The Sword of Rhivenia: Book One (Submitted)

Is there really no way to get perfect end with mercifull character? It seems like Rhivenians are barbarian and we must be a headbarbarian to satisfy this barbarian. Urgh…


Yes, people who were just hit with a biological weapon attack aren’t willing to kiss and make up with their attackers immediately afterward. Imagine that.


In my opinion,Will you mercy someone who poisoned your half citizen to dead? No they are very angry about it and want revenge. and they don’t like us very much and angry with us let it happen plus they are starving but crown have no money to feed they are very very angry if you mercy to your enemies. If you are smart ruler ,you will use this change to create common enemies ,make your citizen support you as rightful ruler. (Well… …becoming machiavellian make Mc ruler life is easier)
Rhivernian Citizen is human without logic. You are ruler ,so you will do whatever to control them.

I think war speech only will make perfect ending.base on situation in game. You can see results of peaceful speech in Richard’s route.There are only some citizen to support him.and mostly citizen feel disappointed


Agree, yeah… Merciful is something but as what Machiavelli said at The Prince, you must do anything to secure your position as ruler even it mean crossing morality aspect. I think it will the best thing to make this incident as turn back point for my mc journey in this book. Maybe something she will regret in future because her merciful trait. Haha… But any idea with the pirates? I’m curious that this will lead you to disaster if you accept them in book two.



We can mercy people secretly (ex let Xavier out of jail,not confess to anyone)Well…I mean mercy to people who useful haha kidding :joy: :joy: mostly in book 2 If you want to keep minimum should be machiavellian. And If play no ruler in Richard’s route,If you want fuck him off .I suggest very mercy MC :smile: the choice depends you ^^

Well…I open for this option haha Beggar never be chooser ,right? Hehe:joy: :joy: :joy:


Well I guess this story has truly been shelved .


I hope she will ruturn. I think normally the interactive novel will be published for approximately two year after pubished book one (base on other author’s book release date in steam ). more or less depend on Author.but I just only hope she will update something and wait her return patiently

And I think If she will stop to publish this book,maybe she will announce us all soon (?).Now All we can do is waiting her patiently


It’s been a whole year without updates (that we are aware of). I’d like not to think of the worst, but maybe something bad happened to them :confused:


One thing to keep in mind is that writing games that aspire to have really substantive branching get exponentially harder the further into it you are, and, once your first book is published, you can no longer prune branches you realize are problematic later.

Additionally, there are very few people who make a living doing this, and work can always take priority.

Plenty of authors with ambitions to write long series with Hosted Games wind up not being able to follow through for any number of reasons, and that’s OK. It’s obviously possible that something bad happened to the author, but it’s also possible that they are embarrassed about not making progress, and are worried people will be mad at them.

It’s perfectly fine to send the author well wishes, and hope they are doing well, but I think that constantly speculating over whether something terrible has happened to them can have an unintended effect of feeling like bullying them into making an “I’m OK” update.


I think part of the reason there is so much speculation is because the Patreon is still taking in money (several hundred dollars a month) and there’s not even a “I’m going on hiatus” for over a year for the people paying for additional content.


I don’t think it’s a lot to ask for authors to let us know that nothing bad has happened, and they’re just not gonna be writing for an indeterminate amount of time. I don’t need to know the personal reasons why, just that that’s what’s happening. Otherwise please will worry, it’s only natural


Personally, patrons should unsubsribe to the author’s Patreon if there are no news in a month or two. Even though the author was oblige to give something in return in their Patreon account, the patron have the choice to unsubscribe if the author didn’t deliver their end of the bargain. That’s much said, as much as we want to be up to date on what is happening. We don’t know why their online presence is near nil… Best to move on, stop your financial support and hope that they’re ok.

Edit: Just want a gentle reminder:


How is part 2 going?

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Did Charles and Isabelle keep trying for babies after Richard was born or was Charles just like “ok one kid’s enough on to wife 2!”

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It’s revealed in book 1 I could spoil it if you want?

OMG! My MC is king! :crown:


Did something happened to Sword of Rhivenia Book 2? Cause I heard mentions that something happened to it, like maybe it got cancelled or something. I didn’t bother to ask for details at the time but now I’m curious. Some just kept saying that something happened to it.


The series hasn’t been officially cancelled, but the author has been MIA for awhile now. Since not too long after book 1 released, I think. There isn’t much point to speculating, so all we can do is hope they’re ok and that they’ll come back soon. Even if they come back just to cancel the series, it’ll be nice to know they’re ok