The Sword of Rhivenia: Book One (Submitted)

There is a diference between Jun/Ko and Astryn and that’s called sanity and self awareness.

Jun/Ko is pretty much batshit insane and full blown pyscho, they would be an otherwise just a random dangerous lunatic if not for their obsession with the Ronin.

They are a maniac that lost control of their own life because they went crazy, and so most of their actions can be shrugged off as bouts of Insanity that they don’t have control over which makes Jun/Ko sympathetic.

Astryn though is self aware and lucid, she knows what she has done, there is no excuse here, she murdered children and innocent people by her own free will, she is a murderer that didn’t feel very sorry about the collateral damage she caused, the blood on her hands is completely her fault

And it doesn’t help that she wants to kill us by any means possible, why should we not punish her for killing courtiers and servants that had nothing to do with the war? It’s really hard to try excuse said deaths and sympathize with her.

Another thing that I forgot to mention is that Jun/Ko shows some twisted affection, although their obsession is disturbing, it shows that they really are infatuated with the Ronin to the point it’s almost the only thing that makes them human and not get totaly consumed into insanity (but it’s near there)

Astryn though doesn’t show affection, she tries to kill us and makes it very clear that she hates us and desires our death even if means killing other people to make that happen

She has no affection towards us and simply shows animosity and hate towards us, she supposedly will get redeemed in Book 2 but how are we supposed to forgive a lucid person that tried to kill us while feeling hardly no remorse towards innocent bystanders that suffered from her plan?


Though I mostly agree with what you wrote, Astryn did actually feel sorry for the people who got involved in her schemes. If after that poisoning, and your MC tried to execute her, she’ll accept it wholeheartedly because deep inside she felt guilty for all the innocent people who died.

Astryn intended to kill the royal family, she didn’t expected that people will be affected or that the poison will spread outside. But if you’re pertaining to the servants or other people who work inside the castle then it’s hard to defend that.:sweat_smile:

But even if she really did felt guilty from what she did or not, the innocent people who died from the poisoning will never be justified and she deserves punishment worse than death. That is why it is really hard to see her as an RO. I just really wish that the author should have think of other ways to make the poisoning thing happened (since she said this scene is important in the story) without Astryn being the one who spread the poisoning, especially when we chose the option to keep her outside.

Ps. Sorry for my grammar :sweat_smile::v:


Honestly I just saw the entire thing as a sob story lmao, poisoning is like one of the methods with the highest chance of collateral damage that can kill multiple people at once and the royal family is going to be with shit ton of servants

Of course other people were going to die! Astryn could have attempted to go personal but no she had to use a method that would definitely affect other people, it’s like exploding a energy generator to kill a guy in the hospital, it’s obvious that there will be casualties

Yeah, killing bystanders and then trying to kill you is a mood killer lol, like I said before there was nothing clouding her judgement and she deliberately tried to put other people in danger to achieve her goal, there is no plausible deniability for her


Can’t see any wrong in that…Any people with ambitions will do everything that will enable them to have a favorable position…I think it was a order to poison the royals…wait that’s a bit cloudy…we didn’t get enough info about why the princess was given this suicide mission even though she is a royal born

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Well everyone got their own opinions

I’m truly ashamed of how much I loved bullying Richard, I called him coward, made his life a hell and stole the woman he loved, and if possible, I still gonna try seduce princess Eda.

I always kill her and send her head, god I’m starting to think I’m the antagonist in the story.


Oh god this idea is so fucking absurd and unlikely but If that becomes a actual option I am going to laugh so fucking much

Imagine this : You annoy your younger sibling who decided that they will become your rival for life because of that, then they steal the throne you were expected to inherrit and the heart of your crush, now they are calling a you coward and then going on their merry way to also catch the eye of a Princess that wanted to marry you

It’s not even out of spite at this point, it’s literally just them being a being an show off because they can Lmao


How do we send her head to erwan man?

I don’t know if you need a stat for that like high cruel or high evil, usually you just kill her, and there will be two options after, one to held a funeral and the other to send her head to the king.


you have to execute or let her rot in jail ,before / after posioned accident will have choice for sending her head to Erwan .

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Here’s hoping to kill Erwan.


I want to bully and kill his mother insteal. She is Evil :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: I hate her the most


Did i just forget it, or did letting her rot to the poison not give you the option to send her head?

let her rot in jail and she will not survive in the posioned accident (She will refuse to take a cure from us).we can cut her head and send to Erwan (not sure about choice.) .Or Execute her


Yeah, but if you free her then let her die due to poison, you can’t.

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I never free her so I’m not sure :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I don’t understand how people like Astryn, I treated her well and kindly and even then she did a cruel and cowardly act, I cut off her head and sent it to Erwan.


Honestly, literally the only reason I can justify the Astryn romance is if you are planning to go on the “Side with Erwan and betray Rhivenia” path


Yes really, but it’s also a bit masochistic since Clara’s father died because of her, as well as Leia’s parents and so many other innocent people the MC himself would have died if the cure hadn’t arrived in time, I don’t see how to ally himself with someone like Erwan is good because despite knowing that Charles is dead he continues with thoughts of war against people who never hurt him and are not responsible for Charles’ actions.


I’m definitely using this in the future.