The Sword of Rhivenia: Book One (Submitted)

The author mentioned she was revising for exams in December so maybe thats why we’ve not heard from her.


Seven months for revising is a hell of a long time


Where did the author mention that ?
Could you please direct me to it so I can let others in Patreon know cause we haven’t heard anything from her since end of July

@Shreyash_Chanda thanks so much.
I wonder why she didn’t let anyone on Patreon know. I’ll pass the word along


Tumblr I think.


That’s what I thought! I haven’t heard from the author since December when they mentioned they’d update the Patreon demo in January

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I messaged them on Patreon at Christmas because they hadn’t been active and hadn’t updated the Patreon demo.

They mentioned updating in January when they had some free time. I’m not sure what’s happened to them since.


Could you guys try(if you didn’t already) to message her on Patreon one of these days?

Perphaps she is more receptive to giving answers through there?Giving patreons are her main income to finance the project and all.


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What has been the last message by Nutella? Is the game being worked on or has it been abandoned becauss I am slowly losing any hope of seeing a update anytime this year

NutellaQueen’s last post on Patreon was on 31 July 2022. As for Tumblr, it was 26 November.

I do think it’s strange that she hasn’t posted anything, considering she was fairly active on Tumblr last year. I hope the author is okay.


I agree with both of you. Personally I was a Patreon for a long time as I am of a few other WIPs, but it is still a product at the end of the day that people are paying for. I think that yes we do have the right to be upset by the lack of information about it and be worried about the author at the same time as one thing isn’t exclusive from the other.


Totally off topic but when you look at someone’s profile and it says for example Read 7d
What exactly does the mean?
I just checked Nutella’s profile and it showed Read 7d

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Im pretty sure its how much time a person has spent reading posts. :smiley:


Yep, what Valixon said. “Posted” means the last time they made a post here. There’s also “Seen”, which iirc means the last time they logged in.