The Sword of Rhivenia: Book One (Submitted)

If you’re attracted to Clara (to women, which is set in a question regarding Clara) he gets all sassy-like. If you’re not, he’s fine with you being nice to her (my diligent queen playthrough, who maintained good relationships with all 3 sibs, is a straight girl playthrough).


Nice to know that being kind to Clara (if you prefer men) will not make Richard hostile against you so it is manageable to get good relationships with all three then?


Yeah. However you have to also choose the options that don’t antagonize Richard or Atheris (or choose only one stance that pisses them off if it’s that important for character building). I’ve found antagonizing Freya to be like kicking a kitten, so I don’t do it outside of my dedicated kitten-kicker play through.


Honestly not even in my totaly evil playthroughs i can be bad to her Lmao

I may be more than willing to kill thousands of innocents because it amused me or a random prick decided to insult me by saying i didn’t go to the cloud district, but hurting Freya feelings? No that’s just mean


I have two routes planned

good mc: be good and try to have a diplomatic end to the war, i will probably marry xavier

bad mc: be very evil treat richard badly, execute my sister’s lover and marry daemir


Thus far, with the demo i play, Richard seems alright even when Clara chose me over him before the testing of the sword . However , we won’t know whether he will change or not right ? I don’t know what will be the future of the story, but it is totally possible Richard conceal his true nature until he becomes King, well " Love could change the nature of a man ", isn’t it ? Lol :sweat_smile:

If MC becomes King/Queen , there is no stopping Richard to turn coat (in future ) as well right?

I hope so , it will only be logical if for example Richard disliking MC is MC disrespecting him in certain scene , or Atheris looking down on a weak MC who couldn’t defend his/herself

Well, same as me so freeing and romancing Astryn will be my primary focus …Lol

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Like you said, we don’t know what the author plan to do in the future with characters. Will your actions affect how your siblings in the future? I’m excited how this will be pan out.

I’m currently gravitating toward healing generational trauma if the author will allow me too. (Yes, I’ve been addicted to Encanto for quite some time now.)



It was said that you would destroy the good MC’s, not join them!


Look man, Freya is like scolding a sad puppy

The pup is already sad, by scolding him you are just making him slightly more sad and there is no fun in making a puppy sad

Ruining a person’s life? Now thats something i can get behind, and i intend to do just that with Richard


man, i felt like he was being a dick to me for being nice to clara even when i was playing a straight girl mc. maybe i’m just overly sensitive lol


Is Freya is kinda sympathetic sad puppy ? Yeah, you are right about that.

Am I doesn’t like sympathetic sad puppys? Yes, I am kinda puppy kicker. I agree with Atherist, I think she must grown up. I am okay with her not willing to take the throne. But I must scold her about being unconscious about the kingdom, politics etc. Freya is the princess, she must understand the seriousness of the event. War is coming, thousands of people will die. The world is not rosy. But the real problem is how can she fall in love with a pirate. There is a thousands of people out there. And she found the pirate.

She must know that I will probably execute him if I had a chance, even if my MC was a good guy, even Richard might kill him probably and I don’t want to talk about Atherist but she probably kill them both. As a real example Daemir literally killed the Revna’s boyfriend in similar position. Is it makes My MC or Atherist or Daemir a bad guy ? No, this is hard call but right call if i try to be realistic but author probably has perfect route for this story on her mind.

All I want to say is in Freya’s story line, even if you were the good MC you might be more than mean to her. Being mean to her, scold her is too terrible then executing his boyfriend is what?


I will always be nice to everyone, even Richard and his mother. He was kind of dickish to me. I just took his girl fair and square. If he wants to kill his sibling for that then Namerys shall smite him down. :smiling_imp:

My MC will never kill or harm anyone if I can help it!


Haha my MC is similar to Freya she even helped Xavier to escape. Its really interesting that the game allows you to be a naive bystander kind of MC or a firm ruler type. Praise Nutella!


If it gives freedom as you say, perfect. But I have a bad feeling about bad MC, I don’t think the game will give the bad MC the best ending.

Don’t get me wrong SOR is among my favorites even with its just demo and potential, but if there is such freedom, it is a masterpiece.


This a very reasonable worry to have, I mean how many games actually let you be evil/bad/ruthless and get something of a good ending?
Rather they end up with the Mc either dying(by the real hero or as a redemption), be used as a cautionary tale of what not to do or be told that they lost their humanity and are cursed to live their lives sad and alone.


Aye, that Pirate Boyfriend shennanigans are not very likely to go well at all, buutt there can be some pragmatism instead of going the good ol way of playing hangman with the dead guy’s corpse

Say we have the pirate faction in the relationship bar no? ASSUMING he is some Will Turner pirate material with a strong fleet following him then yeah she can go on and die from scurvy in the high seas i suposse as long he just raids enemy coasts or help with supplies or something

If he doesn’t have a fleet then oh well he is going to make the marshall dance on the noose

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Honestly even if i get a bad ending with the legacy being of a cruel ruthless king then i will still do a Pyscho playthrough Lmao, i am going to make The Ancestor from Darkest Dungeon look like a amateur for shit n giggles

(For context : The Ancestor drank vampire blood and got “enlightned” by it so he decided to find this source of “englithment” not that he wasn’t a jerk before, he did things : including selling a young woman that liked him into what is practically sexual slavery to fishmen, stabbing his arcane tutors and curio suppliers in the back after everything they’ve done for him, hiring Bandit Brigands to terrorize the Hamlet into submission, feeding civilians to the demon-possessed swinefolk he created, and ultimately becoming the herald of a Eldtrich Abbomination, oh and then he sends a letter to his heir and says to them fix their shit and dips, oh and the list goes on for a bit)

Anyway i think at most the pragmatic endings will have the PC going good in life along with the more idealistic endings, but a outright ruthless ruler would probrably just get a neutral ending at best while being doomed to continue terrorizing the realm else their head is going to be at risk


Since one of the RO’s is a pirate, this way probably exists.

But if you look really pragmatically, you will realize how dangerous it is. What do you think is the probability that the pirate will claim the throne and become the shadow king by showing the boy or Freya as the true heir? We all know that Freya is too naive and can bury good MC or bad MC for her love. Even if you ally with him, what are the chances of the pirate hitting you in the back? I don’t think pirates are famous for their honesty and trustworthiness. In the real pragmatic view, you have to kill the pirate one hundred percent, it’s not wise to choose an ally who can shoot you in the back at any time, just as a favor to Freya.

If you want to see real pragmatic decision, look at the most pragmatic person in the game by far, look at Daemir, and look at what Daemir did to his sister’s boyfriend.

But as I said, there is officially Pirate RO. I mean, the odds that aren’t very high turn out to be right, I guess. In other words, being pragmatic and being realistic is not that important, frankly. You can still be a good MC by being emotional, but if you’re really pragmatic, you should execute him anyway, whether you’re a good MC or a bad MC.


I guess when I say I don’t antagonize Freya, I mean that I don’t go out of my way to bully her (except on my “royal pain” playthrough who will probably unite Richard and Atheris through mutual hatred). The pirate lover…is unfortunately another story. I wonder if we can set Freya’s heart on another, not-pirate person, and hush up the fact that she was ever involved with a pirate. But it’s probably not that simple, at all…


Probably not, it’ll probably be a repeat of Revna’s hatred for Daemier, at best if we have high relationship we might lower the impact by telling her that we did it because we care for her.