The Sword of Rhivenia: Book One (Submitted)

I have been nice to him but I also want Clara…He is still being a prick

If you take Clara that’s a big marker against you in his eyes simple answer lol

What’s up with Revna. Why does she flirt with others, but later on she doesn’t want a poly relationship.

Edit: NVM I get it now. she’s got issues.


she flirt with others but she doesn’t love them. when She love MC,she want to possess MC only,doesn’t want to share MC with other. She is quite jealousy, Tsudare and possesive people.


I really don’t think there is a general consensus about Clara, not unless you went back through all the posts and tallied up to see who romanced her and for what reasons.

Some may want to romance her to piss of Richard, but there are others that romance her cause they like her.

To me she isn’t bland at all, she has a sweet personality that is a good fit for my kind hearted mc.

And I get why you don’t like romancing Clara, she isn’t your cup of tea.

But not everyone feels the same way about Clara.
Not everyone romances her to piss of Richard, or romances her in thinking she will get better in the next book or thinks she is bland.


Yes and No, I did check comments in the forum before but I also checked some Reddit Polls about the Romance Options

Xavier, Revna and Daemir were almost always on top, Revna though had some bit of flunctuation but at least Xavier and Daemir were almost always on top 3, Clara was one of the most voted too but people in comments said that they don’t even find her interesting and do it to make Richard angry

I am not saying that everyone thinks like that, I am just saying thats the General opinion and most people think that Clara is less interesting than lukewarm water and the only reason to do her romance is to make Richard angry


Just finished the book!
Can draw parallel vibes between this and war for the west. I am a fan of historical fantasy books and i want to let the author know, he has done a damn awesome job. Worth every minute i read. Replayed it about 4 times. Not bored at all. :heart:


I’d personally never seen anyone express this opinion until now so I’m just gonna throw mine out there: I dislike Clara. She irritated me from the very beginning if I’m honest, and so did Freya to a lesser extent.

I think it’s because they both remind me of the archetypal main characters of those Mexican telenovelas I used to watch with my abuela when I was a kid; even back then, that type of character (the angelic, naive, pitiful little girl) would make me roll my eyes so far back into my head, I could practically see my own brain cells dying one by one. At least I have the option to be the Soraya Montenegro to their María Hernández, I guess lol.

But yeah, I don’t like those two at all and only view them as inconveniences/detriments. Anyway—



I’m okay with Clara ( I dislike her because look like she try to play both Richard and MC ) more than Freya.I hate Freya more than Richard because she is very selfish and irresposible . (Freya get bad part from her mother about love.I see why our grandfather disown our mother)


I get that. I just want to add that its not just because she’s a ‘tsundere’ or possessive, she became like that because she got hurt. She genuinely loves with all her heart, but because of what happened, she is now afraid to love. She blames her brother, but deep inside she knew that her brother was right, and that she was just manipulated and used.. She’s scared to love again, that’s why she just sleeps around. But she fell in love with mc and she’s conflicted about that, that’s why she continues to flirt with others and told mc to forget about the kiss, but eventually she couldn’t resist her love for mc.

She doesn’t want to possess mc, she immediately breaks up with mc if mc decides to have another wife.


I know that stereotype, hate it. I don’t really hate Clara, however, because there isn’t even enough of her in the game. The archetype you speak of is always being treated like some perfect angel who’s way too nice, as if she was made of ambrosia of the gods. Clara is more like vanilla. She’s extremely plain

Basically, she’s extremely inoffensive. Not bad, mind you, but when 90% of people around you are blithering fools, boring and vanilla is nice. Maybe when the part 2 demo gets out and we get to see Lena, she might lose the “Best girl by elimination” spot

Of course, i also don’t want Richard to get her. It’s like black manta once said,


I think that’s my biggest issue with Clara so far, she is extremely flat and like vanilla she has no taste, the other romance options are more interesting like snowflakes while she is just a boring but practical ice cube lol

The only two things she has it going with her is that she is a nice person (along like half of the romance options and some minor characters)

And that she likes horses and became a stable girl but that hardly makes her interesting compared to the other romance options like Walking Stockholm Syndrome and his pissed off turned Queen sister, Tsundere that wants a relationship and her brother Stoic Pragatism with cool hair, etc.

Black Manta : Being a based villain that just wants to fight Aquaman since 1967, yeah she becomes bit more interesting if you romance her but the interesting part comes from the rival dynamic with Richard outside of making her stand out lol


Revna is literally “Dadd- i mean Brother Issues”, the girl. She’s good if you like drama every waking moment of your life.
Astryn is “I can fix her”, the girl. She’s good if you’re a masochist who thinks killing children and being poisoned is a declaration of love.
Lena hasn’t done anything in book one, so she doesn’t count.

Clara, by virtue of elimination, becomes the best girl.

Not even that, i don’t like ‘romance rivalry’ stuff, i just hate richard. The only reason i might not arrange an marriage is that he might use it as a way to get an army to invade me, which wouldn’t make sense, but people seem to be retarded in this universe anyway.


Sweet home Rhivenia, huh


I refuse to spend more than a tenth of my brainpower on those living oxygen wastes


Honestly I would unironically argue that Xavier is best RO/“Girl”, outside of the stockholm syndrome he is just a swell guy but still has a interesting character

Astryn is the equivalent of political suicide

Lena is definitely out for our necks in a non flirty way

Revna is a bit dramatic, although understandable it’s a bit overtop sometimes (I am not dying because the plot demands my survival for the time being)

Jerraan is kinda just there but I think he acts more in Book 2

Daemir is also a good contender though, no real
complaints outside of killing your sister’s lover.

Now that’s an even better reason! Fuck Richard, his suffering is my amusement.


Spoilsport. But yeah, the best thing I can say about her is that she is a very strange choice for a romance. And this words comming from me, a fan of Jun/ko from SoH.


We haven’t exactly had enough to know how it’ll be. Sure, she could be the most stereotypical ‘scheming nagging queen’, at which point you’re one adopted leia away from being an generic fairy tale, but she could also be genuinely reasonable, no? At least that’s what i got from some of the posts from the author.

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I would argue that it’s both, she seems to be reasonable but Charles locking up Xavier and killing their father “kinda” made her hate our guts and is more than willing to try make a scheme that allows her to have a payback

If she does something to Leia though then yeah the reasonable part is going to get defenestrated through the window


There is a diference between Jun/Ko and Astryn and that’s called sanity and self awareness.

Jun/Ko is pretty much batshit insane and full blown pyscho, they would be an otherwise just a random dangerous lunatic if not for their obsession with the Ronin.

They are a maniac that lost control of their own life because they went crazy, and so most of their actions can be shrugged off as bouts of Insanity that they don’t have control over which makes Jun/Ko sympathetic.

Astryn though is self aware and lucid, she knows what she has done, there is no excuse here, she murdered children and innocent people by her own free will, she is a murderer that didn’t feel very sorry about the collateral damage she caused, the blood on her hands is completely her fault

And it doesn’t help that she wants to kill us by any means possible, why should we not punish her for killing courtiers and servants that had nothing to do with the war? It’s really hard to try excuse said deaths and sympathize with her.

Another thing that I forgot to mention is that Jun/Ko shows some twisted affection, although their obsession is disturbing, it shows that they really are infatuated with the Ronin to the point it’s almost the only thing that makes them human and not get totaly consumed into insanity (but it’s near there)

Astryn though doesn’t show affection, she tries to kill us and makes it very clear that she hates us and desires our death even if means killing other people to make that happen

She has no affection towards us and simply shows animosity and hate towards us, she supposedly will get redeemed in Book 2 but how are we supposed to forgive a lucid person that tried to kill us while feeling hardly no remorse towards innocent bystanders that suffered from her plan?