The Sword of Rhivenia: Book One (Submitted)

I wonder how Charles know that Aldreda was trying to use Fransic against him before he found those letters.

Make want to Erwan’s reaction ones he learn the true about his mom.


Are you talking about Aldreda’s letter? That was in the first book. Is there new info about her/Francis in the Patreon demo?

Same here. It could be that Charles was the first to want Aldreda gone, thinking she was evil for no good reason (at least initially), and that was why she felt he was a threat.

Maybe the Sword will show the MC more memories about this. I mean, letters can be forged, and you’d think a half-decent rebel would burn them afterwards, or only talk about their plans in person. On the other hand, memories from a magic sword are probably not so easily tampered with.

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-----[Warning : spoil]------

Have new info in Demo from MC ruler’s memories .

No I don’t think so ,First he just hate her,But after rebellion He is very paranoid ,he hate and absolutely don’t trust her,especially Whatever Francis try to speak to defend her.It only make him belives Aldreda try to turn Fransic againts him ( Aldreda also seem try to do it for her selfishness reason (For me))

But They are both wrong (From new info in Demo,I can tell that They both not innocent )

I think after rebellion , Maybe Aldreda can sense Chales’s over-paranoid plus the fact that Chales hate her (And she also hate him),she want to separate Fransic from him with heavily pressuring him to choose

Chales is always a threat for love between her and Fransic


Interesting new info, thanks for sharing! That does make Aldreda/Francis look bad (once again). Erwan won’t like that to say the least. He’d probably call us a liar and say it’s just more proof the Sword/Namherys is evil.

Makes me think that even if his parents were 100% innocent, the whole invasion (to me) still feels like disproportionate retribution. He’s clearly capable of sending assassins if he wants revenge that badly, but he just had to involve the whole country in what is basically a family feud. But hey, that’s kind of the point of any fiction about royalty. It’s a feature, not a bug.

Still won’t stop me from disliking Erwan though. When we got to the scene near the end where he was like. “But I don’t want to hurt innocent children :(”, I just sat there thinking oh really? Then why did you declare war and choose a type of poison that spreads by contact? Which makes it easier to go out of control and hurt innocents? At least Matteo’s poison only killed Charles!

Erwan’s lying to himself. He’s more similar to his uncle than he wants to admit.


For me , Fransic maybe victim in this situation (For now, because we still need more information) ,But One thing, I’m sure Chales and Aldreda aren’t innocent or victim.

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Any idea when book 2 demo will be publicly released

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Re: Francis, sure, he was manipulated by his lover, but I think he still had a choice. He could have run away with her and lived under a new identity. But Charles being Charles, he’d probably assume they were planning a rebellion in secret and hunt them down anyway. The letter he left says that Francis tried to take his life, and that was the real reason he was executed. Assuming that’s the truth, Francis likely became desperate and saw no other way out.

I guess the important thing is whether he had a hand in the uprising against his brother, which would have caused another civil war. This is another point where Book 1 is inconsistent. Alvena says in Chapter 7 that Francis was executed after his supporters were defeated by Charles. But in Chapter 9, Matteo and Daemir tell us that the uprising happened because people thought an innocent man was killed.

The demo should be public sometime in November. I’m looking forward to playing it.


----[Warning : Heavily spoil]-----

No Francis realize if they run together,It give Chales excuse to execute them and he love his brother he also don’t want to abandon him but Aldreda (she is carrrying his child ) heavily pressure him choose between run away together (for her and his child ) or kill his brother

Follow letter in book 1 they run away together,and our father sent soldiers to hunt them down,so maybe Francis choose run away with Aldreda to South insteal kill his brother

Many people in Rivernia love Francis (like Richard’s support in book 1) ,they belive Francis is innocent. So they didn’t accept and turn against Chales.(Our father isn’t quite popular like MCruler )


DId Richard got deer in book 1?

you can hunt the deer or richard can it honestly depend on if you choosed you practised with bow or not

Richard never gets the deer. However, if MC gets it, Charles ignores it in favor of praising Richard’s rabbit (and if MC doesn’t get it, then Charles berates them).


Charles is a diiiiiiiiick, exhibit#12451.


This brings my memory back about playing a kind and gentle MC (my very first full playthrough of SoR). And even then it was funny, when the game offered me the option of being sad about Charles death. Like, MC only saw him a couple times in their entire live, and they lived in the SAME PLACE. I’d give this guy the Worst Parent Award, but there’s The Exile WIP next door, so the award is already taken.


Right? I met this this man like three times, during one of which he berated me and the other he told me he never loved me. Why would I feel sad?


Honesty i dont have a strong liking or hatred for charles hell i dont feel anything about the guy at all just a little displeasure due to the very limited somewhat unpleasant interactions we had , the guy is essentially a stranger nothing more nothing less .


agree !!!

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even if he become king , he never has got deer ,right ?

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You know i’ve been wondering, what is everyone’s favorite RO or character so far? I’m stuck between Sir Arnold, Atheris, Revna or Daemir currently.


My favorite is Daemir. His romance is paced really well, but the other guys’ romances progressed too quickly for me. I don’t need a super slow burn like A from Wayhaven, but I’d like it to progress more naturally over time


From book 1 it is somewhat difficult to choose, I would also say my favourite minor character is Sir Arnold with all his fatherly and mentor moments(will name one of the kiddos after him do not doubt it) but gotta recognise that Matteo was an interesting one during the whole game, quite the funny guy even with all the mystery surrounding him.

For the main character perphaps Queen Alvena,being the MC’s mother and all I specially connected with her,even her most evil actions were done to push her children forward on the Rhivenian inheritance, she truly is a ruthless parent doing all she can with more or less success for her children and I absolutely love her for that.

One of my wishes for Book 2 is meeting her family(MC’s grandparents) and just get more of her origins with more relationship with Matteo and Isabelle.

Atherys is a close second as my favourite sibling(her Queen route could have much potential) and if Richard develops further into the antagonist we all imagine he could be up there depending on how he is portrayed, Astryn is just a foolish girl on her kept alive route she has it very difficult to win my interest back “she who gave up her family Throne just because her friend wanted revenge”.