The Sword of Rhivenia: Book One (Submitted)

Maybe you should add which sibling who should be hated the most ? :joy: :joy: :joy:


Rhivenian maybe rip us apart piece by piece :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:


I just picked atheris in all three polls lol


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It is complicated because she is the best to govern and also the best for not being an idiot, but at the same time I hate her because if she is the queen she begins to feel superior to all her brothers and treat them badly

and the others do not inspire me neither hate nor love


Do not forget that arrogance is the beginning of the fall, it is a common mistake for rulers to believe they are untouchable. It generates many individual biases that prevent seeing things beyond what anyone can see.

Being a king a “superior” individual of the hierarchy of the kingdom, they must see and think beyond what anyone can do, such as thinking for the long term or a better contemplation of the world that touched your kingdom when you began to govern it. .

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I’m always surprised by the Atheris love. She’s my least favorite. She seems to care too much about ruling. Even as a kid, she let it hurt her relationships with her family.
And I don’t think she’d be a good ruler. She’s knowledgeable, and a good swordsman, but those aren’t leadership skills. She doesn’t know how to work with others


She may not be the best, but compared to the others, she’s the least worst. Freya flat out doesn’t give a shit and Richard is too malleable.


Being the only slightly sane person in the family kinda makes everyone biased to one character lol


I will say though this one suprised me, I thought people disliked Richard less lol, and Freya is also pretty big

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off with his head while as you already proposed send her off in a marriage…if she somehow finds a way to ruin her marriage either priesthood or execution


First: I just want to make it clear that I’m not arguing. I just want to clarify why people like her.

Atheris is a complex character. We will hardly understand her in the first or second play. It took me a long time to understand her because I was also afraid of her. But I came to the conclusion: Atheris never had anyone to take care of her.

Charles hated her for being like Alvena. And Alvena doesn’t like her for not having a filter and speaking her mind (as in the scene where she humiliates Alvena in front of Isabella when she doubted that Charles loved her).

Atheris has always hated Charles’ favoritism with Richard that’s why she hates her brother. But Atheris loves Freya. This the author has always made very clear and even in the demo you can see that she hesitates to do what would be “right” for fear of hurting Freya. The mc is obviously at the player’s discretion but Atheris has always been protective of the mc with a good relationship.

And even her mentor was extremely strict and cruel leaving even scars.

Nobody ever bothers to take care of her or give her recognition and that way all that’s left for her is to want to be queen to finally gain some respect. Even in the demo you can see how few people she gets along with. Especially when she has to choose members of something that I don’t want to say because it’s a spoiler.

My personal conclusion is that Atheris itself is the most unjustified sibling. But that doesn’t make me like Freya or Richard any less.

But personally I love her even if I don’t agree with certain things she does. But I totally understand who doesn’t like her.
English is not my first language. Sorry for any mistakes.


Atheris has her pros and cons…I respect and love her bcz she helped me from the bullies and its just a feeling but I think that atheris will not think twice to move in the way of an arrow if it’s aimed at me…But she can be a bit arrogant at times but I think mc can help her get better


Listen everyone! We have to take a stand and make Daemir’s nickname in game DaeDae! Can you imagine the chaos that would follow? :smiling_imp:


Sometime I wonder why no one propose MC ( MC is not ruler ) for political marriage instead their siblings. Is Mc 17 years old,right?I think MC is old enough for marriage.


Do you mean some noble family from Rhivenia,Asinea or foreign royals?

Yeah it is a little strange,you can understand it on the way like the family was waiting for the Rhivenian royals coming to age without pressure for marriage as King Charles left the dynasty on a pretty strong position.

Also the fact that as any of the siblings cam be chosen by the sword as the ruler,it would be stupid to bethroth Atherys/Freya/Richard(more so on the girls case but hope you get me) to a royal family where they basically will have to move away and act as consorts,you are sacrificing heirs to another dynasty practically making problematic for them to rule Rhivenia by the point of succession.

The non in game narrative is basically how Nutella allows for the introduction of all the ROS without making you commit to anyone or just basically Nutella didn’t think about the possibility of a betrothed as a starting RO.


I mean when our sibling is ruler. they have to send someone off marriage to buite allies against Erwan .I wonder why allies choose Richard , Atheris or Freya (All of them is troblemaker) insteal MC. our sibling can trade us insteal other,but they don’t .

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That’s true,the explanation for that is basically that you the player need to remain behind on Rhivenia to see first hand your sibling’s decisions on the no ruler route giving you the opportunity of aiding them or openly defying them.

If for example we are presented a marriage alliance with a foreign entity,our MC as a consort would move there and leave Rhivenia behind beginning to serve/seek power in their new position,only option would be our MC marrying a Rhivenian noble and being able to visit Galrys from time to time not breaking the important family dynamics essential for SOR.

As the game is based on Rhivenia’s struggles during book 1 and possibly book 2 our MC needs to remain there on the capital Galrys to follow the conflict against Pagonia.

Which I see happening is something similar like when you marry Daemir or Revna forge a political alliance for your dynasty but with the partner staying with you on the Rhivenian Palace not the other way around.


Which make me wonder how will the MC offer those later on, especially with Astryn since I’m betting we can help her reclaim her kingdom back if she is alive at the end of book 1 and 2 plus any marriages offers for Atheris and Freya since Richard can be married of to the Marania princes.


That would be not a bad ending at all,a little hypocritical for Astryn though to renounce the Throne that her dynasty has occupied for probably centuries to a stranger and then when she finds a new focus of passion says “Wait a second I am still the rightful Queen” and turns back to the starting point.

Do not know if/how that could work like Pagonia’s nobility must be pretty upset with her nonsense,a disgraced former royal turned failed assasin wants to rule Pagonia again?

That only sounds good for Rhivenia,a restored Astryn would have very dubious credibility,a true puppet.


Surely they would be delighted to be ruled by a Moron that abidicated the throne to a foreigner wannabe despot that wants to reclaim a supposed birthright which brought their kingdom into a likely unwanted war, totaly no hard feelings there right?

I think it’s likely we will see things outside the palace like in a battlefield or something, but otherwise the author said we would stay in Rhivenia and there would be less traveling compared to say the Unwanted Warrior