The Sword of Rhivenia: Book One (Submitted)

From what i remember from King Arthur canon is that his predecesor did not anger everyone who had a border with him.

You guys: arguing over morals and the smartest way to rule
Me, who only released Xavier to romance Lena and Astryn for gameplay purposes: :sweat_smile::eyes:


If only things we’re that simple

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Well…not really, he did unite most Britons for a common enemy. That was a chaotic era, Arthur’s reign brought a temporary peace and let people witness hope by setting up an ethical moral quality for a ruling kingdom , who i think successful influence the future conduct of knights order such as the Templar .

His compassion towards Guinevere is up for debate , but it also demonstrate a poetic love that last till now…Lol

It was a chaotic era facing invasion of the saxons and in some legend, the northern Scots as well, he needs the knights of round table to show people that he fight for good and righteousness , to make a difference

Hey, it is interactive fiction…Lol

This is fun to chat, fantasy in medieval time always bring a charming experience

Right and things went downhill for arthur his knights of the round table one by one leaves him, lancelot cheats with guinevere and betrayed him by rescuing guinevere from being executed, and finally he got offed by his own son mordred. Welp so much for code of chivalry


Well… Arthur’s knights were sacrifice in numerous quests and missions when defending the realm.

Lancelot came back to help though, after feeling shame that Arthur had never hated him, and Arthur visit Guinevere to say he forgives her. Mostly it is about forgiveness and redemption to repel Modred 's attempt to rule, i think he succeed in ensuring the realm won’t be rule in a tyrant’s hand.

Without King Arthur’s set of rules, the realm might continue to live as of a Barbarian state where people won’t be civilised enough to learn value of ethics , it might still be flawed, but it allows people continue to adjust and adapt.
It was much like ZhuGe Liang’s attempt to introduce civilisation to the Nanman Barbarians,:grin:

Now you let me imagine Lena as Morgana, a love-hate relationship with Arthur as well.:joy:


Heh, I’ve had a bit of fanfic running around in my brain with Queen Lena saying something like “Let me get this straight, you let some sword with a weird blue light show choose your leader? Might as well as pick a ruler if they can pull a sword out of a rock.”


I’m totally destroying the Sword in at least one of my runs


arthur never fully recognize mordred as his heir let alone son, causing mordred to resents him, he never even fully once tries to be a father to him so in this way arthur is to blame for mordred giant tantrum, he’s a good king but a shitty father

trying to use the sword pieces as an accessory ?


I was actually intrigued with the latest attempt to redefine Arthurian Legend in King Arthur Legend of the Sword, which was supposed to be a six movies series, Mordred was portrait as a warlock and died in the opening film… and i am convince the Mage who help Arthur will eventually be revealed as Morgana later on, too bad the series stop its production, based on latest viewers comment, many start to appreciate the movie and cite what a lost for not being able to continue its latest story.

Yeah… it is just an interesting note to see lots of twist in plots for the legend …Lol

Im not talking about the movie

There is fine line between bravery and stupidity, remember your MCs can die and your allies can turn against you. Giving up all your leverage and advantages to seem brave could just lead to you getting killed.A certain stepmom might be plotting that already as it is. Like I said look how book one ended.


Well… not all about bravery in the sense of my decision, although bravery in the eyes of people is for morale boasting purpose. However, it is more about a vision and ideal for my case , a code to live for is what i am after .

The possibility of dying in the game is what make the journey more interesting as it surely bring more satisfying feeling when we achieve what we are aiming at,:wink:

That seems like you are unnecessarily throwing your advantages to the trash for the very little gain of having the ability to pat yourself on the back for being virtuous through and through. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


And what’s the point in keeping him? That only makes resentment grow and when he dies during his imprisonment his sister is going to attack anyway. Besides the man had no part in his father’s actions.

At least from my MC’s pov, he always knew he would die because of his morals.


Hopefully he would die after the crisis is resolved, anyway to explain this, we are keeping him after we dealt with his fathers attempted treachery, Queen Lena was made an almost iredimable enemy, her brother is a tool you can use for her not to attack, if she cares about him, that is.
The resentment wont grow beacuse we yknow, killed her dad, its not ideal.

But at the end of the day,

We all how to sleep in the bed we made.

He is a bargaining chip, nobody imprisoned him beacuse they thought he was guilty.

Except this is is not just about him, tens of thousands of lives depend upon him, he is directly responsible.


We need Xavier and keep him alive so that Lena can fuck off long enough so we don’t get spitroasted on two sides. His innocence regarding his father’s treason is irrelevant.


They still used it as an excuse to keep him. Big sis and others were quite vocal about him being also a traitor and using him as a scapegoat when the king died.

Except that one a) he wasn’t chosen by the sword to rule, b) is the youngest heir, nothing more than a pawn and expendable tool, nothing depends on him and c) he rather be responsible by his own actions than paying for his father’s mistakes that brought the whole situation up.

See first quote, was still used as an excuse.

Kingdom is still screwed cuz when the first war ends and if we win, it will be too weakened to hold an attack from Lena.


The hope is that Lena wont attack since her brother would get skewered if she did, thats the reason we are keeping him.

Why wouldnt she? You have no good bargaining tool’s after you release Xavier, if you keep him you can slit his throat if she attacks, a real bargaining tool.

Big emphasis on ‘‘hope.’’ I also hope she won’t attack by releasing him.

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