The Sword of Rhivenia: Book One (Submitted)

Funny you say that considering she’s one of the only two romance’s who will refuse to have a poly relationship and is pretty possessive + gets jealous easily. But she does like the MC, but after what her brother did to the last guy she loved she’s trying not to fall in love again cause she’s scared of being heartbroken again.


Btw is it only Erwan Kingdom the enemy or is there other Kingdoms that we can conquer, I mean if the MC can conquer other Kingdom beside Erwan that will pretty good, why stop at Erwan if we can annex all the land in the Continent Lmao

Rhivenia is not really an almighty kingdom based on the limited demo information i can gather, even Lady Revna 's brother comment that their army is not the best of shape.

Erwan’s kingdom is more than what Rhivenia can handle, if Queen Lena attack Rhivenia as well. Things are not looking good.

Even if Rhivenia win the war, many people will be sacrificed, i don’t think there will be enough armies left to occupy other’s land and kingdom.


Will it be possible to reach a peaceful solution with erwan without giving him the nation? because I’d like to solve that situation in 2 ways:

1: preferably he’s a cool-headed fella and understands that I cannot give him the realm but we can be allies and trade goods, I can even heir him as a prince if he so desires

2: I ally myself with as many other nations as possible, romancing queen lena, strengthening the alliance with daemir, and maybe some other secret allies, I mean the pirates! we could make the pirates into an official marine war force and make them the promise of paying them a handsome stipend for their efforts in return they stop to steal and doing things that could affect the kingdom badly, if I can do all these things I’d like if we could give erwan the choice to agree to our peaceful terms or get completely and utterly massacred and pummeled to the floor as nothing more than mere dust as the lowly being he is

Don’t get me wrong I’m a pretty reasonable fella, but if the guy doesn’t agree to my rather benefitial terms I’ll give him hell on earth, we are a good king, not a pushover, never a pushover, if we have to destroy, we don’t destroy, we exterminate from the face of earth


Nah use the Pirates as Privateer, stop stealing The kingdom Trade Ship instead Steal enemies Ship and destroy their economies soo their kingdom go bankrupt and make chaos in their kingdom using their own people and recruiting the peasant for easy annexation.

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Using pirates is 50-50 chances besides most of them are only loyal to anyone who offer more money rather their current employer.

haven’t met the guy but I already put him on my kill list and no it’s not being protective of freya as a king everything including the little details must be considered, can’t just say “he’s serious with freya i’il consider him my brother” it’s more “he’s a pirate is he using her, what other unnecessary attention he bring” rhivenia is preparing war with ewan, adding this will cause a scandal, and unnecessary paranoia


here’s where freya comes in hand, I hope the pirate is really serious with her and would do things for me in order to earn my favor, otherwise I may have to turn into another daemir to protect her

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Yeah, you know in this kind of games I sometimes can’t help but go full killing, killing a nuissance solves the problem for good but then other nuissances start to show up little by little and it’s a never-ending clusterfuck of a situation -.-, If it was in my power I would just give the order to kill every criminal including jarean’s sister, I’d still build the libraries and stuff, and the way jarean portrayed her she seems to steal just for the sake of stealing, not with a higher moral reason or anything, she seems to be kinda mentally disabled, she’s smart and sharp for a thug, but she still has a mental problem or is kinda evil, not fully evil but kinda, I can’t think of any normal human being resorting to steal just for the sake of stealing, it doesn’t make any sense


nah she’s a kleptomaniac

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I have a bunch of questions that’s been bugging me for a while now, how powerful can our kingdom become and is it possible that in the future we can become a military superpower that’s impossible to invade and defeat, I know that it takes more than manpower to become powerful but we could compensate with other ways like tactics and traps and such

Also I was wondering could pets be added in the future, it would be great if pets where an option, like a baby bear, or wolf and they would be extremely useful if I have an disagreement with a nobel as a Mc that cannot fight, I don’t think they would dear try and hurt the Mc with a Massive bear laying by the Mc protecting the Mc.

I’ve been thinking, and I made a list of the ROs going for most politically advantageous (given the information we have by the end of book 1) to least:

  1. Lena; Xavier
  2. Revna; Daemir
  3. Clara
  4. Jarean
  5. Tameran (though he could be bumped above Clara in book 2, idk)
  6. Astryn



I mean if you plan to be some saint Astryn could be number one since she could be the key to this war ending without bloodshed. I doubt our uncle would form an alliance but if peace gets achieved with him then the MC can simply crush Lena little revolt cause my interaction with her pissed me off…also we should never bring Freya to another meeting like that again.


I seriously doubt Erwan would just agree to peace. And I think that Lena is more dangerous atm than we give her credit for. She’s been seething for six years and now she finally has a chance to retaliate. For a MC that didn’t form an alliance with her, this is going to be a rough ride. That bring said, Astryn could be more useful one we’ve crushed cousin dearest. Until then, or until she helps us, she’s just a liability.

Also yes about Freya lmao. She can stay at home next time.

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father dearest kills faris and exiled his lover, peace was never an option and erwan is a guy looking for vengeance the best course is to kill him.

Astryn tries to poison the mc and their famliy but backfires horribly and it went to wrong person, you should cut her head off and send it to erwan preferably gift wrapped


Is this from the Patreon version :flushed: :thinking: :eyes:


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the Romance with Lena , Xavier would undoubtedly receive most political / military advantages, romance with Daemir will receive his prime aid as a military tactician and councilor, while i don’t think Revna has the edge of military maneuver as compare to Daemir, but MC would receive probably the best bodyguard who will do anything to shield MC from harm.

The romance with Astryn will be a wild cards , because it depends on the author’s plan in the future, theoretically MC could end the bloodshed and old grudges with Erwan in a peaceful manner , but like i mention it all depends on the future plan from the author . However, the romance with Astryn undoubtedly provides the most “emotional challenge” among all RO

I believe Astryn’s internal turmoil towards MC would be

"Erase me
From all hoping and dreaming and wishing on stars
Erase me
Into lonesome obsessions and unhealing scars
Erase me
There is no other dawn I am longing to see
Erase me… "


To be honest trying to romance astryn is just plain insane, I think the consequences in this story are pretty dire to just play around with stuff like that, we have to think what would WE do in our mc’s situation, and as romantic as romancing the prisoner in hope that she can persuade erwan to accept peace, it’s plain stupid since she has her loyalties clear from day one and is probably in love with erwan so you’re just an invader on her heart and she’ll never choose you as the first option, as much as I hate mc’s father, he was right in this, we have to think about our people first, not by damaging or killing our own friggin’ people, but by making sure no damage comes to them from external forces, so the best we can do with astryn is kill her and send her head to erwan, that way he’ll lose it and he’ll stop planning and making strategies, so when he comes he’ll come as an unstable lump of meat, easy to kill, we should just execute the pirate that’s going out with freya, or at the very least cut his hand for ever laying eyes on her, also freya needs to be grounded, she’s a friggin’ child that thinks not even with the heart but probably with her lust, we should always free xavier, he doesn’t deserve what’s happening to him, we should befriend revna and daemir to the best of our abilities and probably marry both lena and clara at the same time, clara because you get a whole noble house as aid and support, and lena because you get a whole nation, if you go either with daemir or revna you’ll just get one realm, and anyway if you’re on favorable enough terms with them I think you’ll get their support anyway, our half brother be damned… anyway I think clara never loved him or liked him that much, as she tell us that for years he has been breaking his promises to her, promises that our mc would keep or at the very least would try his damnest to keep, also when she learns how you helped jarean the story pretty much implies she’s in love with mc and is regretting ever laying her eyes on brother dearest

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You’re contracting yourself a little. Sure, it’s not advisable to romance Astryn, but freeing Xavier doesn’t benefit Rhivenia in any way. Marrying Clara isn’t politically advantageous; she’s a commoner. And even if you’re not romancing Astryn, keeping her alive is worthwhile. As his pseudo-sister, she was in Erwan’s inner circle. She knows his strategies, his secrets, his though process, etc.

Ruthlessness is necessary at times but exercising it too frequently has been the end of many a ruler. Doing stuff like cutting off the hand of Freya’s lover will swiftly breed resentment and earn you enemies. And history loves nothing more than to topple a tyrant.