The Sword of Rhivenia: Book One (Submitted)

Man family just doesnt give ruler mc a break.




Tbf Atheris causes zero problems. The MCs mother again causes zero problems and Richard only gets hate because of the most bland girl in the cast. Freya is the only one who goes out of her way to screw you over regardless of what you do, from the meeting with Lena to her stupid choice in book 2. To make matters worse I have a bad feeling If you choose to accept him, then the captain might not want to give you any gold. He did kill his crewmate afterall and right now the captain has more to offer than a runaway pirate.


Sigh i know atheris doesnt cause any problems but what if we were to take actions against Freya? I dont know man while she will hate the pirate i do think she will ultimately go soft on freya and even cause trouble. Richard sure doesn’t cause any problems if you have a good relationship with him but he sure as hell is selfish for denying that marriage proposal , i mean you need to secure some alliances atleast his denial clearly forces mc to marry someone who legitimately dislike/hate them and most certainly have ulterior motives for the kingdom.
And freya!!! Oof i dont wanna say anything or this will turn into a rant.


Can’t believe I hate Freya more than Richard now I mean I don’t care enough about him to hate like most people but Freya is annoying as hell with her damn pirate


Richard gets hate cus it’s funny lol, no one cares about Clara outside of screwing Richard for shit n giggles and because that way she actually becomes sliglthy more interesting than watching paint dry

Outside of the whole “Oh I am beloved by everyone but I want to marry Clara no matter what the cost!” Mr Bootleg Prince Charming is kinda just vibing in the background if you are nice with him

But guy loses a important alliance because he wants to marry Clara and isn’t willing to compromise (even though he could just marry both of them if he is king no?) Soo can’t say I like him very much lol

Freya is a bit conflitcting since I can’t play Patreon Demo cus I am poor, but either Freya gets her shit toghether and bring something actually useful to the table or she dies

Marrying her off is a very bad idea since she showed before that she can escape the castle and hell maybe even outright kill the lord’s son if they meet eachother so better play it safe and pull a Romulus on her ass

If ex-pirate is actually useful and brings something that will help us then eh why not? Maybe he has some useful connections or we can use him as a boogeyman to force or will, hell he could make a useful commander or bodyguard if he is actually loyal

Making the deal with the other one is absurd because COME ON IT’S A PIRATE THAT HATES THE NOBILITY, OF COURSE HE IS PULLING A FAST ONE ON US lol


But we all gotta agree that Atheris the true MVP, I won’t lie I actually thought she was going to rebel the first chance she had but no! She actually remains pretty loyal and doesn’t do any dumb shit that will screw us over

Outside of the elitisim she is pretty nice, and she also manages to the the Kingdom’s shit together and is arguably the best case scenario outside of Ruler MC being a bloodhtirsthy maniac

Who wants to bet that it will be her turn on Book 3 to make some pretty dumb stuff that will put the Realm at risk for the third time lol


The most sane person in a family of idiots


Wow…Dawmm I was like reading the comments for 30 minutes straight and gosh people are blowing up…They are thinking how to make the game better…The fanbase is great…Now let’s get onto my comment…So first let’s talk about Richard…The guy is such pain in a**…He doesn’t even care about his people or the kingdom…he is a literal kid…So Clara chose me but why do u hate me for it…I got Richard engaged to the princess for the betterment of the kingdom,for the betterment of the people but why do u hate me for it…And Richard will make the kingdom more ruined by supporting that coup d’etat…man I tried to be nice to him but he still is d**k…People are rebelling bcz of u…Can’t you just make a speech on how I am the better ruler…can’t you tell the people to follow my lead,to trust me…but no u won’t do that…All that guy do is Cry and cry…sigh…atheris…she is a good girl…Idk why people think that she will lead the kingdom to doom…just why??..she is strong,decisive,fierce…She is fit to be a good ruler who will bring prosperity and Clara…Bruh here I am mending my almost ruined kingdom and here she is making the kingdom more ruined…I should just hang them all except atheris…And Charles man…why the heck did you leave me a almost out of money kingdom…I thought you were not a good father bcz you are a good ruler…but no you are neither…And last but not least the people…the beloved people…I should just make them all slaves then they will understand the severity the situation we are in…But something feels off in the game…How can a normal rhivenian lash out at the ruler like that…They ain’t giving the ruler no respect …And why does the mc feel helpless all the time…why can’t he argue back his points…don’t they know I got soldiers to cut them down?..This feels a little bit out of place


There is nothing conflicting about it. She flat out ruins things with Lena or at best makes it worse, she then proceeds to say she will no longer see you as brother if you do anything about her pirate lover and then to top it off she goes smooth brain in book 2. How are you gonna make an ex-pirate your commander when your army is falling apart because the people don’t trust you. Are you trying to give your generals a reason to back the rebels or something. I am killing him the first chance I get, after what happened with poisoning in book 1 there will be no enemies to friends in my play throughs. Also Unless you married Lena as king/queen I don’t want to hear anything about Richard being selfish, he loves Clara and only Clara aftering seeing what happened with his father it only makes sense for him to not want two wives.

You haven’t been nice to him if he is a prick to you. When you’re nice to Richard he gets upset once and that’s because of the forced marriage which he gets over rather quickly.


It’s conflicting for me cus I don’t have patreon and I am only hearing tidbits, like I can’t see what is written so I can’t say shit because I might be missing info or the Ex-pirate pov’s, etc etc

Sacrificies must be made to obtain cool pirate brother in law if he is actually loyal lol, besides the population pretty much hate Erwan too soo ehh if they revolt it’s going to be a two-front-war for everyone, nothing unusual outside of being a “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” situation with way more unpleasable folk

I mean that’s not a fair comparision isn’t it? Lena pretty much hates our guts and wants to screw us over so marrying her is not the best of ideas since she is for some reason resentfull of the fact that Charles killed her father and imprisoned her brother and oh speaking of him

Wouldn’t it be better to marry Xavier? Guy got stockholm syndrome and he is very loyal if we are nice, also you can marry Clara with him too and they can fall in love with eachother If i am remebering correctly, you still get the alliance no?

Also you said you won’t to “Enemies to Friends” but marrying Lena could KINDA be considered doing this no lol?

You can be nice to him and he becomes a jerk though, but you need to do Clara’s Romance which locks him into Rival

Why would you want to put yourself in that situation.

It is. She hates our entire family Richard included, since you know Richard father had hers killed. Also there is zero suggestion that Richard is into guys so no you can’t just marry him off to Xavier either.

I don’t plan to Marry her until the series is done. For now I am focusing on my main playthrough which means I am staying with best girl Revna.

Look I am not knocking anyone, but how can you like this girl. I have seen crackers with more personality.


In the patreon demo is the routes for either the two others siblings being the ruler is in yet?


Because fuck em peasants

Yeah good point I forgot about that Lmao

No one does, people either do that to screw over Richard or go “Hey, maybe her character gets better” spoilers : It doesn’t

Watching Paint Dry is unnironicaly more interesting than her.

Good fucking choice my good person, romancing Revna after Clara’s route is like drinking water after being dehydrated for 3 days, it’s like going through hell and getting a miracle by Jesus Christ himself


Funny is I was gonna pick Clara at first, but then her scene in the stables happened.

yea all the routes are the demo.


I picked clara when i the demo was in the early stages, so i’ll pick her now, simple as. With the sheer retardation of everyone around you, it’s good to have a person that isn’t stupid on your corner outside atheris, even if she is extremely bland.


People have their preference, really. You might not see what’s interesting, nor even attracted to Clara, but some other people does.

The same as i don’t see Revna’s personality as attractive–to me, but you seem to like her.

Let’s leave it at that.


To be fair doesn’t the general opinion agree that Clara is bland? Like most people romance her because it screws Richard over instead of actually liking her lol

Sure she tends to be a bit high on polls but never really first (either goes to Revna, Daemir or Xavier) and most comments ask if it’s because people actually like her or if it’s because you can piss off Richard


I only romanced the boys, but I was expecting more from her if you become friends. But she just sort of acts nice. Which is good, but it isn’t exactly what I’d call an interesting personality.
On a slightly separate topic, I’ve never had the desire to screw with Richard. He’s actually my favorite sibling, followed by Freya (without having read the demo)


Why Erwan is loved by Pagonian people ? It’s weird for me that Astryn say like that. If I understand correctly that his mother is only Astryn’s maid right ? So Why her people love maid’s son more than their princess ?

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