The Sword of Rhivenia: Book One (Submitted)

My callous king would execute him and his mother for “being a threat to internal security” after all when you’re at war you prefer not to deal minor annoyance like him while dealing with a bigger problem, so @Snowflower let’s just agree to disagree kay ?


My hedonist MC would drag him with Jarean’s help to a party among the commoners, and make him have the worst hangover ever!

Sorry, I had to :sweat_smile:


For a less violent playthrough I’m sure the author once answered on Tumblr that we would have the opportunity to fix our relationship with Richard later on btw. Might be a good deal if you don’t want to murder.

Can’t find the exact ask because Tumblr search sucks, but here’s the confirmation that Richard won’t always be a villain and it depends on MC’s choices.

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I’m probably the few one who plan to be more friendly with our siblings during their rein? I’m looking forward how will that pan out.


As am I. Well, on one playthrough.

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I don’t think there will be problem for me to support Richard’s reign , as long as he don’t have problem with me freeing the enemy princess… Lol , which i honestly believe Richard will let me do what i want, and even covering up for me since our relationship is quite good.

It will be an interesting path for my MC , although i would prefer to take the reign myself as first option

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He can’t though, if he does he would be going against his mother someone who everyone seems okay to ignore for some reason. Let’s say you marry him off, romance Clara (idk what’s so popular about this girl), get chosen by the sword and then have him endorse you which his mother will see as a direct betrayal of her. This would lead to his mother telling about our mother poisoning his younger brother and robbing her of the chance to ever have children again. Dude won’t want anything to do with you after that and like him or hate him, you need him. So yes it would probably kill him and you as well. Give him some time its only the first book.

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ill be friendly to ^_- till i see an option to stab them in the back with a meat cleaver and blame one of the other siblings for it

I was specifically talking about how rebels want Richard to become King even after MC has made the sword sparkle and received the crown, and MC and Richard have a good friendship. Richard should volunteer to publicly declare his support for Monarch!MC’s rule if they have a good relationship, but he doesn’t and MC has to twist his arm into it apparently. My diligent queen believes that Ol’ Charley had the wrong idea about what to do with the siblings, but she’s somewhat based on Elizabeth I (among a couple other historical rulers) and therefore will do what she has to if needed.

There is also the fact that if we are monarch, we can send the Queen Dowager (she’s not the Queen Mother if MC is ruler) out of court to some remote country manor in the sticks of Rhivenia (a nice one if we are doing a soft exile, a drafty, dilapidated one if we are not). While we may raise eyebrows, there’s nothing that can really stop us from doing so. We also have something else to throw at her if her brother did what I think he did that tops what she can throw at MC’s mother.

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Both of you guys have really good points but I agree with Snow that Richard should prioritize the relationship with the ruler instead of with his mother, it’s just the smartest thing to do considering the Kingdom’s history with sibling murder, even if some MCs would never do that.

But yes it’s been confirmed there’s peaceful options later on the other books so everyone that likes Richard and/or want a peaceful route will have a chance to stay truthful to their visions of MC. Now, how you’re gonna achieve that without getting fucked by a lot of stuff along the way… We’ll see. Eager to check y’all’s playthroughs in the future on that route since it’s very different from what I’ll aim for.


Say does kinslaying frowned in Rhivenia ? I know that charles execute his siblings during the war and faris after that, does it frowned or do you need legitimate reason for that ???


I mean, since Charles killed Francis the loyal brother, and sat upon the throne of Rhivenia for the next ~30 years, it’s probably something that depends on how you can frame it. If the relative is accused of high treason, no one can fault the ruler for ordering their death (it was Francis’s loyalty being repaid by execution that caused eyebrow-raising in Rhivenia’s populace, but the fates of his other brothers were fair game). If the relatives are murdering each other for an inheritance, then that’s probably frowned upon.


What about his lover, considering that Faris has to die as a scapegoat for her action ?


I’d think that since she was no noble no one really cared. It seems to be of common mindset that normal people just don’t get to be with the royals considering the demo so far.


Revna oohh revna , why you so hard to get!

Me to Richard.

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Longer version.

Ps. I still love his uncle anyway. Even he still loves …
I will always love you. Till I meet other guys and gals.


FitzChivalry from Assassin’s Apprentice would disagree

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This BS right here caused me to write off Xavier and idc what anyone has to say. I put my neck on the line for you, literally and you fail to do one thing for me that poses no risk to you. Nah we are done after that.

Yeah let’s just hypothetically Clara have a son and that Son Ambitious enough to take the throne, it will be another Succession War all over again, 1 husband 1 wife is much better.


The same can happen with 1 wife and 1 husband too if you have more than 1 kid.