna externally: looks thoughtful and speaks confindently Don’t worry, I will think of something.


That’s not just it. Pirates have actually gone on a raiding and murdering spree in Rhivenia. Freya’s relationship is basically the equivalent of a South Korean woman pairing up with a Japanese soldier during or right after WW2.


I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Daemir again…so I replayed the Demo and although he’s just 2 years older than our Mc,he comes off as the hot dilf you can’t get out of your head :smirk: :heart_on_fire:



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The need for Everan pipe is strong on this one…


But Daemir isn’t even Asinean!


Shit you are right lol my bad

Only two more weeks until official release. Cant wait to replay this soon! :partying_face:


Unless the jumpy submissions time strike again lol
Kiss From Death 2 months delay still traumatizes me


Dont jinx us pls! :cold_sweat: